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15 People Who Definitely Deserve Applause

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There are a lot of things you can like in a person! Of course, everyone’s criteria and preferences about what to like in people are individual. However, there are still some things that are probably common for most people. For example, if you see someone do something ridiculous or weird, you are likely to admire that because of the bravery and determination it takes! Take the photo above, for example! It takes a cool and creative person to come up with such a clever fix! This is exactly what the following list is about. Enjoy the things these people did and have fun!

1. Dog whisperers exist

Image Source: Instagram

We have always admired people who get along with all kinds of animals. It seems that certain people can relate to animals in some way, and the bond is more than apparent in some cases. However, it doesn’t take a special skill or a vibe in order to communicate with dogs! All you need to do is learn how to treat them, and they will follow your every command. As you can see, this Great Dane obeyed the command instantly, which admirable and adorable.

2. Some people are always down for whatever

Image Source: Reddit

Most of has have at least one friend that seems to be unstoppable! These people seem to be in the mood for whatever comes their way! An attitude like that is more than welcome in any kind of situation, because if the plans you have failed, such a friend would do what it takes to make the most of the night. As the photo suggests, there is no inconvenience that is big enough to stop someone who is determined to have a good time.

3. Here is one random and wholesome poster

Image Source: Reddit

There are thousands of different kinds of posters out there! Of course, most of them are used for promotion of some product or service. However, there are some posters that were not created for profit! Just check out the photo and you will smile from ear to ear. The poster shows compassion and support, but it also gives valuable advice. The tiny letters on the bottom show how this person cares for everyone.

4. Uniforms are not what they used to be

Image Source: Reddit

We like the fact that a lot of public services and businesses require a certain type of uniform. They make the whole experience stronger! For example, when you see a mailman, you know this from a far distance and your anticipation for the package you are waiting escalades! The same goes when you see a person wearing a Subway uniform, because you know you are about to enjoy a delicious meal. However, this person is clearly a rebel and uniforms are not his thing!

5. Having the right friends to back you up is everything

Image Source: Reddit

Having good and loyal friends is the biggest treasure you could ever possess! We hope that more people could realize that and cherish their relationships. As you can see, these two people wanted to create the perfect selfie. They wanted to use a selfie stick, but they probably had nowhere to get one from. This is when their friend came in to help, and we reckon they did a very good job together! The selfie attempt looks exactly like the real thing, and the friends seem happy about it.

6. You would like to have this person as a friend

Image Source: Reddit

We know what you are thinking. Someone who rides a skateboard like that cannot be the friend people dream about. After all, he stepped in two bowls of cereal which are placed on the skateboard. What you need to do is look at this situation from another point of view. If someone is brave enough to do the thing you see in the photo, then you need this person by your side! Imagine what such friends can do for you if they are willing to ride a skateboard like that!

7. Good mood is the most important thing during a night out

Image Source: Reddit

When you go out with your friends, the main thing you would like to do is have fun! No matter if you are planning to see a movie or head to a diner to eat, the ways you can amuse yourselves are countless. Of course, every company needs someone to pull the others throughout the night. In most cases this person looks like the one in the photo! Doing something crazy, goofy of ridiculous is guaranteed to have the other rolling on the floor and laughing hard.

8. Matching outfits are always a nice thing to see

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Image Source: Reddit

People are in love with different fashion trends, and everyone follows their own preferences. However, sometimes you need to forget about your personal style for the sake of friendship! If there is an important occasion that requires the whole squad to be dressed in matching outfits, you simply need to do it! This is a good idea even if there is no special occasion! As you can see, this person decided to show their dog that friendship is all that matters.

9. This is how you look when you are super cool

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea why this elderly gentleman is in the water with his clothes on. We are also unable to explain why he is carrying a huge boom box! What we do know is that he is not alone, because the photo is not a selfie! This may be some kind of a weird after party, but whatever the reason was, the man in the photo is our idol! Having fun is mostly possible with the right state of mind and it has nothing to do with age! However, that boom box will not last long in the salty water for sure.

10. This photo is wonderful for all the right reasons

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this photo will probably make you wonder what is so special about it. The image shows two people eating lunch at a diner. However, if you take a second look and try to feel the vibes of the image, you will really see it! These people were able to turn an ordinary lunch break in a diner into a romantic date with a wonderful atmosphere! Seeing them sitting in the corner and looking at each other was probably a great experience.

11. Going on a vacation is cool because you meet a lot of friends

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People say that the best way to spend your money is to go and travel! Even if there is no reason to go somewhere, the simple desire to visit that destination should become that reason! When you go on a vacation, you can expect literally everything, which is why you need to be careful! However, most of your experience would be good, and this person shared some of his! We guess that if someone is cool enough to lend his sunglasses to a goat for the perfect selfie, then we would like this person to be our friend!

12. Having fun in a goofy way is nice

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, one of the most important things in life is to keep having fun, no matter what happens! We follow that rule and we like to take our time and enjoy ourselves in every possible moment we can! This is what a lot of other people do as well. As the photo suggests, if you love doing a certain thing, you should always try and get the same emotion. This biker may be overreacting a bit, but we still like his attitude and such fun people are always welcome by our side.

13. You would never mess with this woman

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one grandma who was able to come up with an outfit that would scare everyone off! There is no thug that would come near this lady, and that is actually a good thing! The huge face mask and gloves make this grandma’s appearance really cool, and the glasses are the finishing touch. She was happy to have the mask on because it kept her warm. This is what actually matters here, and she did not care about other people’s opinion.

14. This is the kind of genius friend we would like to have

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes fighting an addiction is very hard. Unfortunately the addiction to fast food is one of the most common ones and also one of the toughest to fight against. Take pizza, for example! Everyone loves pizza, and most people cannot get enough of it! If you know you have a problem, you need to do something about it. If you still cannot give it up, you might as well work on that guilty conscience!

15. This is not the typical wedding photo

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how today’s world changed a lot of the old ways people were used to. Women are now equal to men, and this is how it should be. There is no place for discrimination of any kind in this world. Sometimes the lack of differences creates situations like this one! As funny as it looks like, we need to admit that this woman is someone you could definitely count on, meaning that her husband is one lucky man.

Written by Nick Martin

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