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15 People Who Refuse To Be Ordinary

Image Source: Reddit

There is a special kind of people who always strive to achieve an extraordinary result even when they do something ordinary. Trying to maintain a higher level than the average Joe can be really hard sometimes. In other cases it just might not be worth it at all. However, once you are used to putting some extra effort in everything you do, there is no going back to the basic level. This can make your life harder than you could possibly imagine, but after all, it is a choice!

The list you are about to see will give you examples of people who are obviously above the basic level of doing things!

1. Taking simple photos is a thing of the past

Image Source: Instagram

Photo content is one of the most important things in our modern society! People literally live for their social media presence and they are addicted to taking selfies or other kinds of images. There are a lot of social media platforms and different photo editing programs that are used by hundreds of millions of people daily. However, taking a simple photo is not as easy as it might seem. As you can see, this person’s friends did what they had to do in order for the photo to be flawless.

2. Adding style to a quick repair is a good thing

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we are forced to make a quick repair on something. Accidents happen all the time, and in most cases we are unprepared to react accordingly to the situation and fix the damage instantly. This is why some quick repairs are needed to keep things together until the major solution to the problem is possible. This photo shows that a fast repair does not mean that it needs to look like one. Taking some time to paint the duct tape you wrapped the damaged car parts with shows that this person likes doing things the best possible way.

3. Appearance is everything

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people would agree that making a good first impression is very important. Of course, you need to make a lot of preparation procedures in order to pull it off perfectly. As you can see, this person really stands out from the crowd! The main thing you would notice is the pet monkey in a dress. As cute as the animal is, we must add the paint scheme of the scooter and the helmet of the owner. We guess that having a personal style and displaying is really important.

4. Using an egg carton as an ice cube tray is an idea that may have potential in it

Image Source: Reddit

However, there is a catch here. Some egg cartons are actually made from cardboard or a soft polymer that has the consistency of Styrofoam. We guess that these two materials are not the best ones to use if you want to make ice cubes. Chances are that the ice cubes will not be able to separate from the improvised tray. This is why only the plastic egg cartons may actually work. However, we appreciate the extra effort someone made to find this out on their own.

5. Some people overreact to some usual things

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who can freak out because of really basic things! This type of overreaction can have consequences sometimes, and the photo above shows a good example of that. As you can see, this person freaked out when he saw the cop car behind him, and this resulted in a flat tire. As unfortunate as the situations became, it took an unexpected turn when the police office stepped in to help. This is a really nice thing to see, and we are sure that the person who hit the curb will not react like that again.

6. Sometimes creativity is all you need to be extra

Image Source: Reddit

As the photo captions suggests, this stunt could actually compete in a contest for the most creative cosplay game ever. We always admire creative ideas that result in something which nobody would expect. These people were dressed as a normal couple, but they had a sign explaining that they were actually Bruce Wayne’s parents! Imagine the reaction of every person dressed in a Batman costume! It must have been funny to see.

7. This is actually one really clever meme

Image Source: Instagram

Here is how a seemingly normal thing can be turned into a funny meme! All the photo shows is a man who is zipping back the lower parts of his pants. He obviously decided that he does not want to wear short pants anymore. However, his daughter saw things from a different perspective and her explanation was rather unconventional. She simply decided to use the moment and came up with the funniest caption! However, there is also some truth to it and this is what makes it extra.

8. Making the perfect wedding cake is not enough

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Image Source: Instagram

Some people have the craziest ideas when it comes to making something extra special. When you are preparing a wedding cake, unconventional ideas are more than welcome! The idea of a busted cake that is about to fall apart is amazing! It really took some careful planning, but we appreciate the extra effort this baker made to create this huge pastry masterpiece! We like the idea a lot and we are sure that it made the impact it was supposed to.

9. Thinking fast can save you in certain situations

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to do a certain job fast and something is in your way, you need to think fast. This person had to hammer a few nails, but the hammer head broke off from the handle. Instead of finding a piece of rock or something else that would do the job, he decided to use something that he thought would be indestructible. We are not sure how long that Nokia phone would last as a hammer head replacement, but it just might be good enough for the job.

10. Some kids are rebels from an early age

Image Source: Instagram

A lot of kids tend to show creativity and skills, but some of them can really surpass the rest when it comes to doing smart things. However, this can backfire sometimes, and the example shown above is the best one to show why! This smart little girl was cheeky enough to order a lot of toys from Amazon. Nobody suspected her, and as you can see, she looks extremely happy and proud! In a certain way she has the right to be, but her parents were probably not so happy.

11. Here is a stand we would like to visit

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that we laughed a lot when we saw this photo! Just look at the people with serious facial expressions standing below the ridiculous sign! It takes a lot of courage and also a sense of humor to refer to your friends as ‘coots’! We guess that these people would be able to give some quality advice in a funny way, and we would like to ask them a few things. We hope that people really took advantage of this opportunity.

12. Overdoing something is not a good idea in most cases

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that we have also used more than one GPS device in order to double-check the destination. However, this person really stepped up the game, and he could hardly see in front of him with all those screen positioned all over the vehicle cabin! We have no idea why he has so many tablets and other gadgets inside, but there must be e reasonable explanation.

13. Personal style can be a bit too much to handle sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that showing off your personal style is always a good thing, as long as it makes you happy! However, in some cases other people may find it disturbing or controversial! This can be a problem for you if you choose to take their opinions for granted! We suggest that you stop paying attention and just express yourself in the best possible way! People will often consider you to be extra, so you might as well comply with the expectations.

14. Personal trainers would do anything to stand out

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that there is a lot of competition between personal trainers, and they need to stand out from the rest in some way! This is when they need to act on a higher level than the average! We believe that this person found a rather interesting way to do it! As you can see, his outfit is nothing like we have seen before! The woman who took the photo seems to be shocked as well!

15. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, we guess

Image Source: Twitter

A trip to Las Vegas is always an exciting thing! You need to make each visit memorable, but in a positive way and with zero consequences! We guess that this person had something else in mind, judging by his Hangover-themed outfit! We hope he knows what he is doing! This is what stepping up your game looks like.

Written by Nick Martin

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