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15 People Who Do Not Even Want To Try Anymore

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There are moments when you just feel like giving up on everything. These moments seem to be getting harder and harder to overcome! Everyone has been through such tough times. In some cases it becomes a period that seems to never end! If you ever feel like you just want to raise the white flag and give up, you should know that you are not alone.

The following list will show you how some people refused to make even the smallest effort to do whatever they were supposed to. The photo of the cereal you see above is just another example – it seems that they did not make an effort to say that it tasted better than twigs.

1. This one is unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

We get that people need to have some time off every now and then. We also understand that you can suffer a burnout if your duties are too much to handle. Some jobs can cause a lot of stress and at one point you would be exhausted. However, this is not an excuse to ditch your responsibilities! This is especially true when lives depend on you. We guess that this person did not realize how important her job was.

2. Shaving is a burden for a lot of people

Image Source: Reddit

Personal hygiene includes some boring procedures that take a lot of time to do. One of them is definitely shaving your body! If you have a lot to shave, like the person in the photo, then you would start looking for ways to cut down the time needed. As you can see, this person found a clever way to do it! Shaving only the parts of the body that are visible can be considered controversial by some people, but it definitely works.

3. Here is how determination looks like

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to do something or go somewhere really bad, you will likely do whatever it takes. This can mean that you need to overcome certain situations. You would also need to stop thinking about what he others might think. This person obviously did not care about the other people’s opinions and showed up like that! He simply made having good time his priority and the rest was not so important to him. Sometimes it is all a matter of choice.

4. This teacher was probably looking forward to his vacations

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes teachers are just a bit too noble than they should be. Their most important job is to make their students enjoy learning new things. One of the best ways to do it is to create tests, because it is an easier and interactive form of learning things and checking the knowledge level of the students. However, this teacher decided to get it over with and simply gave them the answer. This is definitely not the way tests work.

5. This is not what a Christmas gift should look like

Image Source: Reddit

Giving someone a present means a lot more than just buying someone an item and giving it to them. It is a whole experience and it involves a lot of things to consider. You need to know what to give to a certain person and make sure that it is appropriate. The other important thing is the presentation. As you can see, this person bought a present, but did not make an effort to wrap it or at least put it in a beautiful gift bag. It is definitely not the best thing to do.

6. Here is how the opposite of enthusiasm looks like

Image Source: Imgur

People who work in huge office spaces and all of their days look the same are not as happy as they should be. As you can imagine, it is not the most interesting way to live your life, and no matter how hard people might try, the system proves to be stronger. This is why a lot of them become engulfed in the boring routines and they slowly start to look like the person pictured here. Of course, the photo was meant to be some kind of a metaphor, but it is not far from the truth.

7. Someone seems to be tired of bad dates

Image Source: Imgur

Dating these days seems to be a bit of an adventure. You never know what kind of person you are going to run into. It is a gamble, but you need to take that risk in order to find a good date! The problem is that after a few disappointments some people begin to give up on themselves. They start believing that they are not good enough for anyone. This is not true, of course! A bit of self-esteem and confidence is all you need! And persistence pays off; you can be sure about that.

8. Bachelor pads are ridiculous sometimes

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Men like having their own man caves or private bachelor pads. These places are full of macho stuff and this is perfectly normal! Of course, sometimes people tend to go too far when they want to state that a certain place was reserved for men only. We believe that having seats from a van instead of proper furniture is exactly that! We bet that they are neither functional, nor comfortable! Not to mention that they look ridiculous.

9. Here is a cute variation of the family stickers on vehicles

Image Source: Imgur

A lot of people like to state their love for their families in any way they can. As you can see, it does not need to be a real family in order to brag with it! This person showed her love for her cats, and judging by their number, she must be addicted! We have a lot of respect for people who love animals and save stray animals from the street! We also like that the sticker includes two little kittens, which must be the latest additions to the cat family.

10. This T-shirt is ridiculous

Image Source: Imgur

This is a very interesting item! As you can see, this shirt has words written all over it, and it looks rather strange, because they are not messages or slogans. What you see here is actually the project for the shirt, but someone probably made the mistake to send it into production! The result is both funny and interesting! We guess that it would look very good if the project was finished. Someone probably had no desire to check the production process and the mistake was made.

11. This is the best grocery list ever

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes grocery shopping can be a huge burden! Even if you make a detailed list, you would probably still forget a lot of things. The bigger problem is that most of the food you buy will probably be spoiled before you can eat it. This is a shame, but unfortunately it happens, especially if you live alone. This was probably why this person chose to skip shopping and just go and have dinner somewhere. It is the right thing to do if you have no desire to go to the supermarket.

12. Some people like to show their love for something in a weird way

Image Source: Imgur

We all have a favorite drink! Whether it is an alcoholic cocktail or some kind of a soda, you always order it to enjoy the taste. However, some people want everyone to know about their preferences, and getting a tattoo would certainly do the trick. This person obviously chose that route, and we guess that the tattoo looks controversial. It is definitely a good one in terms of quality, but its message is not what everyone would consider to be a good idea.

13. This is not how you make a good ad

Image Source: Imgur

When you want to create a good digital marketing piece, you need to make a lot of research. Sometimes delivering the best message requires using the right key words and recommendations. This is the point where the developers of this ad probably got tired of working and decided to skip the process of actually gathering real information. We guess that a tweet is not a reliable source to trust, but they actually included it in the ad! The other sources sound strange as well.

14. Sometimes you need to think about the fortune cookie message

Image Source: Imgur

Most people love fortune cookies and they eat them because they want to see what their fortune is. As you can see, sometimes the fortunes inside the cookies do not contain a message. This one is the best example, and the word ‘love’ is all it says. Someone was obviously too tired to come up with an actual message, so they only wrote one word. It is up to the one who finds it to decipher what ‘love’ means.

15. This is the most honest store name we have seen

Image Source: Imgur

Some stores have the nerve to sell you fake merchandise using famous brands, and they even charge you as much as the genuine items are worth! However, not all stores are like that. As you can see, this store owner decided to tell the truth and this way you would know what to expect when you go inside to shop.

Written by Nick Martin

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