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15 Photos Of Accidents That Definitely Happened

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Human nature is a funny thing, because instead of relying on our intelligence, we often do things that are least extremely funny. A lot of people seem to act in such manner that always keeps them just inches away from disaster, and sometimes that disaster strikes with a bang. As long as nobody gets hurt, we guess that moments like these need to be shared, because it is always a lot of fun to have a few laughs while someone else pays the bill.

The following list will show you how things can take an unexpected turn and prove that nobody knows what faith has waiting in line.

1. Here is why you should be careful who you trust the most

Image Source: Twitter

We actually like the way this girl wanted to show her trust in her boyfriend. After all, this is what relationships were about. However, it seems that the guy had other ideas, and he thought that a moment like this one was suitable for a prank. He definitely got what he wanted, but judging by the girl’s facial expression he definitely lost something far more valuable.

2. Awkward situations happen all the time and this is one of them

;Image Source: Reddit

Hard times reveal true friends, they say. Well, we have to agree with that, because we all have been in situations where we were in need of a helping hand or simply a shoulder to cry on. However, some people are just not cut out to be the help someone would need. This Uber driver obviously had no desire to help, despite the fact that the client mistook the message for a friendly shout out.

3. Here is a reminder to pay attention to all the details

Image Source: Funny Junk

Some folks think that they have it all figured out! However, there are always some tricky little details that could ruin everything. This is exactly what happened with this small campaign. The sole intention behind it was to make a sick kid happy by arranging a meeting between him and his favorite celebrity. However, the kid was disappointed because someone messed up really bad.

4. Some fails are actually impressive

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Here is a stunt that actually impressed us a lot! The fact that someone was able to throw the heavy bowling ball way up there makes us wonder how it was possible. There is an even more intriguing detail about it! The ball remained embedded in the same place, which seems impossible. This reason why is because it weighs a lot and it should have fallen down immediately, but it did not.

5. Party mood can vary depending on the occasion

Image Source: Instagram

We cannot imagine how the other people felt when they saw this cool person coming inside the room. He looks like he was teleported from Woodstock! We like all the little details in his amazing outfit. The other people at the party probably laughed a lot when they realized his mistake. However, he does not look that sad, either. As they say, it is all well when it ends well, and this situation proves it.

6. Some lessons are learned the hard way

Image Source: Twitter

Kids nowadays are no different compared to us when we were their age. We have all done a lot of stupid things, and most of us have been really close to a disaster. However, it is the memories that matter! You can bet that this kid will always remember the day he hit a can of spray paint with a hammer. As you can see, it did not go well at all! There will be a lot of scrubbing needed in order to get that paint off. The boy is lucky, because these things are dangerous.

7. Sometimes the internet can give the worst possible advice

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of ways that the internet can be helpful. We often rely on it as an endless source of knowledge and tutorials for all sorts of things. However, we must not forget that all the information we could find is actually uploaded by other people. As we all know, everyone can allow mistakes to happen. The idea to put sandpaper under the windscreen wipers in order to get rid of the ice underneath is a crazy idea! Despite this obvious fact, someone decided to follow the advice.

8. The difference between being ashamed and praised is attitude

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

It is extremely rare to see a genuine morning person in today’s society. Most people find it hard to function properly in the morning, including us, of course. The struggle to start the day is very real, and we all do stupid things without realizing. The person with the mixed-up shoes shown here is an example of that. However, it is not that bad, because most likely only a few people noticed, and he could easily say that it was intentional.

9. There is no excuse for this childish thing

Image Source: Dump A Day

Did this man lose a bet? Or maybe it was his childhood dream to see how wide the holes in the Chipotle wall were? We would never know the answer to those questions, but it doesn’t matter anyway. What is important here is that this unexpected accident is one of the funniest things we have ever seen. We could all imagine how it would feel to be in this person’s shoes. There are only a few more embarrassing situations possible, but at least this man made everyone’s day by bringing smiles and laughter.

10. This was probably frustrating

Image Source: Pinterest

We have a great appreciation for talent! We admire people capable of incredible things and creating real masterpieces. This was a masterpiece for sure! The only problem was that it did not last for very long, which is unfortunate. As much as we hate seeing the smashed result, we cannot imagine what the thoughts in the sculptor’s head were after seeing the damage. It looks like it can be repaired, but if will probably never look like the initial attempt. The first photo shows that it was stunning! Let’s hope that the author still managed to fix it, because it would definitely be worth it.

11. Following the instructions strictly is not always a good thing

Image Source: Twitter

Here is what happens when you are devoted to something but you have no clue what you are actually doing or what you are supposed to do next. Fortunately for this kind of people, the internet exists! It can be extremely helpful in some cases. This girl probably wished that her mom checked that particular hairstyle online before creating her own version of it. As we mentioned earlier, some things need to be learned the hard way! This girl’s mother probably learned how to search for something she is in doubt.

12. Here is a casual picture of some commuters

Image Source: Instagram

Except that the picture is not casual! Those are not your ordinary commuters, excluding the guy on the left. We have no idea why the former president is using the public transport, but he seems a bit confused to be there. This is probably because of the person sleeping in one of the seats. We hope he did not snore, because it would been an even bigger act of disrespect to Obama’s presence.

13. This girls will not be happy when she wakes up

Image Source: Twitter

Well, sometimes disaster can strike in a truly unexpected way. When this happens, the unsuspecting victim would probably not realize what happened until it was already over. The case in this photo is a similar one! At least the person responsible for the mess had the decency to admit their guilt. However, this does not mean that an apology would be avoided.

14. This is actually a bit creepy

Image Source: Instagram

We have never seen a thing like this before, and it is a curious sight to see. This person had an accidental leg print picturing the Nike slogan. The effect was created after a long day of wearing his sport outfit. The way that the letters are perfectly printed is interesting to see. However, this did not stop the person from going to the beach and soaking up the sun. Imagine everyone’s reaction upon seeing this man with a tan like that. Most people probably thought that it was intentional.

15. The Lawnmower Man is a perfect name for a twisted action movie

Image Source: Reddit

We bet that if Tarantino saw this, he would be intrigued by this idea! Chances are that he would make a movie about this Canadian character. Imagine how proud of his job this man must be in order to set up a mobile platform to enter the local parade! The action photo on the left with the tornado behind him only adds to the superhero image! We need to admit that our perception of lawnmowers has now changed irreversibly! We have never seen someone who is this dedicated about a certain line of duty. We also like the fact that he has a distinctive outfit, which is a must if you want to be taken seriously by your clients.

Written by Nick Martin

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