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15 People Whose Photoshop Skills Made Us Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

Image Source: Reddit

You may be familiar with the possibilities of altering an image using Photoshop or a similar software. These handy sets of tools enable a designer to turn any image into whatever they please – there are no limits! However, sometimes the images created using such software are not as admirable as expected, because in many cases people create random things just for fun. The end result of such endeavor often is kind of pointless, but funny at the same time! This brings us to our list. It is full of weird, but funny entries that are worth seeing!

1. The eye color change

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this image is a good way for us to start such a list, considering the fact that millions of people have probably attempted to change the color of their eyes using some kind of software. While some of these attempts are rather good and nobody could tell that the image has been altered, others are a disaster, which is the case here! This girl used Paint, of all the possible options, to achieve a different eye color, and the result is not convincing, to say the least!

2. The Star Wars doggos

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something that probably everyone would appreciate! Talk about a good idea and a perfect end result, right? The image of these two adorable dogs wrapped in blankets was the topic of a Photoshop challenge posted on Reddit. Naturally, more than a few people gave it a try and the results were nothing but awesome. However, this one was the best entry, and we absolutely love it! The poster looks awesome and we would hang it on a wall with pleasure!

3. The combined animals

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone needs a hobby, and we understand that. Some people play golf, others go hunting, and there’s the self-taught artist that paint pretty pictures. However, some of these artists combine their skills with something rather unusual, most often a twisted perception of reality. As you can see, this is exactly what happened here. The person behind this creation has a weird but curious hobby. The artist combines different animals into images that need no comment at all!

4. The dog

Image Source: Imgur

Talk about hobbies, this one is also worth sharing! As you can see, someone decided to embed the image of their dog into a painting of some historical figure. What is even more curious is that this image is only a part of a series of photoshopped masterpieces! We really like how creative some people are, and they are able to combine their sense of humor with what they do in a nice way! We also get to enjoy it, which is the best part, of course.

5. The hybrid

Image Source: Reddit

Well, sometimes we need to choose between just silently pass by something or stop and stare. In this case, we stared quite a lot, and we still cannot believe what we see here! Sure enough, it is a fluffy bunny, but someone added a twist to it. As you can see, this beak was not there in the first place, and placing it where it is immediately turns the bunny’s head into the head of a duck! The confusion is real here and we are not sure if we like the weird idea or not.

6. The animal friends

Image Source: Imgur

Needless to say, the best reminder of this image was the infamous funny collage featuring a cow and a whale. Chances are you have seen that a million times before. However, we are not certain if it inspired the author of this creation or not, but either way, it turned out hilarious! The idea of a possible friendship between dogs and dolphins is not that strange, as they are both intelligent, but the chances of seeing them swim together like that is probably zero.

7. The Photoshop student

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something truly special! If have been on the road to discover the possibilities of using image software, then you surely must remember your first attempts at making something. There is no surprise in the fact that most of the initial attempts at altering an image are almost always hilarious and even grotesque, but this here is something different! Sure enough, the basic level of the skills of this person’s niece are obvious, but her idea of the composition is absolutely amazing!

8. The arguing dogs

Image Source: Imgur

This is definitely one of the top entries on the list! The amazing idea you see was probably not a random one, and the author definitely spent quite some time to find the best possible image for their idea. The work done is also something to consider and give credit for, and the end result is definitely worth the whole hustle and bustle! The scene is perfect and we love this kind of creative genius is combined with a refined sense of humor!

9. The vintage scene

Image Source: Reddit

Similar to one of the earlier entries, this image was the base of a Photoshop challenge and the users on Reddit decided to show off their skills, and they did it in a really nice way, too! By far, this is the best attempt at altering the original image, and we cannot express just how much we loved it after taking a first glance at it! As you can see, the original retro image was complemented by these hugging dogs and it looks a hundred times better now!

10. The adventures

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something that might actually inspire you! This image was taken and later altered by one really proud dad who has an unusual hobby. After frequently taking his girls to the woods for walks, he takes images of them and later adds different motives and details to make them look like they were on an epic adventure together. The father really has some impressive Photoshop skills ,as far as we could see, and it appears that he could easily do this as a side gig!

11. The detective cats

Image Source: Pikabu

It was about time we include a photo of a couple of cats, right? Felines are probably the best animals to add details via Photoshop to, as they are natural posers and they only need minor touches. This image is the proof of that! Someone noticed that these two cats resembled the famous mystery-solving duo and added just a few details which were more than enough for the transformation you see! The end result is absolutely epic!

12. The dog at the hair salon

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it! Dogs really should go to hair salons – it is official now! Just looking at this image is more than enough to convince us! The dog’s perfect pose was used by someone who saw its potential and we believe that someone created the best possible setup here! Dog groomers use different technique than human hair stylists but they should try and replicate their methods, as it appears that it may be the right thing to do! Most dogs would definitely enjoy this kind of care and relaxation, just like we humans do!

13. The odd request

Image Source: Reddit

It really seems that sometimes people come up with strange requests for no reason at all. Of course, even if there is an actual reason, it may not be strong enough to justify that request, but it is still up to every individual to decide what they please. In this case, an 11-year-old girl did not want anyone on Facebook to know her age, so she asked her big sis to use Photoshop and remove the candles from her birthday cake. Is seems that she is happy with her decision, although we see no problem with people being aware of her age. The cake looks like there were never candles on it.

14. The master of Photoshop

Image Source: Reddit

We deeply admire people who never stop learning and also those who try and be a better version of themselves despite their age or some limitations they might think they have. This man is an inspiration! He expressed his will to learn all about Photoshop, and it was only natural for him to try and show what he learned. As you can see, he mastered a few tricks and he looks really proud, too! He has every right to be, as not everyone is capable to do what he did. It is a funny composition, though!

15. The kiss

Image Source: Imgur

Well, it is not actually a real kiss, but you could easily tell that, right? It is merely an altered image meant to create the illusion that the fish swallowed the dog’s head, which it didn’t! You can see that the end result is kind of confusing, meaning that the effort was definitely worth it. Despite the fact that it did not fool anyone, we still like the result and we believe most people would either laugh or be puzzled upon seeing it.

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