15 People Who Are Sooooo Slick, They Slid Right Past Us

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Some people are just smoother than others; it’s a fact that we can’t argue with, and no matter how badly we want to be as slick as they are, we just know that we could never reach their level.

Being smooth means that you need to be smart and probably a bit tricky, but the bottom line is that you’d ultimately achieve your goal in an admirable and clever way.

1. One of the oldest tricks in the book

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This girl made a nice effort and it probably worked for her; however, chances are that her mother knew what was actually going on and just played along because she was impressed by her daughter ingenuity.

2. Somebody got creative here

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It seems that this staff member really took some time to arrange the carrots like this. The clever arrangement probably attracted more customers than usual.

3. The smoothest man on Tinder

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The idea behind this is amazing and this dude probably gets a lot of requests. His creativity deserves a big round of applause.

4. We have no idea why would someone choose to make such a tattoo

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You would probably never see an office chair tattooed on someone again, but this ink art is as clever as it is bizarre – when the person stretches his arm, the chair’s back rest folds down, just like the real thing.

5. This is what you do when you want to look smooth in front of the guests

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A perfect palm tree made of cleverly arranged kitchenware? Absolutely! The person behind this creation has some mad skills and probably won all the guests’ attention.

6. How could this car owner be so wrong and so right in the same time?

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We all know what the sign actually means, but technically speaking, you could argue about it if your non-EV vehicle is painted in a nice shade of green.

7. It would be tough to beat this guy at Halloween

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It may look a bit of a trouble to make your way through narrow hallways with this costume on, but it’s still one the best we have ever seen.

8. This bird is smarter than a lot of people

Image Source: The Chive

Imagine coming home and seeing a huge package containing something super expensive that you don’t even need – this is what probably happened to the owner of this bird, but despite being in trouble, this is surely on the smoothest birds on the planet.

9. That’s some clever outfit combo

Image Source: The Chive

There isn’t a better way to show that you have your own style than to pass it to the next generation, and this father is doing it right. This kid was lucky to have such a dad.

10. Riding the train like a boss

Image Source: DumpaDay

This person was able to find the perfect spot and get some work done while riding on the train. It must have been a long route without frequent stops because otherwise he would need to stand up each time the train stops.

11. Somebody got this very wrong

Image Source: Twitter

We‘re a bit confused here; while it is actually a good idea to hide your condoms in the food, this is not the case here. This girls thinks that her brother is kind of slick for putting his condoms in the ramen, but she did not read the label first.

12. Smooth trolling

Image Source: DumpaDay

This mother found the perfect way to troll her daughter. She took minimum effort, but the end result is simple and brilliant.

13. This kid is going places

Image Source: Imgur

Here’s a kid with a bright future. Being able to develop a working business at this age is the definition of hustling.

14. Mum pranks always work

Image Source: Instagram

When this guy’s mother told him that she left him a slice of pizza, he hardly expected this to happen; however, technically speaking, she did left him what she promised. We wish all parents were as cool as this lady.

15. The queen of cheating on tests

Image Source: Instagram

This is so clever and simple that we were literally blown away by it. The girl who managed to pull it off really outdid herself and she deserves an award for creativity. This is what you call being smooth.

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