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15 People Who Are So Resourceful That Would Make MacGyver Proud

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that not all people are equal. We are all different when it comes to different situations and circumstances. One particular type of situation is the emergency. When you need to act quickly, you obviously need to think fast. The ability to find a quick solution to a problem can prove to be vital. In this type of situation you need to either be such a person or to be close to one. This is the best strategy, and we have tested it ourselves. We believe that most have people have been in similar situations.

The following list will show you some people who really can make the most of any situation. You can either learn from them or just admire their creativity.

1. Quick vehicle repairs can save you time and money

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this made us smile a lot. The simple solution this man found when his car door mechanism failed is super easy! Of course, he was probably pictured while driving to the repair shop. This is not a fix that would last long anyway. The vehicle owner saved money by not calling a tow-truck to pick it up and take it to the shop.

2. Small damage can be easily fixed sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

People are able to fix delicate things with ease. Take a look at this modified silicone spray can. Someone lost the original nozzle cap, but they did not want the silicone to go to waste. Fortunately, they found what seems to be a perfect replacement. A fitting that was just sitting around the shop was more than suitable to do the job.

3. This is next level DIY

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to get a job done, you have to put in all of your best effort. This handyman had a bit of an issue with his socket set. He was clearly missing the correct socket to attach to the socket wrench. This must have been a huge problem, because the handyman was forced to do some DIY in order to continue working. He attached a spanner to the socket wrench with duct tape! It might seem like a crazy solution, but it worked. Sometimes you need to think outside the box.

4. Every working space should be spotless

Image Source: Reddit

Working in a wood processing shop means that you will have the cleanest working space. Sawdust is a huge problem for places like this. Some workers decided to find a solution for this problem. As the pictures shows, they did a good job. A plastic bin and an industrial vacuum cleaner were all they need. The device looks amazing and we are sure it helps a lot to keep the shop clean.

5. Throwing a shade is a must sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

People seem to not care that much about their vehicles. Most of us just accept cars as nothing more than means of transportation. While that is true, caring for your vehicle is beneficial for you as well. For example, keeping the car interior clean will keep your clothes clean as well. Making an effort to keep the car under shade is even better. This way you preserve the interior from aging.

6. This may not be the best repair, but it is worth the effort

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea how legal this is, but it surely is a temporary fix. We like people who step into action and try to solve problems on their own. This person probably had no money to buy a new headlight. However, the car was probably needed daily, meaning something had to be done. The three flashlights may not be the solution, but they surely made a difference.

7. Heat waves are not a pleasant thing

Image Source: Reddit

When a heat wave strikes, people need to utilize every possible resource in order to keep themselves cool. This includes some unusual DIY solutions. The one you see includes a car fan from a Nissan and a car battery charging station. The third item is a Wi-Fi switch, which is the best part of the setup. This means that the fans could be control via a smartphone. We love the whole idea and we are sure that it works just fine.

8. Here is another example of a desperate way to cope with the heat

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Image Source: Reddit

Imagine living in a place with a broken air conditioner! Or worse, a place that has no A/C at all! It sounds really bad, especially if the summer heat becomes unbearable. However, you must not let desperation take over. This person refused to admit defeat! The clever solution you see on the photo may not be the best, but it works! We admire that!

9. You can turn a little boat into a yacht with ease

Image Source: Reddit

If you dreamed about the coziness and the luxury interior of a huge yacht, this one is for you. All you need is a small boat and a few modifications. The main feature you need to add is a huge sofa! It looks really comfortable, not to mention its size! This simple addition really doubles the comfort of the small boat. It may not look like a real yacht, but it is close enough! The budget for this solution was probably a fraction of the price of a real luxury boat!

10. Campers always have a lot of tricks up their sleeves

Image Source; Reddit

If you know someone who is regularly camping, then stick to that person. Chances are that you will learn a lot of things. People who are often in touch with nature develop a lot of skills. They are essential for spending some time in the wilderness. However, even if you don’t have a camper mindset, you can still be creative. This person decided to cook some fries, but a frying pan was not available. Fortunately, a shovel turned out to be just as good! It doesn’t matter how you reach a goal, as long as you reach it!

11. This roof is the best example of utilizing every resource

Image Source: Reddit

It might seem a bit extreme, but there is a good explanation. The roof you see here was built during the Great Depression. You can imagine how hard was for people to survive in those tough times. This is the reason why people used absolutely everything for all kinds of purposes. Nothing used to go to waste, and we respect that attitude. This roof may not look like much, but it stood the test of time.

12. This is the funniest chainsaw we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

We almost failed to believe that this thing was real! As it turned out, it is as real as it can get! Someone really build a hand-operated chainsaw. The DIY genius used the front part of a gasoline chainsaw, a regular saw and a bike pedal. The idea probably sounded crazy at first, but they did it anyway. Of course, we need to see it in action before judging whether it is effective of not. By the looks of things, it would be tough to operate! You need to hold it in one hand and crank it with the other. Nevertheless, it looks really curious and a bit weird, actually.

13. Here is one mean leaf blower

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how a leaf blower works and what it looks like, right? Well, someone decided that cleaning the leaves off the lawn needed something special. And what you see is definitely one special leaf blower! This mean machine looks amazing, and with some detailing it could look even better. We are sure that some big company could prototype this DIY machine. It makes you want to get to work instead of making you hate the job.

14. This is the funniest paintjob you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

As we mentioned earlier, some repairs are temporary. They cannot replace a professional job, and there is no need to. However, these quick fixes can also vary in quality. They range from weird to amazing. The example you see here is somewhere in between! Some may say it was a sloppy job, but we find it to be amazing! This person was probably about to spray paint the door, but realized the can was almost empty. This was probably the reason for the word ‘red’ to be written. It shows a good sense of humor and a nice attitude. We adore those things!

15. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do

Image Source: Reddit

If we told you to rivet a bracket directly on your car fender, you will probably think that we are mad. However, everything can be a solution, depending on the circumstances. In this case, the vehicle had rust issues. This meant that trying to save the fender was meaningless. The more important aspect was safety. This is why the most important thing was to hold the car parts together. The appearance of this quick fix might not impress most people. However, it is important to take safety precautions even when you sacrifice the appearance.

Written by Nick Martin

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