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15 People Had No Explanation For These Objects But The Internet Was There For Them

Image Source: Reddit

There is no person in the world that had the chance to see everything in just one lifetime, because it is impossible. Even the smartest among us would probably fail to name some object or event, and that is perfectly normal. However, after the internet took over our lives, it has become a lot easier for anyone to find the answer to something, so there is probably nothing that could not be identified or traced back to its roots, because there will be at least one person online that knows all the details about it.

The following images contain different object which puzzled the people who had them, so they simply decided to use the internet and find the answer. As we mentioned before, there is always someone with enough knowledge to reveal the truth, and these stories prove it.
Enjoy the list!

1. Here is one object that needed a bit of explanation

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would walk past this without paying much attention, but one person noticed that it was more than just a pole. The sheer size of it meant that there must another function, and it turned out to be exactly like that. The structure had a combined function, actually – it was designed to be a cell tower and a giant flag pole at the same time, which means that there was some skilled engineering involved in its construction.

2. Someone found this very unusual book and people immediately knew what it was

Image Source: Reddit

This book has a very interesting feature that we have never seen before, and apparently this person was intrigued, too. It turned out that it was an old military regulations manual, and the metal system allowed for the book’s spine to be adjusted when new pages needed to be added, and the design is truly unique! We haven’t seen a binding system like that before, and this item made us rediscover our love for vintage items.

3. There were a few assumptions about this fossil

Image Source: Reddit

It was pretty obvious that this was a fossil, but the person holding it had no clue about the animal it came from. Fortunately a lot of users online gave their assumptions, and most of them guessed that it was a tooth from some kind of an equine, and judging by the fossil size it must have been a huge animal. Some of the other users thought that it might be from a bison as well, but the bottom line is that they were sure about the fossil type.

4. Here is something that we always wondered about

Image Source: Reddit

The information regarding these markings is actually pretty useful. We are obviously not the only ones who wondered about the meaning of these temporary road and sidewalk markings. They are a common sight but we never knew what they stood for. Thankfully there were people who were aware of the meaning behind them. The orange color meant that there were communication lines, while the yellow color stood for gas lines.

5. Someone found this piece of rock at their parents’ house

Image Source: Reddit

This mesmerizing piece of stone is beautiful and it looks as if it came from another world. However, it turned out to be something quite ordinary despite its alien looks. The rock is actually silicon carbide and it can be easily produced artificially, because it is hard to find in a natural form. Some of the uses for it include nuclear fuel, jewelry and even astronomy.

6. These old patches were a nice find

Image Source: Reddit

We have always loved seeing different pieces of memorabilia emerging from an old basement or from another forgotten place. When someone found these two patches in a leather binder, it was obvious that they are military items, but only after someone on the internet saw them, it became clear what they were exactly. As it turned out, the upper one used to be worn by U.S. Army Air Forces officials, and the other one was meant for the 8th Air Force.

7. Here is a rather interesting pin

Image Source: Reddit

This tiny pin has a lot of things to say. You can see Mickey Mouse in the upper right corner, meaning that it was a Disney badge. However, the person holding it had a hard time identifying what the middle image showed and it became apparent that it combined elements of the monster from Fantasia and Mater from Cars, and we find this weird idea to really good, actually.

8. Someone moved into their new home and found this near the fireplace

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Image Source: Reddit

Most people would probably fail to recognize this item, but there is nothing that the internet cannot find the purpose to. The owner of the house where this was found had no clue what it might be, because some vintage objects are hard to understand only by looking at them. This thing turned out to be a tiny oil lamp, but it is missing its wick. You can bet that it still smells the way it did a century ago.

9. This little bottle was found in a dryer

Image Source: Reddit

The curious little item you see here was found by someone in a dryer, and its function was not exactly clear until someone on the internet stepped in. The rather embarrassing answer was probably not the one this person expected. The item was used for storage of ‘male enhancement’ pills that were available to buy at every convenient store, so we guess that the dryer was a shared one.

10. Someone asked what these signs stood for

Image Source: Reddit

One of the many Reddit users was curious about these strange signs around the city. It looks kind of majestic, and it actually is. The symbol on the sign is called ‘cross pattée’ and it is mostly related to the Knights Templar, but it has also been adopted by the firefighters in the US, and this leads us to the sign on the picture – it simply marks the location of a fire hydrant, and this is the reason there are so many signs across the city.

11. These metal ball were found inside a wall

Image Source: Reddit

Image the surprise of finding these curious metal balls inside a wall! They look very strange and there is something mystic in their appearance. As it turned out, the balls had a very common use. The so-called pachinko balls were used in the Japanese game of chance and its modern American equivalent game Price is Right. They look really cool and we would love to stumble across something similar one day.

12. Here is a curious sight from a Portuguese beach

Image Source: Reddit

Someone came across these on a beach in Portugal and wondered what they might be, so Reddit seemed like the right place to ask. Sure enough, the answer has been found quickly, and these colorful bits were recognized as the spines of sea urchins, meaning that stepping on them would be a bad idea, because stepping on them would like result in a sting. If you do get stung on one of those, you need to remember that the quickest and most efficient remedy is dipping the harmed area in vinegar, which will have an almost instant result.

13. Someone was concerned about whether these were edible or not

Image Source: Reddit

If you buy something from a candy store, chances are that you bought some kind of sweets, even if it does not seem that way initially. When one Reddit user shared the strange candy you see in the photo, someone quickly stepped in and explained that the plastic tubes were actually filled with candy, and you are supposed to chew and press the plastic shell in order to get the sweet stuff out.

14. This interesting field pattern drew someone’s attention

Image Source: Reddit

These round-shaped crops look too perfect to be naturally created, and it turned out they were not, of course. They were formed in this pattern by the sprinkler systems which were placed in the center of each patch of land. When the water was distributed evenly, eventually the crops grew in the exact same diameter as the sprinkler could reach. The cool effect of the round shapes would hardly be noticeable while standing on the ground, but from an aerial point of view it is mesmerizing to see all of them.

15. Here is a prove that garage sales can offer really cool items

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s grandma visited a garage sale and bought this thing alongside some art supplies. She was not sure what exactly this was, so the internet had to help solve another mystery. It turned out that it was a dip pen which was fitted with a calligraphy nib. Unfortunately the nib was damaged, but it could be replaced with a new one. Another detail on the pen is the clearly visible brand logo. Koh-I-Noor is a legendary manufacturer that has a long history of producing quality supplies for writers and artists and it has been on the market since the 1800s, which makes this item even more valuable.

Written by Nick Martin

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