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15 People Who Were Able To Literally Blend In Like A Boss

Image Source: Reddit / designgoddess

Most of us really care about our outfit either because we have our own style that we want to show or we keep up to some of the modern fashion trends. However, as much as we try to make an effort, there are wardrobe malfunctions sometimes, or just some weird coincidences that are too good to not be pictured.

Whether it’s embarrassing, funny or just weird, such a coincidence is worth sharing, and we have selected some good examples for you to see.

1. What’s worse here?

Image Source: Tacky Raccoons

You would probably have a hard time deciding whether the socks or the carpet is the worst thing about this photo. We guess that since they are identical, you can call them both annoying! Nobody in their right mind would put such socks on as part of a casual outfit.

2. This dude is like a representative of the railway company

Image Source: Reddit

He probably did not intend to dress up in a matching outfit with the train cars, but he looks like he is about to shoot a commercial for the railway company. He even seems to be happy with the coincidence and proudly poses for a photo.

3. Here is what happens when things get boring at the office

Image Source: Imgur

This dude probably had enough and jumped off his seat to prove that he can be a chameleon! We think that he is pretty close to a perfect result while he is dressed in a typical fashion. This proves that everything is a matter of perspective.

4. Faith kicked in when this man went to buy a new couch

Image Source: Imgur

It is safe to say that this man did not find his dream couch, but the couch found him! They are a perfect match, and if he decides to take a nap, he would blend in the best possible way! It even may be dangerous for him, because someone could sit on top of him.

5. Is this stylish or the exact opposite?

Imagw Source: Imgur

Realizing that your outfit has the same pattern as an old porcelain vase is a controversial thing, because some people may consider it to be a neat feature, while others would probably consider it to be outdated. Of course, the important thing is that it responds to the personal taste of this woman.

6. Some coincidences are mesmerizing to watch

Image Source: Imgur

This is one of the matches on the list. We can’t stop staring at this person’s cool shoes. The pattern they feature is the same as the lines on the escalator, and there is something very satisfying in this photo, but we cannot say what exactly.

7. This cannot be a coincidence

Image Source: The Chive

Do you think that the carpet matches this girl’s dress simply by sheer chance? It looks too much alike, but we guess it can be just a coincidence after all. The one thing that we wonder is whether the curtains in the room are similar to the dress, too, but we would never know.

8. Some matches are just too good

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Image Source: Reddit

Just seeing the girl’s reaction is enough! She probably couldn’t believe it herself, but her outfit has exactly the same pattern as the floor, but it wasn’t until the decided to lie down and prove that some things were just meant to happen.

9. Can this be the Invisible man?

Image Source: Reddit

We thought that the Invisible man was just a fiction, but he might be real, judging from this photo. Of course, the other logical explanation is that the person’s socks blend so good with the carpet flooring that makes his ankles seem transparent.

10. This may be just a glitch in the matrix we live in

Image Source: Reddit

Some pattern matches are just too perfect to be explained as a random event, and this person’s outfit is the perfect example. One possible way to explain the picture is that the bus seats and the piece of clothing were made from the same fabric, or we’re talking about an error in the matrix.

11. Sports uniforms as just as important as the daily outfits

Image Source: Imgur

This man seems rather happy that his choice of T-shirt proved to be the right one for the day, because it turned out to feature the exact same colors as the ball he’s holding. There’s nothing better than to able to show your personal style in every possible moment.

12. This woman is like a human chameleon

Image Source: Imgur

We cannot get enough of this photo, because it is mesmerizing and funny to see! It proves that age is just a number when you want to have some fun, and if you see that your outfit matches the carpet on the floor, this is the right thing to do!

13. This guy seems surprised to find such a towel

Image Source: Imgur

Our guess is that his mother gave him this T-shirt as a present, but she probably liked the pattern so much that she decided to buy some additions to her own home with the same color scheme, but her son is not impressed at all, judging from the photo.

14. This is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day

Image Source: Imgur

This cute toddler is dressed like bee, and the poles on the sidewalk resemble her outfit. She seems to be curious about it and is pictured checking the poles out. Despite the resemblance, she is still way more fabulous than the poles.

15. Your eyes will start to hurt after too much staring at this photo

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best coincidences on the list is the way this person’s socks blend with the floor. It looks like some sort of digital distortion and is kind of satisfying as well.

Written by Nick Martin

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