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15 People Who Didn’t Care About The Rules And Cape Up With Great Life Hacks

Image Source: Reddit

There are individuals among us who are rebellious and always willing to go one step further just to prove a point or make themselves stand out. Needless to say, these people can sometimes be referred to as geniuses because they can come up with amazing ideas. The list below shows how such people came up with clever life hacks we could all use.

1. The notes

Image Source: Reddit

We remember the first time we went into a classroom. The feeling was overwhelming but we got used to it. Later, we had to go to college and that feeling came all over again because things had changed. We used laptops and smartphones now, and we also carried little to no sheets of paper. What we did is create Word documents. Whenever the program crashed, we used alternative solutions but never Minecraft! That is a clever idea!

2. The detergent

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of life hack everyone would appreciate. We guess that most folks would surely agree that doing the laundry is one of the biggest burdens when we consider the variety of house chores. This clever person was probably feeling like that when they invented this. They put the detergent container on its side and attached its measuring cup via a Chinese takeout cup’s metal handle.

3. The carrier

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone has moved house at least once in their lifetime. We must admit that this is not the most pleasant activity for us but we also never like to pay professional movers. This is why some help from a smart person would be much appreciated. As you can see, someone suggested a rather clever way to carry a bundle of clothing all at once. The setup looks great and we guess it would do the job!

4. The specific life hack

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something you will probably never see again! As you can observe, this is one curious image because it is not likely for our homes to have so much snow outside. This natural disaster is something people could only try to put up with and this is what someone did here. They deiced to make the most of it and they succeeded, too! Using the snow wall as an additional cupboard is an awesome idea.

5. The clever person

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we must admit this person is tricky and can come up with an idea such as this one but there are also ways in which such an idea is wrong. Exercising is very important for both people’s medical and physical health. Skipping on that activity is not doing this person any favors but the idea about buying bigger clothes to look slimmer will work for sure!

6. The style

Image Source: Reddit

We are certain that everyone would love to be sure about their personal style. Knowing that you look your best at all times is a thought that can keep anyone happy. Still, deciding on that style is a tough thing and you might want to try this person’s hack. It appears that the idea he had is one of the best solutions to personal style ever. You can instantly decide on one of the multiple options.

7. The lid

Image Source: Reddit

If you love spending some time in the kitchen and you truly love doing it, this hack will absolutely help you get the best of your stay behind the stove. Those who are keen on prepping meals know that using a cookbook is a burden because you need one extra hand you don’t have. Using a clear lid is the answer, apparently. This is a simple trick but we never thought of it until now.

8. The ketchup

Image Source: Reddit

We love ketchup and we can put it on anything except sweets. There is, however, one thing about ketchup we hate and that is the splatter it makes when you squeeze the bottle. In this case, the image shows the only way to avoid splatter that we never thought of until this moment. Using the lid of the bottle as a shield is a simple solution but we had to see it here in order to start using it.

9. The charger

Image Source: Oberlo

Here is one of the things we could all use! Billions of people charge their phones on a daily basis and most of them are familiar with an annoying problem. Charger cables eventually bend to the point they are disconnected and you either need a new cable or a whole new charger. This is how you can avoid such an expense. Get the spring out of an old pen and install it close to the charger – it will keep the cable straight.

10. The other charger

Image Source: Oberlo

Since we mentioned charger trouble, we might as well consider a life hack that solves another huge problem related to charging a device. If the charger keeps popping out of the socket, there is an easy way to prevent it from happening. Simply bend the connectors slightly and this is all I would take for the charger to stay in place until you unplug it.

11. The pizzas

Image Source: Lifebuzz

If you love pizza, this is one of the best pieces of advice you will ever get. Frozen pizzas are tasty and they can be prepared in a matter of minutes. The trouble is, most ovens are not big enough to hold two pizzas at a time and you need to bake them one after another. Well, not anymore, as you can easily fit two in a regular oven by cutting them in half! This is a simple but brilliant hack that we love! We will use it, too.

12. The wine coolers

Image Source: Homehacks

Now, this is what we call wine coolers that nobody else would have! If you want to impress your guests or you simply want to have a good time and a nice drink at home alone, you can freeze some grapes and add them to the glasses of wine later. Not only do they cool your wine but grapes also look incredibly good in a tall glass of white wine. This is a hack that many will surely incorporate in their daily routines and we will use it, too.

13. The microwave hack

Image Source: Imgur

We already showed you an oven hack but we have something else up our sleeve! As you can see, this simple but brilliant idea will allow you to warm up two bowls at a time in any microwave oven! It is kind of weird that we never came up with this until we saw it but now we gladly share it with you. As you can see, everyone is able to use the hack and we bet most people will use it on a daily basis.

14. The frozen packets

Image Source: Imgur

If you are like most people, you keep a bunch of frozen packets full of fruits and veggies inside your freezer. If you do this, then you are aware of how much of a mess the freezer becomes to look like. It is cramped and you need to rearrange it when you must pull out a packet that is under the rest. This is the best and simplest solution to that problem. These clamps can turn the freezer into an organizer and you can get the packet you need in a single second.

15. The parenting hack

Image Source: Twitter

Some of the most valuable pieces of advice we have to offer are related to parenting and this is the best and funniest one. Those who have kids are aware that the little ones always want snacks but they are not supposed to have more than a few a day because it would be bad for their health. Still, you can’t eat sweets in front of your children and ask them not to have such cravings. This is the solution to that problem: you simply cover whatever you nibble on behind a piece of lettuce. It is as simple as that.

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