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15 People Who Tried Hard, But Didn’t Really Get What They Wanted

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You probably know that not everything in life is under our control. There are too many factors out there that really change the circumstances whether we want it or not. As you have probably experienced, you can put a lot of effort into something but you cannot be sure how the whole thing would end up. This is why the best approach to a situation is to have zero expectations – it is the only way to avoid disappointment! The list below shows how people definitely got a different result than the one they initially expected, despite putting in the effort.

1. Lawyers need to look confident in order to gain respect

Image Source: Reddit

If you happen to be in a sticky situation and things end up in court, you better be prepared and have a good lawyer. If you fail to pick the right one, you might end up in an eve stickier situation! In some cases it is fairly easy to see when you are probably not going to like the end result of the court trial. We guess whoever hired this lawyer should have seen it coming. This classic outfit speaks for a person with questionable practice, a small and messy office and maybe not that much of a practice.

2. Fortune cookies are not what they used to be

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You have probably cracked open countless fortune cookies until now, right? The messages inside are really nice in the majority of cases. Some of them are witty and funny and it is probably safe to say that the majority of them are uplifting. As you can see, sometimes people find a fortune that is not able to cheer you up. In fact, it is something that should not be on such a message. It does not take much to write a real fortune instead of this.

3. Hauling a cargo is not an easy task

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We often remind people that they should always take the necessary precautions no matter what they do. As you can see, these people tried to secure the load inside the cargo area of this truck, but it appears to be way too flimsy in order to hold on. The trick was obviously ripped apart after a probably collision with the underside of a bridge, meaning that someone did a reckless thing. These ropes are probably not going to last long.

4. This is something you should not even touch

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people fail to do even basic things. Trying to preserve your food is not that hard and there are basic principles you should follow. Apparently whoever stored this package of strawberries was not aware of the proper way to store them! We believe that it took some courage to open that package because the smell was probably unbearable, not to mention that it could be dangerous for your health!

5. Here is a person in search of something valuable

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We guess that when you lose something of great value or importance to you, there is nothing that you would not do in order to retrieve it! As you can see, this man probably lost something precious, because he literally climbed on top of this store’s shelves in order to find it! He looks confused and maybe even desperate, because climbing up there is not a normal thing to do! We have no idea what made him climb up there but it must have been really important to him.

6. This person definitely got confused

Image Source: Linkedin

If you expect to be at the beach but you find yourself in the desert, then you definitely have a problem to solve! It is hard to confuse the two locations, although they both involve the presence of sand. This photo was probably taken as a part of a video or some kind of a prank, but if someone really believed that a full diving gear setup is the most appropriate thing to wear in the desert, then they should really do their homework the next time and prepare the right way.

7. Here is a man who is not willing to give up

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In some cases people are stubborn enough to continue making one effort after another despite they are aware that whatever they are trying to do would never actually work. This person obviously knows that he will not be able to properly fit that huge load in the truck bed but he is not willing to give up, either. Sometimes you just need to give up what you are doing. It is not a matter of defeat! It is actually admitting you are about to fail which can allow you to search for another solution to the problem.

8. This popsicle is not what the person who opened it expected it to be

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Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes disappointment can come from something small and unexpected. If you are anything like us, you are a foodie and you know that food-related disappointment is the worst kind! This person experienced that and we know how it feels. Opening the freezer to get that popsicle you have been craving and finding out that it turned into a solid block of ice is definitely not a nice feeling. It seems that it was melted at some point before freezing again.

9. There is a story behind that sign for sure

Image Source: Reddit

If we assume that this sign outside of a hotel is not a joke, then we would definitely like to know the story behind it! Seeing it made us chuckle but if the thing we think happened actually did happen, then this hotel’s management was probably not amused when they experienced it! Some of the guests probably insisted to bring a bear cub as a pet and the animal most likely trashed the place completely, which is not unusual considering it is not an actual pet!

10. Here is how professional risk looks like

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Many people underestimate the dangers of a certain profession. While you might think that a certain job is a piece of cake, you would be surprised to learn that it is not. Taking an interview might seem to be relatively easy and straightforward, but you can see that it is not. This reporter received an unexpected shower and this probably made the headlines instead of the interview!

11. This pickup truck is going nowhere

Image Source: Blesk

Well, this is definitely not something new and we have all been there! It seems that this person would definitely not get their truck out unless the cars around it disappear. If you are in a hurry and you happen to find your vehicle blocked like this, you might actually feel more than frustrated. We believe that some people might react excessively and push away the parked cars with their own vehicle.

12. Enjoying an ice cream cone means that you actually want the cone

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Now this is something that we have never experienced before and we have devoured countless ice cream cones! We guess the person who happened to buy this cone was disappointed and lucky at the same time. Buying an ice cream cone definitely means that you want to eat the cone, too, but this particular one has no cone. The factory made a mistake but it is probably rare to see it, because we have never seen such a thing happen before.

13. Here is a selfie that did not go as planned

Image Source: Reddit

Taking selfies is no longer a trend. It is actually a part of most people’s lives! Some believe that it is like a disease of the mind, but we guess that is a bit too excessive. It is just a habit people pick up and there is nothing wrong with it, although some people take too much selfies! However, if you want to take some yourself, you better make them right! As you can see, this man needs to step up his game!

14. This girl found the weirdest thing

Image Source: Twitter

How often have heard about someone finding a moustache? Well, this is the first time we did! Let’s suppose that it is possible and someone lost a part of their stage outfit. What is even weirder is that the girl who found it actually decided to try it on and it turned out that her appearance was completely transformed! She probably did not expect to end up like a Steve Harvey lookalike! The resemblance is huge!

15. Here is what happens when your phone gets crushed by a door

Image Source: Reddit

We would never like to experience this first hand! Since we mentioned ‘hand’, we would actually prefer to smash a hand instead of an iPhone! Fingers can recover but smartphones cannot be healed! It is painful to see this crushed device and it is not even ours! We guess this person did not expect their day to end up with a situation like this one!

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