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15 People Who Definitely Need An Adult Supervision

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we get to see things, people and situations that are anything but ordinary! Most of them can make you feel glad that you were not involved or related to them! It doesn’t matter if it is a controversial decision someone made or a minor accident with awkward consequences.
Such moments are sometimes amusing to see, and this is why this list exists. Check it out!

1. We hope that this is not a permanent tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people fail to resist the temptation and they get a tattoo done without thinking it through. This is a huge mistake in most cases and they regret it later! A tattoo is something very special and it needs to be a symbol of something special or it has to speak of your personality and interests. Of course, having a great idea about a tattoo can still lead to bad results if the tattoo artist is not skilled enough. We don’t know what went wrong here, but we hope that it is just body paint.

2. This person got a hell of a surprise

Image Source: Imgur

If ever wonder why most people have trust issues, you need to see this post! While we find the whole situation to be funny, it is still not okay to do such things. It turns out that many people cannot handle a good prank, which is why you should be careful if you plan to pull one on an unsuspecting victim. This girl was probably furious after she saw the image on her back! It is definitely not something to proudly show off.

3. Here is how not to drink beer

Image Source: Reddit

When you intend to go out and have a few beers with your buddies, you expect a relaxing experience while enjoying some quality craft beer at the bar. However, drinking from that pint you see on the photo above would be anything but relaxing. Seeing that handle setup made us cringe! You just cannot feel calm and enjoy a beer if you that it could fall to the floor any second! The idea for this type of a disposable glass handle is not something we would use.

4. This person obviously needs a break

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes you cannot help but sense that today is one of those days that everything seems to be going backwards. There are times when you fail miserably at everything you attempt to do. This is the time when a lot of people experience a burnout, which is a hard period for everyone who has been through it. After this happens, some people just go to bed and stay there for days while others decide to start goofing off and do reckless things until the burnout feeling wears off.

5. Here is one greeting card that is not particularly polite

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone loves receiving gifts and greeting cards! This way they can feel that they mean a lot to someone. It is not the gift that matters, but the message! This is probably the reason why this grandpa looks a bit disappointed after receiving a loving card from his grandchild. The message is really simple and it probably says the exact same thing the kid was thinking. As you know, children always say what is on their mind. We guess this was an interesting way to say to someone that you love them.

6. This is one really unusual accident

Image Source: The Chive

Accidents happen all the time, especially in city traffic. It is inevitable, but the good part is that the majority of cases only involve vehicle damage. As long as nobody gets hurt, minor accidents are not that big of a deal. However, sometimes road accidents are more than curious and the one you see is the best example! Seeing this SUV stuck on top of a rock in the middle of a parking lot is more than a strange sight to see! We have no idea how it happened or where the rock came from.

7. Here is how passive-aggressive behavior can be funny, too

Image Source: Twitter

The world has changed drastically over just a couple of decades. Of course, not all changes are good, but that is just how life goes, we guess. We cannot have everything we ask for, right? Having this in mind, we simply need to accept things for what they are. One of the most controversial things about society today is the social media influence! Some individuals are literally living for their online image, which leads to things that are not good. As you can see, this person is all about the amount of likes he gets.

8. This is not the fancy dinner your date deserves

Image Source: Twitter

When you want to do something special for your girl, you need to plan ahead. If there is a particular occasion, then you need to do something really awesome that both of you will remember for a long time. Prom night is definitely a special occasion and you need to choose a special place for you and your girl. We don’t know why they went to IKEA to eat, but the beautiful girl and that diner are definitely not a good match.

9. Here an interesting item at the sweets aisle

Image Source: The Chive

Going to the store is a rather boring chore, because it is the same each time. There is nothing interesting about a grocery store, but one factor can change that. Of course, we are talking about the shoppers! You see all kinds of people at the store and sometimes they either look ridiculous or act in a weird way. This was exactly the case here. Someone obviously made the weird decision to dump that pregnancy test and have a Snickers bar instead. We guess that the person who left the test there was scared to use it for some reason.

10. This is what it means to be really lost

Image Source: Instagram

We live in the era of GPS and technology is everywhere around us, but in some cases all the tech gadgets and software arsenal in the world is not able to help certain individuals. Having the right technology does not mean that all problems will be avoided. Tech gadgets are helpful in most of the times, but when they fail you, thing can literally go in a wrong direction, just like this driver did, unfortunately.

11. Here is one unexpected birthday surprise

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Birthdays are among the most special occasions for every human and definitely the most personal ones. This means that when you want to make someone feel special on their birthday, you need to plan ahead of it. This is what this this person did for his brother-in-law. After going to the store and ordering a cake, a slight misunderstanding occurred, but it only became apparent when it was too late! Imagine if the bakers were actually able to guess the real name of that person! That would have been a weird coincidence.

12. This is one situation we would never like to be a part of

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Well, we need to admit that this accident is kind of funny and ironic in the same time. The best thing about this accident was that nobody got hurt. It is a reminder that you should never leave today’s work for tomorrow or you might be too late. If this person took the car for a brake fluid change earlier, this accident would have been avoided. However, things happen for a reason, and we believed that the owner of this car got the chance to learn a valuable lesson the hard way.

13. Here is one controversial tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

As we already mentioned, a good tattoo is either supposed to represent a part of your personality or to mark a life event, for example. However, in some cases people try to show off by getting a tattoo that sends a message. However, this person probably had no clue about the end result of their idea! This is not a cover-up tattoo. The initial design was done is would seem this way. The question is why would someone want the others to think that their old tattoo spelled ‘loser’?

14. Here is how feuds start

Image Source: Imgur

What you see here is one really controversial situation! We have no idea why would someone make a big deal out of a hairstyle, but it apparently became a problem. As you can see, a teacher sent back home one girl because of the way her hair was done. It might be an unusual hairstyle, but we still think that it looks cool and it is not a problem at all! We guess that whoever did the hairstyle is going to have to explain their actions to the girl’s mother.

15. This really is a perfect match

Image Source: Instagram

While we really enjoyed the sense of humor this person obviously have, we guess that the photo has a sad note as well. When you read the caption and see how this person compares a bowl of pasta to her significant other, you will sense the loneliness behind it. This is surely not the way you would like to feel.

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