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15 People Who Will Definitely Not Have A Good Day

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best things about the crazy world we live in is the variety of people and situations you see every day. It seems that there is something like an endless source of weird things and interesting people, which result in hilarious or peculiar situations when combined. Seeing nice things and perfect situations is also a good thing, but you need to have a certain amount of contrast in order to appreciate everything more. However, there are still situations that you would feel glad you’re not involved in, but seeing other people dealing with them doesn’t hurt. This is what the list below is all about.

1. Some delivery jobs are harder than they seemed initially

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that there are some options to choose when you order an item to be delivered to your door. These specific instructions are needed if you live in an apartment complex with restricted access, for example. In other cases the instruction is to leave the item in a place where nobody could see it and steal it. This was exactly the case here, but there was a problem. The person who ordered the item either forgot about the size of the package or simply decided to have some fun.

2. Ordering something is not what it used to be

Image Source: Instagram

Most of us order food from home on a regular basis. We all know how easy it is to do. But there are moments in which unexpected things happen even when you do something as simple as ordering dinner! This is what happened to this person. He ordered some food via the Uber Eats app, but he was quite surprised to find out that the delivery person was on foot! We have never seen this before, and we hope he was close; otherwise the food will probably be cold upon delivery.

3. Some face masks are out of control

Image Source: Reddit

Women love caring for themselves! They can spend endless hours at the hairdresser or at the gym, but they can also take their time to improve their looks at home. We guess that these moments are beneficial for the peace of mind, too. However, in some cases things do not go as smoothly as planned! As you can see, this woman chose a certain type of face mask that continued to expand just like foam! We guess that it is no big deal, but she was probably a bit scared.

4. Pressure cookers are obviously dangerous

Image Source: Reddit

If one of your hobbies is to get wild in kitchen, then you are just like us! We love to feel like world class chefs while we create another masterpiece in the kitchen. Most people are perfectly aware that they are amateurs, no matter how delicious their meals turn out to be. Real chefs possess a huge skillset and a lot of experience. They have basically seen it all! We guess that someone just added an exploding pressure cooker to their experience! We hope that nobody got hurt.

5. This is one annoying situation

Image Source: Reddit

Nothing lasts forever, and things break all the time. However, they sometimes break at the worst possible moment. This is the best example possible! It might seem to be like a minor inconvenience, but it is not. Imagine if this happened to you when you were just about to get out of the bathroom, and there was nobody in the house but you! Here is how the situation can turn from bad to worse in an instant!

6. Here is a weird sight to see

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen different kinds of damage before, but nothing like this! As much as we wanted to figure out what happened here, we were simply unable to come up with a reasonable explanation. It looks like the weirdest art installation ever created. Whatever the case is, we guess that someone is going to clean this mess soon or later, which looks like a lot of work! We are glad that someone else will do it.

7. This is how you keep your cool

Image Source: Reddit

The feeling of guilt feels like it weighs a ton! In most cases we are unable to hide it. Whenever we have done something wrong, we need to admit it and accept the consequences! However, sometimes it is hard to admit it, and this bird seems to be unable to admit what it did, too. As you can see, the bird literally destroyed this laptop’s keyboard, but it just sits there, acting like nothing happened. We guess that someone will need to fix the laptop and teach the bird a lesson on responsibility.

8. Here is an attitude that we cannot appreciate

Image Source: Instagram

Internet trolling has become a national sport! We love reading clever posts and captions that make fun of something or someone in a brilliant way. However, in some cases people just push it too far! Being rude or posting tasteless jokes is not something nice, especially when it comes from the account of some famous person or organization. The case here is exactly that! We guess that the person responsible of the GoFundMe account is not fond of Post Malone, but their caption of the photo is not okay.

9. This is not a good situation for sure

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most popular ways to customize your vehicle involves a small detail. It has become so common that it can be seen on at least one of the cars next to you at any given moment. Of course, we are talking about the family figure stickers. They come in all shapes and sizes, just like families do! As you can see, some stickers are literally telling a story nobody would like to be involved in! If we assume the sticker is not a joke, this woman should probably reconsider her life partner preferences.

10. This is a disturbing sight to see

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that you need to check every corner of a house if you intend to buy it. This is essential because there could be a hidden defect. However, you could find a lot of other hidden things as well! The photographer who took this photo was looking to buy a house, and the photo was taken in the attic of one of the houses he chose to see. This was probably quite a surprise! The creepy sight would scare us away immediately. Just look at the baby in the bottom!

11. Having fun can end in a disaster

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like going for a walk or a long drive! The experience would be even better if you can take you beloved dog with you! This woman and her huge canine friend decided to go for a drive in an SUV without putting the top on, but their plans were ruined by a sudden rain storm! As you can see, they look quite miserable in the second photo! When you compare it with the first one, you can see how their mood changed.

12. We guess that going to the pool wearing these masks is not a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

We have no reasonable explanation about why a couple of grown men would lounge by the pool wearing Bane and Scarecrow masks. They look absolutely ridiculous, but this is not the problem. First of all, imagine what it might happen if a third man in a Batman suit shows up! We bet that there will surely be some action! The bigger problem is that these masks would definitely get sweaty on the inside, which sounds nasty!

13. This is not the best way to store bananas

Image Source: Reddit

We know that a lot of people like to buy different gadgets for the kitchen or apply different hacks they saw online. This device looks nice and it seems to be a banana rack with a bowl underneath. However, it seems that it is not usable if the bananas are soft or aged! As you can see, they peeled off themselves and that is not good, because they will go bad very quickly! We guess that the bananas would have to be used immediately in some way.

14. Here is a situation you would never want to be in

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that certain situations could interrupt even the simplest activities! As you can see, this person wanted to go out of his home, which looks impossible now! The way the way that the excavator dug a hole is frightening! We hope that the building’s foundations were intact and there was no other damage. Maybe there was a back door on the other side of the building, too.

15. This is one ironic situation

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes you happen to be in a situation that looks completely hopeless! As you can see, this huge digger is completely submerged in that mud pit. There seems to be no way of getting the machine out. The ironic part is that someone would need to dig out a digging machine, which is ironic! We hope that nobody was hurt in this accident!

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