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15 People Who Did Some Of The Weirdest Things You’ve Ever Seen

Image Source: Reddit

People are capable of doing some really weird things sometimes! Whether they do it on purpose or accidentally, it may still be strange or even fishy! It all depends on the circumstances, really. In some cases you could even say that someone is definitely up to no good.

This is exactly what we want to share with all of you in the following list. Sometimes the weird stuff is more than enough to amuse you, and these fifteen photos will surely achieve this.

1. Here is one truly savage prank

Image Source: Instagram

We love good pranks and we spend a lot of time watching people fall for them! However, we must say that some jokesters are becoming masters of this craft because they come up with genius ideas! The one you see here is so brilliant that we are tempted to try it ourselves! As you can see, someone created stickers that look exactly like a wall socket! We bet that a lot of people fell for this, but we cannot blame them.

2. This is not the best way to cut a homemade cake

Image Source: Reddit

Some family members are rather selfish and they tend to show it much too often! It is really annoying and it could lead to feuds! As the photo suggests, someone really ruined this tasty-looking cake by cutting it in this ridiculous way! We cannot believe that someone could do such a thing! It must be some kind of revenge, but we would never know.

3. Stunts like this one can end up in disaster

Image Source: Reddit

It is safe to say that most DIY stunts end up in disaster, and that is totally understandable. Some people believe that they have what it takes to do something dangerous, even when it seems to be rather innocent. What you see in the photo may look funny, but one wrong move could really change the whole situation. We hope that this man was lucky and his unsafe stunt ended in a positive way. He probably felt really proud after he did it.

4. Some products are more than weird

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure what exactly happened here. Is this one of those fake products with the wrong dimensions that people buy online? The other possible option is that this is probably some kind of a sample product, which is funny considering the fact that it is a face mask! This is not the type of product that could have a smaller sample version! However, you can see that someone actually produced it and it is absolutely ridiculous.

5. This photo really tells a story

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a photo does not need an explanation in order to tell what was happening in it. The note you see here is more than enough to provide the initial story. We guess that this store’s staff was fed up people stealing diaper packages. It seems that they decided to do some something about it! We definitely like the sassy approach of these people! Surely the message helped and the thieves were ashamed of themselves.

6. Here is a photo that cannot be explained

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we come across a photo that could not be explained! Regardless of how much you try, you would likely fail to provide a reasonable explanation for this image. There are so many weird things about it that we don’t know where to start. First of all, this person seems to be driving while holding a huge axe! Second, he has a banana as an eye patch! We will skip the bended cotton bud he has stuck in his beard and we’ll move straight to his hairstyle! As much as we tried, it seems that this photo could only be explained by the person in it.

7. The best pranks look really simple

Image Source: Reddit

The best pranksters out there know that it takes a lot of effort and hard work to make a prank seem easy. As you can see in the photo above, someone did exactly that! It seems very simple to set up a giant deer in the bathroom, but it is not. It was probably hard to plan and even harder to execute. We guess that it was worth it, because the victim of the prank must have been shocked to find this thing in the bathroom.

8. This is one really huge mistake

Image Source: Reddit

Architecture mistakes are the best! We have always thought that if a mistake was allowed to happen by an architect, it should be shared in order to never happen again. Most of these mistakes are really weird and even funny sometimes! This door is probably the perfect example! Imagine if someone needs to walk through it a couple of times a day! It must be a real burden to use it. We have no idea if the initial plans were wrong or there was something done to that space afterwards.

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9. Here is an example of inappropriate behavior

Image Source: Instagram

Some people really need to rethink the way they behave! It is very easy to insult someone with an inappropriate line, especially when you brag about something. This would always make you less attractive to the others, and for good reason. As you can see, this person really tried to put to shame others by bragging about the new car, but someone put them to shame instead! The brilliant response you see below is the perfect response to such a post.

10. This is the weirdest wall decoration we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

Every building must look its best, no matter if is an apartment complex or an administrative center. There are numerous ways to make any structure look elegant or lavish. However, we guess that just a few details are more than enough to ruin a building, too. As you can see, someone was able to put a bike in the fresh concrete, resulting in a permanent decoration of the structure. We are not aware of the possible reasons for this, but it looks curious.

11. Here is another unexplainable photo

Image Source: Reddit

We already mentioned that there will always be photos that cannot be explained in a rational way! This one must be one these photos for sure! It shows a ticket machine that is literally jammed with protein bars! It looks so bizarre that we even find it funny! Someone really took some time to jam it like that, and we cannot understand why! The only thing that comes to mind is some kind of a protest or revenge. Of course, it may be an act of vandalism, but who would waste that amount of protein bars for such a reason?

12. It is not easy to customize a car

Image Source: Reddit

This is especially true when you want something really special and you don’t just use aftermarket parts specifically designed for your car. Some people have a lot of interesting idea about the way their car should look like. As you can see, this vehicle has been designed in a rather curious way! It looks like a cross between a fish stand on the market and a mobile aquarium. Of course, all the fish and the crab you see is artificial, because the smell would be unbearable!

13. Here is another savage prank

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that every job should be done with a lot of attention and careful approach. However, some people seem to be overdoing it! The case here is the same, because cleaning the brick alleys in the yard with a mop is completely unnecessary! But this person is not to blame. As you can see in the caption, his brother managed to convince him that it was an actual thing! It is a really savage prank, but we need to admit that it is also very funny to see!

14. This person needs to have a second look at the animal on the photo

Image Source: Instagram

Some photos are more than intriguing, because we are not sure if there is a joke behind them or they are actually serious. This one is definitely one of those photos! We suspect that the person who captioned it wanted to see if someone would actually fall for it! There is no way that someone would actually think that this animal was a dog! We guess that it nothing more than a funny meme.

15. Here is one parent that is close to giving up

Image Source: Reddit

Those among you who already have kids can easily relate to this photo! The majority of parents out there are probably not looking forward to any of the school breaks. You can see the reason in this photo! When the kids are at home all day long, you can expect them to get bored. This means that playtime would go on for a long time! Even worse – it could easily get out of hand! In most cases it results in some kind of a mess! The photos above are only one of the thousands of examples! It can be really tiring to clean similar things on a daily basis.

Written by Nick Martin

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