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15 People Who Did Things Their Way Despite What Everyone Said

Image Source: Reddit

People are capable of some really weird things sometimes. This is not a surprise to anyone, because we see such things on a daily basis. What is interesting about this is that some people really don’t care about anyone’s opinion! Even if their actions are controversial or outrageous, they still do whatever they intended and go on with their lives. All we can do is sit back and enjoy these situations, because most of them are curious, weird or funny! This means we get to amuse ourselves!
Check out the images below and choose the best one!

1. Some kids can pull off amazing things

Image Source: Instagram

This story is the perfect example of the things kids are capable of! As you can see, this smart child was able to fool a lot of people. This can only speak of one thing – huge acting talent! Being inspired by a TV series is one thing, but actually pulling off this scenario is a completely different level! We guess that some of the deceived people were furious, but most of them were probably impressed by the talent this kid has.

2. This looks like a wild party

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that some of the best parties we have ever attended were probably a bit weird in some ways. This was probably the thing that made them interesting and different than the rest. Judging by this photo, that party must have been a wild one, too! How many times have you seen someone dressed like that and wearing a huge cat head? The woman wearing it looks totally comfortable, and we guess this is what matters the most.

3. This is one disturbing photo

Image Source: Reddit

Of all the silly things we have seen lately, this has got to be the worst! We get that this whole setup was made just for laughs, but we guess it is done with too much twisted sense of humor. As you can see, all of these happy people are dressed identically, and the outfits are more than weird. When you read the signs and remember what a fallopian tube is, you will probably cringe. Some jokes are just not as funny as they are supposed to.

4. Here is ajar full of precious cargo

Image Source: Instagram

You can see a lot of wild things while on the road. Some of these things are definitely worth taking a photo, and we are glad someone photographed this person. As you can see, there is a huge jar of cheese balls instead of a passenger! The jar is firmly strapped to the back rest, and we guess that the person was careful when he secured it in place. It is funny to see how he decided to carry it, because it looks like he wanted everyone to see his cargo.

5. You need to do what you need to do, we guess

Image Source: Reddit

Some people seem to decide relative easy when they need to make an important decision. However, this does not mean that the decision would be the right one each time. Of course, we believe that this sign was created with a lot of sense of humor, but it still sounds like something that certain people would do for real.

6. Some people want to show off every time they have the chance to

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people tend to act extra if they have the chance to! Showing off is in their nature, and they seem to push it too far sometimes. We guess that cutting your food with a medieval sword is not a very practical thing to do. However, it seems that posing for a photo is more important than actually eating. Let’s just say that we would never do it. Of course, we could assume that the photo was taken just for fun, which would be tolerable.

7. It seems that even those coming from the dark side need to let of some steam

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is both funny and spooky! We are sure that it is a setup, but it is still an eerie sight to see! These black robes really leave a dark feeling, but seeing these people on the playground is a bit confusing. Maybe they wanted to show that even those serving the dark side need to have a break and amuse themselves every now and then.

8. Some people can do the weirdest things just to show their fun personalities

Image Source: Reddit

If you desperately want to be the life of the party, you need to do some pretty wild things and to be funny, too! This means that you need to get all kinds of logic out of the way and do what you need to do. Putting a pancake on your head would probably do the trick! It may look ridiculous or meaningless, but it is also funny, and this is all that matters.

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9. This is an unusual modification

Image Source: Reddit

You need to follow certain trends and safety features when you want to customize your vehicle. Of course, you need to use the right parts and accessories, too! However, the owner of this car decided to do things as he imagined, and you can see the result. Of course, this is probably not a modification, but a temporary fix. Maybe there was a malfunction in the driver’s seat or it needed work on the upholstery. The chair was probably put inside to move the car around the parking lot.

10. This is one business we are not willing to support

Image Source: Reddit

Massage studios always strive to deliver maximum comfort to their clients. They need to feel perfectly relaxed in order to feel as bigger effect from the massage as possible. However, some people seem to fail to understand the concept and do things their own way. As you can see, this old van is apparently a massage studio! This is not such a bad idea, but maybe a newer and cleaner van would do a better job! A new Instagram name would be needed, too! This one is more than inappropriate.

11. Some people would use every opportunity to pull off a prank

Image Source: Reddit

This weird photo has a perfectly good explanation. As you can see, someone dressed in a furry suit is running in front of a camera! The camera seems to be placed in a weird place, and the reason for that is a sick coyote! The girlfriend of the man with the suit set up the camera there so she would be able to monitor the coyote 24/7. Knowing that, her boyfriend decided to fool around a bit, and he was able to create the creepy image you see here.

12. This is how you deal with people who need to learn to park

Image Source: Reddit

It is always annoying to see someone who parked their car in a ridiculous way! Some vehicles can be in the way of sidewalks or alleys, not to mention the law violations that some drivers seem to not care for. However, instead of vandalizing the car of someone who needs lessons in parking, someone decided to do another thing. As you can see, a pedestrian drew a very specific diagram of the violation, and we absolutely love this kind of attitude! People who violate traffic laws should not be tolerated.

13. This is a weird way to take a selfie

Image Source: Reddit

Selfies were not a common thing a decade ago, but now everyone is taking dozens of them daily! There are even specialized devices and trends! However, some people are able to top all of them by doing something extraordinary. As you can see, this man was able to take a selfie without touching his iPhone. We guess that sticking it to his body was not that easy, but how he push the button remains a mystery. We wish we knew the answer.

14. It looks like James Fridman fulfilled one more request in his own unique style

Image Source: Reddit

If you haven’t heard the name James Friedman before, you should definitely search for him online! This man is an extremely skillful Photoshop artist who also happens to have the best sense of humor ever! He fulfills random people’s requests, but he does it in a way that nobody could possibly expect! As you can see, Fridman was able to fulfill another request in a hilarious way! We are sure that this girl expected a different result, but technically he did what she wanted!

15. This is one very unusual installation

Image Source: Reddit

Some artists have a wild imagination, and we guess the one responsible for this installation is no exception. As the photo clearly shows, this monument is hard to describe with just a few words. We guess that the author behind it must have been inspired by something spectacular in order to come up with this idea. We are not sure about the purpose of the installation, but it certainly draws attention!

Written by Nick Martin

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