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15 People Who Are Not Afraid To Show Their Brilliance

Image Source: Reddit

If you ever feel like you’ve done something that might be considered weird, you have nothing to worry about. People do weird things all the time! In fact, these are the moments when a lot of people actually feel free! When you do something regardless of what the others might think, you experience freedom, which is nice! Whatever you do, you need to follow your desire. If someone considers it to be a weird thing, then let them think what they want! The following list will show you how people did what they wanted and had no regrets whatsoever.

1. Sometimes the weird part is unintentional

Image Source: Twitter

Doing something weird is one thing, but being involved in such situation by accident is a completely different story. As you can see, this commuter looks exactly like Mona Lisa! Her outfit and even her smile are identical to the woman from the genius piece of art. There is a possibility that her outfit was designed to create that appearance on purpose, but she is still an extraordinary sight to see! We would like to see more interesting people while commuting.

2. Enjoying a bike ride with your pet is always a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

However, things may get a bit complicated when your pet is a huge iguana! As you can see, this person decided to go for a ride on his bike, but decided to take his pet lizard along. It seems that the bike was not equipped with a basket, so this person had to figure another way to transport the iguana safely. As you can see, there was a solution! It I probably a safe way to carry the iguana, otherwise its owner would never go for a ride using this setup.

3. This is already our favorite chef

Image Source: Instagram

You can easily tell if someone is a professional or not! It takes skills and dedication which are more than obvious! Of course, having a personal touch makes every professional stand out from the rest. This is something we admire a lot, because we like people with attitude. As the photo suggests, this woman had more than meets the eye! Seeing a professional chef with great taste in animations and a sense of humor is the best combination! This is like Ratatouille in real life!

4. Some accidents are actually cool

Image Source: Reddit

No matter how minor an accident could be, it is still related to some trouble or loss of assets. This can be really annoying! It can also be frustrating if you were attached to something that suffered damage. However, sometimes things happen in a unique way that nobody could predict! This is the best example! This smartphone was obviously shot, but it still works! You can operate it via the remaining part of the display! What’s even weirder is that the person still uses it, apparently!

5. This is one weird setup

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that might be considered as weird, and we guess it is! However, it also shows creativity and a sense of humor that we appreciate every time we get to see them! As you can see in the photo above, someone too their time to design a night club for the ants! We all know that ants cannot read, but it seems that one ant was able make its way around pretty good and went in to have some good time.

6. Having fun is essential

Image Source: Reddit

People need to realize that one of the most important thing is life is to take it easy as often as possible! Having fun and doing goofy things is an essential part of anyone’s well-being! Of course, a lot of people already know that and they use every single opportunity they have to have some fun. This football fan found a unique way to make his friends laugh by posing with this statue. He looks just like a player pretending to be injured, which happens often.

7. Maybe this is one way to teach a kid a lesson

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is really weird and maybe kind of fun. However, we guess that it is controversial, too. We guess that kids need to accept defeat from an early age, because admitting that you were defeated and living with that fact is very important. Of course, we guess that the best thing to do when playing a game against a toddler is just to lose on purpose! We guess that it is a noble choice, because making a child cry is never a good idea.

8. This mother apparently hooked her daughter with this boy

Image Source: Instagram

We all know how mothers are often overprotective of their children, especially their daughters! They want the best for their offspring, and this often results in rejection of different boyfriends and other restrictions. However, some mothers seem to be open-minded and never had a problem with their daughters having boyfriends. As you can see, one mum even hooked up her daughter with a boy she met.

9. Practical jokesters can pull of really weird stunts sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

Some of the weirdest things are created intentionally, and their purpose was to deceive people! Pranks and jokes are often designed to make the unsuspecting victims wonder what is going on. The puzzling things they often create are successful and people fall for the plan! The case with these tongs is exactly the same! Imagine someone’s amazement upon finding tongs in the public restroom! This is definitely something that does not belong in there!

10. Here is one restroom that will never run out of toilet paper

Image Source Reddit

One of the scariest situations ever is to find out that there is no toilet paper left when it’s already too late! Of course, there is nobody at home when this happens. This is why the thought of this happening makes us cringe! Apparently someone was tired of this happening to them, and they came up with an ingenious solution! This huge roll of toilet paper is a weird sight to see, and we guess it would be hard on unroll, but it solves the problem of running out of it.

11. We can all relate to this image

Image Source: Instagram

Maybe some of you are aware of this, but we still find this to be very intriguing! Most people like spending a lot of time taking on the phone. We could literally spend hours talking with somebody, and chances are that we would not stay in one place. This is when most of us begin to do random things. Sometimes we don’t even realize that, because these activities are something like a subconscious distraction. It is actually curious to see someone doing it, because some people look like zombies who are unaware of what is happening around them.

12. Shadow art can be created in a lot of weird ways

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of different art forms and some of them are really hard to create. They require planning, skills and even engineering! This clever setup is the perfect example. Someone was able to achieve the amazing effect you se in the picture by just stacking bananas together! As you can see, the art installation creates a perfect monkey shadow then lit from the right angle. We guess it took a lot of hard work to achieve this effect.

13. Some of the cleverest ideas are a bit weird, too

Image Source: Twitter

People can demonstrate their brilliant minds in all kinds of ways! Even if they are unable to solve some of the major world problems, they could provide a solution for something that we all struggle with. Going to the movies and paying a lot of money for the overpriced popcorn and drinks is definitely among these things! However, there is something that could be done about that. It may be against the rules, but it is still a nice way to sneak snacks inside! We are definitely going to try this one and we hope we don’t get caught, because it would be embarrassing.

14. This is how the end of an era looks like

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that when something very nice comes to an end, the feeling you get is a mix between happiness and sadness. This was probably the case with these college graduates! They were probably best buddies and their graduation caps prove it! Some people may find these caps to be a weird way to celebrate graduation. We simply love their design! Even though we graduated long time ago, we felt nostalgic when we saw these matching caps! The years spent at college were simply amazing and they will never come back, which is unfortunate.

15. This is the real Iron Man

Image Source: Reddit

Many people would pay a lot of money to have a replica costume of their favorite action hero. However, some people are not willing to wait while saving money and they start working on their own costumes! Of course, you could expect some slight differences between the replica and the real thing when we are talking about a DIY build. As you can see, sometimes the costume has nothing to do with the original, but it is still technically correct!

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