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15 Photos That Will Make You Question The World We Live In

Image Source: Reddit

We all need to appreciate the weird things and people that are all around us! They all contribute for the magical contrast in today’s modern world! Instead of having only the grey daily routines and work schedules, we also have a lot of colorful weird and curious things! The fact that someone successfully used a fake Ashton Kutcher ID is just one example. You can see some more in the list below. Enjoy them!

1. This is what happens when cartoons enter real life

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loved watching how Wyle E. Coyote always failed to catch the Road Runner! Despite the countless efforts, the poor villain failed harder and harder! But he never gave up and we really liked that part! One of the ways his attempts to capture the bird backfired was when he drew a painting of a tunnel on a solid rock. However, the Road Runner was able to pass through, but not Wyle! As you can see, the same thing happened here, and we are happy that nobody got hurt!

2. This is what you call fancy footwear

Image Source: Me Me

When it comes to fashion trend, you can probably see and hear a lot of different opinions. Sure enough, there are some common rules to follow. They can only be recommended, of course, because nobody can force you to obey any fashion law. This is why what matter the most is having personal style. Showing off your taste in clothes and shoes is the best way to demonstrate your style. It might be considered controversial by some people, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy and you feel confident.

3. It seems that this girl feels comfortable in there

Image Source: The Chive

We have no idea why this girl is sitting there, but we are borderline terrified! She appears to be very calm and the smile on her face confirms that! However, we would never go inside that tight space together with such a huge snake! We guess that the girl knows what she is doing, and the snake would probably not attempt anything harmful. However, the whole stunt looks extremely terrifying!

4. This hairstyle is a work of art

Image Source: Reddit

Some barbers are also amazing artists and their work is more than impressive! They often create unbelievable things, and this photo proves it! We don’t know if the person asked for something special or had the idea about this stunning piece of art, but the end result is stunning! Maybe it was created for some kind of a contest or a show. Such a masterpiece could win any kind of award, and we simply love it!

5. This is one very inappropriate marketing stunt

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of marketing fails, but this one tops them all off! As you can see, someone used Helen Keller’s name to promote something that is not related to her in any way! This is disgraceful and we cannot believe that it happened at all! We are not sure what they are advertising here but if it happens to be the sunglasses, then things are even worse than they seem. As you probably know, Helen Keller was visually impaired. We guess that all of this was a huge mistake and they removed it.

6. Here is one presentation we do not want to see

Image Source: Reddit

Some people can create a lot of weird things without even realizing it. As you can see from the photo, this presentation is definitely one of those things! Perhaps the person who created it finds it to be perfectly normal, but even the headline strikes fear in us! Of course, all of this may be some kind of a joke, but when you see the reaction of the person in the front row, you will probably relate with his facial expression!

7. This is the weirdest decoration ever

Image Source: Imgur

A lot of people like the lavish lifestyle with all its features! The luxurious items and the stylish additions are essential for the admirers of the lush life! However, sometimes thing can go too far and the photo above proves it! Decorating a basketball loop in this style is probably not the best possible idea. We guess that it can never be used again for the purpose it was made for initially. Breaking it would be rather expensive and nobody would risk it, which means that the loop would be used only as a decoration.

8. Here is what happens when you fail to be funny

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot trendy jokes out there, and we love them all. However, if you want to be part of the trend, you need to study how the joke actually works. Apparently the marketing department of McDonald’s did not do it, and the result of their effort is the post you see here. They tried to keep up with the trend, but it did not work out. The person who commented below the post clearly thought the same thing and decided to ask what they intended to do in the first place.

9. Some vending machines hold surprises, apparently

Image Source: The Chive

We love vending machines! These clever inventions are really handy and can always save the day if you need to have cup of coffee or if you want a quick snack. However, sometimes these machines can offer even more than you think! As you can see, one of the positions holds a single piece of ravioli inside! We tried to figure out how is this possible and we came to the conclusion that it must be a clever joke! Some prankster really outdid themselves and we appreciate the effort!

10. Tattoos are the best way to showcase what you love

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best ways to express a feeling or a taste in something is definitely the tattoo! This is probably one of the most interesting forms of art created by mankind, and we are curious to see more and more different examples. Tattoos can be inspiring, touching or even scary. But most of all they can be really, really weird! The example you see is one of the best there are! Combining Edward Scissorhands and 2Pac is probably something nobody would expect! However, it is real and we cannot stop staring at it! We guess that the person is happy and this is what matter the most!

11. Some headlines seem too funny to be real

Image Source: Reddit

Walmart is a place where thousands of stories were born! It seems that this place is a whole new universe! We have seen a lot of weird people and situations related to this place, so we are always prepared to see something new and have a few laughs. This headline is the perfect addition to our collection! It sounds like a comedy series scenario, but since it is in the news, it must be real!

12. Here is another unbelievable Walmart story

Image Sourc:e: Me Me

We already mentioned the weird and funny things that can be seen in every Wallmart location! However, some situations need to be mentioned separately, and this wedding is definitely one of them! The reasons why someone would decide to marry in Walmart may vary, but we will try to guess at least one of them. The people were probably Walmart employees who liked working there very much! By doing this they saved time and money, and all of their colleagues were present as well. Of course, it may be a completely different scenario.

13. This is one literally electrifying shot

Image Source: The Chive

Sometimes the best photos you can see are created by accident! We have a lot of respect for professional photographers, because they are prepared to do the impossible in order to capture the perfect shot! However, sometimes a simple smartphone and the best possible timing are enough to create a stunning photo. The one you see here is the perfect example. Someone took this photo in the only possible moment and we love it!

14. This is not the correct way to do your job

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that these photos are funny in a certain way, but they are also a bit disturbing, because the professional duties of a lifeguard require serious responsibility. As you can see, this person decided to pose for a few photos instead of doing her job. Someone commented that a boy went for a swim and his mother showed up to search him, which is visible in the background. We hope that everything was okay in that situation. This lifeguard should pay more attention to her work.

15. People can get confused by this setup

Image Source: Imgur

We need to admit that we were confused for a few seconds when we saw this photo. We failed to see that the end of the line was not the person with the stripe suit, because it was a mannequin! We noticed that and felt a bit funny. The reason why was because we would probably line up behind the mannequin in a real situation. It is dressed so well that it looks almost alive! We bet that a lot of people made that mistake!

Written by Nick Martin

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