15 People Shared Their Tattoos With Deeply Powerful Meaning

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People usually love to express themselves in all kinds of ways, because they want to be different and to stand out from the crowd. But sometimes there is a particular thing they want to pay a special tribute to, end they express that in a specific way. Tattoos are one of those ways, and the things they want to make sure they never forget can be different, like a person they lost or a past event that left a mark in their life. Whatever the case, a tattoo can certainly express something really important for a person and it could have a deep meaning that does not become apparent the first time you look at such a work of art. The list below shows some really curious examples of such tattoos.

1. The Sponge Bob and Patrick tattoo

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This is a special tattoo and it does not appear to be like because it simply shows two of the most popular animated characters ever created. But the way they are pictured shows the true meaning behind it. This person’s friend passed away and the tattoo is a tribute to him!

2. Here is one really beautiful tattoo

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This is a true masterpiece and we love every detail about it. You can see there is a message written underneath it. The idea behind this is for the person to show his respect for his mom who passed away. She told him that he should choose a fairy if he ever decided to get a tat done, so he chose the most beautiful fairy!

3. This is touching story

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This person wanted to have a tattoo in honor of his parents, and it is a very specific one. It is the same as the boat his dad drew on a note he sent to his wife. Both of the person’s parents were at a hospital at that time and the dad was not even able to visit his wife anymore, so he sent her this sweet love note.

4. This is another heartbreaking story

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This person’s best friend took her own life when she was only fifteen years old. Her best friend wanted to have this tattoo as a tribute to her and to everything she did for him, so he used her last note to him as an inspiration. They were really close and this tattoo surely helped him feel better!

5. This is another simple but powerful tat

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It might not be much upon taking a first glance at it, but it definitely has a hidden meaning. This person lost a close friend in a collision, and there was no better way for them to pay his respects and carry the memory for that person all his life.

6. There is a powerful message behind this tattoo

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Sometimes people just want to remind themselves of the hard times that stayed in the past and they want to feel happy about that fact. This person knew to remind himself of such a thing on a daily basis by using this tattoo. Each symbol marks another year without him using abusive substances. He had been under their influence for 12 years before he stayed clean for good.

7. They say that home is where the heart is

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In this case, however, it appears that home is actually something really important to this person to the point in which he had a tattoo made that featured the house he was raised in! The home was pictured as a tree house which makes the whole thing even better!

8. This proud father did the most amazing thing for his son

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The boy was in need of hearing aid, so he got a cochlear device installed to assist him. As you could imagine, the boy probably had doubts about the way in which it would be accepted by friends and classmates. His dad stepped in and had a tattoo done in order to boost his confidence and show him that there is nothing to be ashamed of!

9. This is a beautiful idea

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This person got a very special tattoo done in honor of his late brother. He passed away right before turning 40, and his younger brother had this tattoo in loving memory. Since they always built LEGO sets together, the tattoo represents them in their favorite colors.

10. This is another beautiful idea

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Here is yet another really simple but special tattoo! We have never seen one like this before, and it is even more special because of what it stands for, The hand print belongs to this person’s late father. He wanted to always keep him close, and this was one way for him to do it!

11. This is one really subtle tat

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This person found an amazing way to pay respect to her late father. She decided to have a tattoo done which incorporates the title if the book her dad was reading when he passed away. She also included the exact page, and the subtle tatto is amazing!

12. This is probably the best tattoo on the list

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The waveform this man got on his chest right above the heart is actually his son’s laughter! The kid passed away suddenly, and this man refused to let him go! He chose to keep him close to his heart in this beautiful way!

13. This woman wanted to express the love she had for the father

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When he passed away, she knew she wanted to do something to honor him, so she got her first tattoo. You can see how distinctive and yet how gentle it is, and it is definitely the best tribute she could have done!

14. This is a beautiful story

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This is what being human is all about! This person knew that this was the best way for him to pay a tribute to his late grandfather, and it seems that the story touched the heart of the tattoo artist. She refused to receive payment for it because she knew just how special it was.

15. This woman had a very special tattoo done

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When her mom passed away, she kept all the little notes she used to receive from her, and she decided to have one of them tattooed!

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