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15 Photos Showing How Time Changes Everything

Image Source: Reddit / zax0070

People fear getting old, although some refuse to admit it. There are numerous studies and attempts to slow that process down, but at one point the hair becomes gray and the skin get wrinkles. The process is inevitable for now, and we need to cope with it. The same thing goes for most objects, buildings and whatever you could think of.

However, there is something very beautiful about that, because every change caused by aging is a sign of the time that passed, and there are numerous moments we would like to remind ourselves about. This is why the best thing to do is relax and enjoy the time we have to spend without worrying for things we cannot control or prevent.

1. Here is one sign that obviously did a good job for a long time

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at this extremely faded sign makes us wonder just how many years ago it was placed there! It must have been decades ago, because it has become almost completely blank, and it takes a lot of time in the sun to achieve that effect. However, it is more than obvious that the sign needs replacing, because it is extremely hard to actually see it while driving, which is dangerous. We like seeing items that served their purpose well for many years, but nothing lasts forever.

2. The map at the San Diego Zoo remembers a lot of planned routes

Image Source: Reddit

If you are wondering what is wrong with this sign, the answer is easy. A lot of fingers traced down the aisles and paths on it, causing it to fade, but after all it was put there for a reason, and most people seem to find it easier to plan the route by actually going through it with their finger. The visualization always helps, and they should probably replace this map with a new one soon.

3. This credit card has seen a lot of payments

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine how many times this card was taken out of the wallet and then put in back again. The owner must not realize this, but that small plastic object is the silent witness of a lot of great life moments – buying tickets for a memorable event, or paying for that dream trip that the family always wanted to go on. We guess that there is no better way to demonstrate how such a small thing can actually say so many things just by the signs of the wear on it.

4. Carpet tiles are a great idea, but they have just one flaw

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that there is no better solution for covering the floors of public or commercial buildings than carpet tiles. The durable surface is the primary quality, but the fact that you can replace just a single tile if there is torn or stained area is what really makes this solution applicable. However, there is one issue that needs to be taken into account; if the carpet is rather old, the colors have probably faded a lot, and the difference will be notable as soon as you put the new tile and compare with the old part.

5. Here is a tool that can tell a lot of stories

Image Source: Imgur

Shaving brushes are such a common item that people probably replace them every few months. However, the one you see on left has been used for three decades before it finally got a chance to retire! The brush is seriously worn, and the fact that it has seen tens of thousands of shaves is easily notable when compared to the replacement, which is actually the same vintage model, but in brand new condition.

6. These guys were able to turn back the time for this building

Image Source: Imgur

The photo you see here actually speaks for itself! We found it hard to believe how much dirt and grime this building has picked up over the course of a few decades. Most people would probably think that this was the normal color of the tiles, but the reality turned out to be different. What is even more amazing is that it takes just two guys and a power washer to restore the old glory of this huge building, and we salute them for their effort.

7. Our canine friends just become prettier with age

Image Source: Reddit

This cute dog’s owner says that there are thirteen years between these two photos, and there are a lot of differences, of course, but the cutie looks exactly the same – just look at those deep eyes! Every dog owner would want their canine friend to live forever, but dogs are with us for a limited period of time, so we might as well make the most of it and enjoy their sincere company and unconditional love! We cannot help but wonder what did mankind did to deserve dogs, anyway?

8. People age, but their habits stay the same

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Image Source: Imgur

These two pictures are basically the same, except for the fact that they were taken a few decades apart. The two people on it hardly need any introduction, but we will still mention their names. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu have been friends all their lives and they used to play a lot of chess back in the good old days so they could train their minds, too. It seems that some things would never change despite the obvious signs of aging.

9. Paths like these are everywhere and they tell a story

Image Source: Reddit

The so-called ‘desire paths’ can be seen literally everywhere, and they are definitely not a form of vandalism. The reason for them is actually quite simply – they actually form the best and most efficient route, no matter if you found one in the park on in someone’s yard. Some of these paths are literary worn out, and that speaks about the thousands of people who used them over the years to make a shortcut on the way to work, for example.

10. This fridge magnet has seen a lot of sunny days

Image Source: Reddit

It is kind of interesting to see how certain objects change when they were exposed to the elements for a long period of time. This Simpsons-themed fridge magnet is the perfect example, and the piece has age in quite an interesting way, because some of the pigments used for it proved to be stronger than the others and the blue one definitely won that competition.

11. It seems that the blue pigment is the most resistant to sunlight

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this book cover makes us wonder if there is actually something special in the blue pigment, because it seems that it stood the test of time here as well. What is interesting is that the blue shading of the cover looks natural and suits a book like that, but when someone removed an old sticker that has been on the cover for all those years, it was revealed that the entire color palette was different.

12. This barbershop’s owners must be proud of their place

Image Source: Reddit

Just take a look at that floor! This barbershop probably opened its doors for the first time many years ago, and thousands of happy customers have been there. The extremely worn areas around each chair are a testimony to the long hours of hard work that the barbers did, but they also speak of the dedication and the trust this particular service requires.

13. These shoes are actually the same model

Image Source: Reddit

Although they look completely different, these two leather boots are the exact same model. The person who posted the photo actually used them for work, and the shoes witnessed more than six thousand working hours, which explains the way they look now. However, they must be amazing, because the person chose the same model again. This has to be the greatest form of feedback ever, and we like it a lot.

14. This is what a single superstition can lead to

Image Source: Reddit

The photo you see here may seem quite odd at first glance, because there is no physical barrier that is in the way, and there is still a ‘desire path’ on the side. The reason behind it is actually an awkward one; it seems that a lot of people were superstitious enough to refuse to walk between these two poles, and they decided to go around instead. We guess that people believe in such things, but we also consider it to be just a bit too much.

15. Here is one gravestone that nature tries to revive

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually a curious case, because nature tries to compensate what the elements did with this gravestone. It dates back to the 1800s and the many decades of exposure to the elements have taken their toll, because the original lettering has completely faded away. However, nature works in mysterious ways, and one of them can be seen here. When moss started to grow on the gravestone, it began filling all the little crevices made by whoever engraved the piece in the first place, and we guess that it is only a matter of time for that gravestone to be readable again.

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