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15 People Who Gave It A Shot And This Is All That Counts

Image Source: Reddit

We are all well aware of the fact that life is hard and it is full with a lot of different situations. Some of us are able to gracefully overcome any situation, while others seem to have a hard time coping with the easiest task. However, it doesn’t really matter whether you achieve something fast or even if you succeed at all, because it is the effort that counts. Giving all you’ve got is the right attitude, and it always teaches you valuable lessons, which is important when you obtain new life skills.

The following list of photos will show you some people who really tried to achieve or accomplish something, but they did not get the outcome they wanted, which is perfectly fine.

1. Phobias are hard to overcome

Image Source: Instagram

We have a lot of respect for those who are able to stand against their own fears. Even a simple fear that might seem irrational to other might be a huge burden for some individuals, and this girl proves how hard it can be. She decided to give it a try and out her bravest face on, but as you can see, it did not work as planned.

2. Math problems are not for everyone

Image Source: Instagram

You have probably noticed how certain people were a lot better at science, math and physics than the rest of the class. We have always wondered about the reason for this, and we guess that people’s brains simply function differently, and there is nobody who can say that everything is easy to learn for them. If you want to master something that you struggle with, you need to put in a lot of extra effort into it. Practice makes perfect!

3. This car seen better days for sure

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a vehicle that would only cry if it could speak, and there is no need to explain why, because one quick look at it can answer that question. We understand that sometimes accidents require a quick fix before the time for the major repair comes, and we are sure this guy was in a hurry and did all he could to get his car on the road asap.

4. We guess this is one way to save a gold fish

Image Source: Reddit

We would like to know the story behind this photo, because it raises a few questions that need answering. Did someone actually rescue that fish, or maybe the whole setup was some kind of a prank? We don’t have the answer to those questions, and it doesn’t really matter. Seeing a goldfish in a place like that is funny, and we are glad that someone took care of the little guy. It is always a good thing to see someone looking after animals.

5. This is one really thoughtful man

Image Source: Instagram

Men have always struggled with sourcing feminine products for their ladies, and it will probably always be like that. Most guys have faced the horror of buying tampons, pads or all kinds of cosmetic products that seem too hard to understand. Shopping for these items involves a lot of calls and consultations. This guy had to fulfill a simple request, and he decided to not take any chances, and we would have done the same.

6. Getting rid of bug is no easy task

Image Source: Reddit

Keeping that in mind, we must say that some people overreact about the presence of insects. This can result in situations like the one you see here. First of all, even if the beetle was gigantic, this bag would still be just too big for it. Second, since the beetle was already trapped, why didn’t they just toss it outside? It would have been much more effective than just hanging the bag and writing a note.

7. The perfect appearance is everything for some people

Image Source: Instagram

Ladies care a lot about their appearance. This is especially true when they are out for a night with the girls or another important appointment. However, all the effort they are able to make is just not enough sometimes, and the result of the clothing choice for the night can be controversial. This woman realized her wardrobe mistake which probably nobody noticed, so there was nothing left except to laugh about it. We like the fact the she knew it was no big deal at all.

8. Starbucks obviously have a tradition that is really funny

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Most of you have probably seen a lot of photos of Starbucks coffee cups with mistakes in people’s names, because it became a trend that is rather fresh, actually. However, they seem to have taken it to a new level, because mistaking someone’s name is one thing, but completely forgetting it is another story. It is a good thing that the customer was not offended. These things need to be taken in with a sense of humor, because we are sure the staff did it with that idea in mind, because the last thing they would do is to offend a customer.

9. This is one interesting situation

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that Ed Sheeran has at least one doppelganger that looks exactly like him! These girls were totally convinced that they took a photo with their favorite singer. However, their effort to boast with this on social media backfired when Ed himself saw the photo, and his funny comment was more than enough to clarify the situation. What puzzles us is the uncanny resemblance between the star and the guy in the photo. They look like twins!

10. It seems that identifying an object is hard for some folks

Image Source: Reddit

This is absolutely real; it is not a joke or a mistake. Technically speaking, the term ‘round cube’ can be considered to be an accurate way to label the item in the photo. We are no experts in shapes or sizes, but we are pretty sure that the word ‘cylinder’ might be more appropriate. However, we guess that sometimes people get distracted and it is normal to make a mistake.

11. Perhaps a simple explanation was the better option

Image Source: Instagram

People ask simple questions, and they expect simple answers. Some folks with a sense of humor try to use every question they are asked as an opportunity to show off their funny side. This probably works most of the times, but sometimes it is just not enough, and this situation proves it. The reply was not funny, but it sure gave an idea about how high the temperatures actually were. We know how a hot leather steering wheel could be after being exposed to the sun.

12. This is the weirdest helmet you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes transportation and logistics problems might not seem too big, but an appropriate solution rarely comes easy. This person probably thought about the best way to transport this shopping cart to a specific location. We think that he did not choose the best or the easiest way to do it. Attaching the cart to the bicycle via a rope or something similar might have been the better option. We are sure that he was able to reach his destination without any accidents, because he was probably extra cautious.

13. This is something that everyone involved will remember

Image Source: Reddit

Maternity photo shoots happen only once or a few times in life, therefore they are a serious event. However, sometimes things get out of hand and there is nothing that can be done about the situation. This man probably found it hard to be at a photo shoot, because a hangover would surely get in the way of making the perfect photos. In fact, it can ruin the whole idea completely! When the couple realized that, they decided to include the husband’s condition and show that their sense of humor and positive attitude are what really matters.

14. Amateur stunts always lead to disaster

Image Source: Reddit

You probably remember that before or after any professional stunt video the stuntman reminds the viewers that nobody should try and recreate the stunts. This could lead to a big disaster! The driver of this vehicle clearly failed to follow that advice, and we can all see the consequences. We hope that nobody got hurt in this accident, but the pick-up truck is an absolute wreck. Stunt attempts are always a bad idea when you lack the proper experience and training.

15. Sometimes fixing stuff is easier than it seems

Image Source: Instagram

The younger generations use all kinds of gadgets in every aspect of their lives, while a lot of the elderly people often struggle with the most basic functions of things like a cellphone. When this person decided to fix the issue with granny’s phone, it turned out that it was not an actual problem with the device. Despite the effort grandma put in finding the answer, it turned out that the right solution required thinking outside the box. We guess that the manufacturer of the device unintentionally created a trap for the users. The time on the sticker could have just been 00:00, for example. However, granny was probably very happy and this is all that matters.

Written by Nick Martin

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