15 People Who Were Completely Honest Or Just Made It All Up

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Internet is full of random content and people discuss anything you could think of. However, between all the chat, small talk and random stuff you need to provide a different kind of content or attitude towards that content, and the two best ways to do that are the complete opposites of one another – being extremely honest of making things up.

You are about to see examples of such acts and choose the best approach for yourself.

1. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

Building a house out of a garage and not declaring it anywhere is a violation, and these people were fined for it. The curious part is that the house remained covered by the huge garage door, and nobody suspected about it for a long time.

2. We all know that cats are deceitful, and here’s a proof of that

Image Source: Reddit

This may actually be a lucky shot, but it’s perfectly timed nonetheless. If you own a cat (or a pug, for example, same thing when it comes to appetite), you know what this photo is all about. You give the critters what they want and they keep asking someone else for the same.

3. We totally didn’t buy it

Image Source: Reddit

Chances are, neither will you; how could someone believe this guy’s story? We get it – he’s weird, but why didn’t he just post the photo, write a reasonable comment and receive the proper reactions. It’s easy to do and such false stories would not be necessary.

4. That’s the kind of honesty we can appreciate

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, this is almost unbelievable! Nobody would have expected that answer when this scammer’s victim politely asked whether this was an attempted fraud or the real deal. We have no idea why the scammer confessed everything, but it is still a rare thing to see.

5. Meet the master of deceit

Image Source: Twitter

This guy definitely has some nerve. Imagine living in a lie for years and develop it over time. This is kind of hilarious, but also a bit disturbing, because it is just not right; however, we need to admit that the lengths this man was prepared to go are impressive.

6. Sometimes being honest can hurt

Image Source: Imgur

Ridiculously honest people tell you everything right on the second it crosses their mind and that could be a bit of a problem, because it could offend the other person, as the example here suggests. However, it is better to learn something first hand rather than hear it from a third party.

7. Apparently being honest could look a bit weird

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there are a lot of ways to look at this conversation. For starters, one’s taste in TV shows is hardly a reason to not meet again with that person. Second, it may turn out that the rejected person was actually lucky to be out of a relationship with some TV show maniac.

8. This is a true fail

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Just look at that pan, what a hilarious bust. It was clearly not a non-stick fry pan, because the surprised new owner could hardly peel the sticker label off it. This product turned out to be false even before it was used once.

9. A mighty picture, but poor editing skills

Image Source: Reddit

This man must be so proud of his majestic image, but it is more than obvious that the image was altered. Even worse, the person who tried to edit it did a horrible job; even the cropped lion is the same, only flipped horizontally. Nobody would fall for this one.

10. This guy is straight to the point

Image Source: Twitter

Except for being straight to the point, he also has a point with the advice he wrote. If there is a first aid video uploaded, it presumably will be watches in a lot of emergency cases, and some 40-second ad at the beginning of the video will not be of any assistance.

11. This girl just shut down a lot of people

Image Source: Twitter

Wow, with a good dose of sarcasm and honesty you could really go far. You can see the proof right here, and nobody could reasonably argue with the facts that everyone should get vaccinated.

12. Optical illusions are a form of lies, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, no intended cruelty here, just some optical illusion for exercising your mind. The people are actually down on the ground, as well as the dog, and the whole setup is made to look casual, which is pretty neat.

13. This is not what it looks like

Image Source: Babygaga

This girl is probably trying to convince us that she’s showing off her pregnancy, but she needed to try harder with the pose, because there’s no way that her belly could be where she implies it to be. It may be a matter of perspective, but still it could not be real.

14. That was quick

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this girl’s friend was obviously too excited about seeing this picture. The straight and honest comment is kind of sweet, and most girls and women would probably answer something similar.

15. Well, Beyoncé is an inspiration

Image Source: Instagram

It looks like the singer is going to be the reason for some poor man’s shaping up. We guess that it’s inspiration for some and perspirations for others.

Written by Nick Martin

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