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15 People Who Failed So Bad That They Took It To The Next Level

Image Source: Reddit

When people say that nobody is perfect, all we can do is agree with the saying! Those among us who manage to remain completely unaware of obvious things or make all the wrong decisions are often extremely funny. The ridiculous things people allow to happen are sometimes more than amusing to see. This is why we prepared the following list, which is full of people who got things the wrong way!

1. Some ads are really pushing things too far

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people put a lot of effort into something they need to do. The thing is that their desire to create something perfect could easily backfire. As you can see, this ad tried to imply something that is absolutely impossible. We understand the initial idea behind the ad, but they had to think about the little details. After all, attracting new customers needs to be done in a reasonable way! Putting an ad like that will only cause laughter and nothing more.

2. This one is unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

Would you believe that someone actually thought that he could buy 30 buildings and a few people for a handful of money? Well, it actually happened! As you can see, this person really thought that he bought 30 houses and buildings for real! Only after paying for them he realized they were miniatures. We have no idea how someone could believe that they can buy real houses and even people for the prices of ten gallons of gas! This is definitely the funniest thing we have heard in a long time!

3. Some mistakes can have bad consequences

Image Source: Reddit

There are some mistakes that can easily lead to a disaster. This story sounds like a part of a Hollywood movie, but apparently it happened for real. Some people obviously cannot tell the difference between a bear cub and a puppy. One family adopted a stray puppy, but when it started to grow, they quickly realized that they made a mistake by taking the animal in! The ‘puppy’ began walking on its hind legs and it was obvious that it was a bear!

4. Some captions are more than ridiculous

Image Source: Reddit

We often mention people’s addiction to technology. In our modern society you need to be literally hooked by at least one device in order to be able to communicate with others. This is a sad fact, but it is the reality. However, some people like to brag about their independence from technology, but it just doesn’t seem like they achieved that! This person is the perfect example. As you can see, whoever took this photo tried to shame the others for being hooked to their phones, but the person behind the camera did the same!

5. Here is one very controversial sign

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases people tend to miss the point of some things or situations. There is no point of creating something if you intend to restrict all of its functions! This is what happened to the playground where this sign is. As you can see, the sign forbids normal activities like running and playing, which is exactly what kids do when they go to the playground in the first place! We tried to figure out why would someone ban these things, but we were unable to come up with a reasonable explanation.

6. Some people need to do their homework regularly

Image Source: Reddit

There are situations which sound like a joke someone told you at the pub, but they turn out to be real. After reading this one, you would probably burst into laughter, and we could not blame you, because we did the same. The thought of someone being trapped on an escalator is beyond funny; it is ridiculous! Of course, this woman meant to say ‘elevator’, but even when someone corrected her, she still insisted on being right!

7. This mirror must be a shape shifter as well

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes we are left speechless by certain people’s perceptions of the world. It seems that certain individuals suffer from ignorance or they suffer from permanent confusion! As you can see, this person decided to put this huge mirror for sale, so she took a photo and uploaded an ad online. The problem is that she added a description that is really puzzling. How could a rectangular object turn into a square one just by turning it? We guess that this woman should open a geometry book and refresh her memory.

8. Ignorance is definitely not bliss

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure if this girl is unaware of the word ‘mammal’ or she simply thought that it meant the same as ‘reptile’. As we all know, the two words are not synonyms. However, her post is very funny because of the images it creates in most people’s minds. For example, we immediately imagine what a reptile version of a squirrel would look like! We guess that it would be a very interesting creature. As you can see, someone quickly commented below the post and explained a few key facts about animals.

9. This one mistake that will be remembered

Image Source: Reddit

It is a good thing to have all those different social media platforms. They enable us to communicate easily and to learn basically anything we want about the surrounding world. However, in this huge pool of information you are likely to find fake news, even if it seems the source is reliable. It seems that the Rotten Tomatoes’ Twitter account acknowledged the news that John Carpenter passed away. They even posted it in an attempt to honor him, but they surely did not expect what followed after that! As you can see, Carpenter himself joined the conversation!

10. Some people are often confused to find the right word

Image Source: MeMe

Women love spending hours to make their hair look their best! As you can see, this person was able to achieve the so-called corn rows effect, and whoever did it was obviously skilled enough! However, there is one really tiny detail that needs correction! That detail is not related to the hairstyle, but to its name! This girl obviously lived with the idea that the hairstyle was actually called corn rolls!

11. Couple tattoos are a trendy thing

Image Source: Reddt

If you love your partner and you are into tattoos, then the idea of getting matching tats is probably the perfect thing for you. However, getting a tattoo done is not an easy thing or something you can do impulsively. You need to carefully select a theme and then think about the design. There is always room for mistakes, and you would not want that to happen. As you can see in the photo above, these people were proud of their tattoos, but they probably failed to realize that the two pieces do not match.

12. Going to the club can reveal some things

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently there is nothing like spending a few hours at your favorite night club! Having fun and listening to the bear of the music is what we call a good party. However, there are some things you should consider before heading to the club. One of these things is the neon lights, which have a rather interesting effect sometimes. These lights can reveal some rather curious sights that remain hidden for the naked eye. This person found about that the hard way, and his facial expression definitely shows how he felt when he realized what was going on!

13. This is definitely not the correct way to eat cereal

Image Source: Reddit

We know that people have different food preferences, but there are some food-related things that everyone should do the same! One of them is eating cereal! All you need is a bowl and some milk to add to the cereal. However, some people seem to have the wrong idea, and we could hardly believe that someone would eat their cereal like that! This is more than wrong, and we guess that nobody else eats their cereal in such a way.

14. Here is another food disaster

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the basic culinary skills include the proper way to cut a watermelon. We have all done it and therefore we all know the right way to do it. As it turned out, some people were unable to learn to do it! Just seeing watermelon chopped to tiny bits like that makes us cringe! As you can see, it went bad pretty fast, which is understandable. We hope this person learned the proper way to do it!

15. Someone learned to hold on tight the hard way

Image Source: Acid Cow

As you probably know, riding jet-ski is not easy task! You need to be physically prepared to ride such a powerful machine and to withstand the impact of each wave~ Of course, even riding the jet-ski as a passenger requires a lot of focus, because you must not let go even for a second. If you forget about that, you can expect to instantly fall off the machine. This is exactly what happened in the photo above. As we already mentioned, some lessons are learned the hard way!

Written by Nick Martin

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