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15 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Image Source: Reddit

If you think you are having a bad day, you better think again. A simple comparison between your current situation and the ones below would definitely give you an idea about who had the worst experience. The list we compiled is full of people who became part of weird, embarrassing or even unfortunate situations. As long as nobody gets hurt, these situations can be more or less amusing to see.

1. Some practical jokester did their thing

Image Source: Instagram

One of the most annoying things on every bus station or airport is to find an outlet when you need one. It is sometimes impossible to find an outlet and this could mean your phone or tablet remains discharged. This could be a problem if you need to get some work done. As you can see, this person was probably extremely happy to find a power outlet; at least until the moment they found it was just a sticker! Many people probably fell for that neat trick!

2. This is not the toilet we would choose

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes interior designers have strange ideas and it seems they are willing to put the importance of the form and the design above the actual function. Something like this happened here for sure! This toilet looks good but we guess most people would hesitate to use it! Imagine how stressful that would be! Anyone who walks inside the restroom might actually be a witness of something you never would expose to someone else!

3. This situation got a lot harrier than expected

Image Source: Instagram

We have all been teenagers and we have done things which we were not supposed to do. This teen girl probably had no permission to invite boys in her room but she did it anyway. She and the boy were probably going to get away with it but then the grandma of the girl intervened. She broke into her granddaughter’s room and caught them. She obviously means business because she has a slipper in one hand and she is ready to whoop them both. They probably had better mornings than this one.

4. Here is an unfortunate choice of cake

Image Source: Instagram

If you think you can’t go wrong with having some cake, you better think again! This was a Father’s Day cake and it definitely looks delicious, but the person who got this piece immediately noticed the unintended sarcasm that came with the serving. It appears that the cake was mocking her! Of course, it happened by chance, but it is still enough to trigger a person’s guilty conscience, which probably happened here, too.

5. This chair is no longer useful

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine this: you walk inside a room where an event is being held and you need to sit down. You take a look around and the only choice you have to sit is this chair! Someone made the mistake of sitting on it but it broke and was left next to the trash bin. This is the price you pay if you are late for the event and every good seat has been long taken. This person will be on time next time for sure.

6. The last thing you would like to see is this

Image Source: Reddit

People go to fast-food restaurant and drive-through diners for a number of reasons. First of all, it is fast and often you don’t even have to get off the vehicle. Second, it is definitely one of the tastiest ways to have dinner or a snack. However, sometimes these plans may be canceled because of reasons that are beyond the customers. Imagine having to actually measure the dollar bills you have in order to get a meal!

7. Here is an unfortunate situation

Image Source: Kalesalad

Sometimes you end up in situation which is actually bad without you even knowing it! Unfortunately in the majority of these cases the bad consequences have likely already occurred. This is what happened to this person. She already had a job but wanted to explore different opportunities at a job fair. Naturally, she wanted to keep it a secret from her current employer but that did not work because she was caught by the TV cameras and her image was featured in the news.

8. Working as an Uber driver has its perks

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Image Source: Reddit

You never know what you might need to put up with while working as a cabby or an Uber driver. People can be weird but even if they are okay, they might ruin your day in a different way. This person found about that the hard way! As you can see, he really has a huge mess to clean. That seems to be paint, which means it would be impossible to clean off, meaning new trunk carpets and plastic panels would be needed.

9. The new sod was completely ruined

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, there are certain things you could never be able to predict. One of those things is how long would the new sod you had in front of your house last. Unfortunately for these homeowners, the freshly laid sod did not last a whole day. Someone lost control over their vehicle and destroyed everything. It took a lot of work to get it done and it was ruined in only a matter of seconds.

10. Here is one weird setup

Image Source: Reddit

This might be considered to be a construction fail but it is more likely to be a bad situation in which the people working on the same project allowed room for miscommunication. As you can see, there is a safety barrier which was installed on the most peculiar spot! It has absolutely no effect whatsoever because it is too high! Maybe the construction team and the planners of the sight were not able to determine the exact spot where it should have been mounted.

11. This is not a sane thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

We get that some people have the most ridiculous jobs but this one is beyond that! It is definitely one of most dangerous stunts we have ever seen and this man looks surprisingly calm! The man is standing high above the ground and he is literally walking on a bunch of cables and holding on another bunch! Being suspended this high while stuck in the middle of high-voltage cables is definitely not something to be calm about. We imagine it is not the best start of the day imaginable.

12. Here is a doggo who got in trouble

Image Source: Reddit

This dog decided to have some fun and dragged the garden sprinkler inside the house through the doggy door! The smart canine wanted to have fun indoors but its owners were probably furious after that! However, the joke’s on them, because it is up to them to clean the mess the sprinkler caused! At least the dog had a lot of fun and proved that it was a smart pup! Maybe the owner found a way to fasten that sprinkler to the ground after this incident.

13. This is something rather hard to explain

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all types of weird things but this is definitely among the weirdest of them! Keeping in mind that people can do absolutely meaningless things sometimes, this is still beyond unacceptable. As you can clearly see, someone literally dumped all those cards inside the toilet! We have absolutely no idea why would anyone do such a thing! Someone obviously needed to clean this mess and it was definitely not the easiest thing to do. We felt sorry for that person but sometimes even a simple job holds risks like these.

14. Here is a curious routine check

Image Source: Reddit

When we saw this image for the first time, we had a good laugh about it, and the reason why is more than obvious! This person was forced to prove she was riding that horse sober, just like regular drivers are checked! We believe it has a lot of sense because a person in a drunken state could cause a lot of damage riding a horse that weighs at more than 1,000 pounds.

15. The dream of a professional pool photo was shattered

Image Source: Twitter

Many women dream of becoming models and Instagram definitely helps them to fulfill that dream. However, creating a nice image of yourself and maintaining it means you need to invest time and effort into it! This person thought that she would be able to recreate the original image but it was probably not her day and she did not meet the initial expectations. This is the perfect example that something seemingly easy can prove to be really hard! Many jobs appear to be tempting because people consider them to be simple and highly-paid for. In most cases it turns out that the people working these jobs as professionals who possess a specific skillset. Modeling is one of those fields of work. It looks easy but it is not!

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