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15 People Who Thought They Beat The System But They Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to outsmart something or someone does not work every time. In fact, if you try to cheat or swirl around the rules, you mind end up in a situation far worse than you could possibly imagine, because when things backfire, you would probably fail to react the proper way.

Some people would always prefer to take a shortcut, but the correct route is the one following the rules and principles that should be taken into account. If you choose to try and defeat the system, you better be prepared for the consequences.

1. This is the weirdest bookmark we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, we need to say that this was probably a joke or a prank, because nobody would actually do this to their favorite book. However, the thing is that people tend to use all kinds of items to replace a proper bookmark, and in most cases the chosen option is just not good enough as a replacement. Whether it is an old credit card or a piece of paper, the bookmark replacement often falls off and the page you reached ends up unmarked.

2. Auto repairs follow new trends nowadays

Image Source: Reddit

We understand that minor car damage sometimes needs a quick fix in order to keep the vehicle running until the time for the serious repair comes. However, this often leads to situations in which people do the craziest things with their cars. Sometimes creativity takes over and the result is rather good, but in other cases people do awkward things like the one you see here. We wonder how these clips would perform at a higher speed or when the vehicle is taken to the carwash. However, it must be temporary and the owner of the car will surely take it to the body shop.

3. Can you guess the IQ level of this person?

Image Source: Reddit

We bet that a post like that could easily be considered to be a joke, but we assure you that it is not. How could anyone actually come to this conclusion and post it for everyone to see? We were absolutely stunned to see it, and we laughed out loud, because it is unbelievably funny. As you can see, the account has been removed, and that probably happened after someone explained to this person that there was no breakthrough at all and that Coke is actually plain water with some additions to it!

4. People need to be careful before posting something online

Image Source: Reddit

Some folks obviously have the ability to show everyone that they are not well-informed about certain things. This person decided to show that they were not having any of those bargain claims without actually doing the math first. Some other user really showed patience and explained how things really were, and this was when things became really amusing. Making a mistake and posting it on social media is not a good idea at all.

5. Some people are obviously not aware of some basic things

Image Source: Reddit

This person tried to find the correct way to see the vast space, and obviously a lot of thinking was done in order for that plan to be made. It’s all good, except that it is absolutely pointless! As another user commented, the whole stunt with the trip to a specific Australian beach is not necessary, because the stars can be seen on any night that is clear enough and has no clouds. Everyone should know that, but it sure does not seem that way. You never stop learning new things!

6. There is a bit of an issue here, we guess

Image Source: Reddit

When you look at the photo, all you see is a bunch of sandwiches on a store shelf. Of course, this looks normal, and every store has an aisle stacked in a similar way. However, it turns out that the boxes in which the sandwiches are delivered have a specific instruction and things get a bit controversial after we saw it. Nobody would leave the unpacked box on the shelf, so this arrangement is actually in compliance with the instruction, but in the same time the sandwiches are still on the shelf, despite being taken out of the box. Only a lawyer could decide if this is a violation of the instruction or not.

7. Do not try this at home

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that someone decided to solve a water heater problem, but the quick fix you see here would probably not be enough to deal with it. First of all, this setup would hardly heat the water flowing through there. Second, the wax from the candle would drip all the time, which means that the drain would be full of wax soon. The bottom line is that this quick fix would cause even more problems.

8. Chopsticks are not for everyone

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Image Source: Reddit

Some people like to say that using chopsticks is like driving a car, because there will always be folks that can never learn to do both things, and we couldn’t agree more! However, people keep trying to be better and better at those two things, and the results may not be that good, but it takes persistence in order to succeed. As you can see, someone decided to play it smart, and cheated the whole system, but by the looks of things we can easily say that it would be impossible to eat like that.

9. This is how some people customize their rides

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some people would always choose the DIY method when it comes to customizing a vehicle. This person decided to put mud flaps on an old van, but instead of purchasing the right items from an auto accessories shop, an alternative solution was chosen, and you can see that it might achieve the desired effect, but it does not look like a real mud flap would. Sometimes you just need to make the most of what you have.

10. Here is when things get awkward

Image Source: Reddit

We are well aware that many people live alone and the reasons for that are many. Whether if someone is too busy to maintain many social contacts or their work requires frequent travels, chances are that this person would experience some lonely moments, and the lack of a friend circle would become more and more noticeable. The advice that you see in this photo’s caption is probably a joke, and even if someone was desperate enough to try it, the results would not be even close to having a friend around for dinner.

11. This guy is really pushing his luck

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody likes people who think they can outsmart everything and everyone. The owner of this bike probably though that the space between those two signs was enough to serve as a fine-free zone, but we think that the way the bike is parked might actually violate both rules. We understand what the idea behind this was, but we are also sure that if the traffic police would give the owner a ticket.

12. Some people really take it to the extreme

Image Source: Reddit

Would you spend a lot of time and money and put this ugly thing on your home’s facade with the sole intent to skip coming down and throwing the trash. We refuse to believe that someone could be that lazy, but it seems that someone really did it. However, we guess that it was not a good idea, because it is an easy way for someone to break into the apartment, and the whole idea is simply not worth the risk!

13. Seeing this makes us wonder what kind of bugs these people have in their area

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would agree that one of the worst things about warm weather is the presence of insects. All kinds of bugs and flies are constantly flying around, which is annoying, and we haven’t even mentioned the mosquitoes that would do anything to deprive you of your good night sleep. However, it seems that even when there are too much of them flying around, the device you see in the picture is just a bit too much. Overdoing something is just not the right way to act.

14. Someone tried to avoid the cost of a snowplowing machine

Image Source: Reddit

We mentioned that creativity can go a long ways sometimes, and we appreciate a good effort when we see one. The thing we see here is a bit controversial, although the brain behind it must be really proud. First of all, we guess that a lawnmower is a bit too low to easily move around in the snow, and the rear wheel drive is not suitable at all. Second, the way that this person mounted the additional features on the lawnmower seems rather weak. The wooden parts could probably break under the pressure of the heavy snow. We would like to see it in action, and it might actually be good enough to do the job!

15. This is not the correct way to clean the keyboard of your computer

Image Source: Reddit

The right thing to do when you wonder how something works is double-check it before you proceed. Maybe there is no need to say it, but we are still going to point out that this person clearly decided to give something a try without thinking about the possible consequences. We guess that nothing that seems to be an easy solution actually works. The owner of this keyboard learned this the hard way, and all the keys were completely destroyed by the failed cleaning attempt. The good part is that a lesson was learned after this situation, which always a positive thing!

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