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15 Photos That You Will Surely Find To Be Ridiculous Or Just Weird

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

There are a lot of weird things out there, and thanks to the internet we all have access to them! Just a few minutes of browsing are enough to find image or videos that would leave you guessing!

Seeing strange things or events is intriguing because you begin to wonder how these were possible at all. We guess that this a nice way to kill some time, because you might learn something in the process while having fun! Keeping that in mind, we selected some photos for you to see. Check out the list below and enjoy them!

1. This faucet is more than faulty

Image Source: Reddit

Plumbing problems are common for every household. Soon or later you will be forced to call a professional plumber for sure. No matter if it is a clogged drain or a leaking pipe, you will be forced to do it at some point. However, sometimes the problem seems to be unexplainable. Having your faucet spitting fire instead of water is definitely one of those problems! We have no idea how could this be even possible, and we think we don’t want to know at all!

2. This will be an image you would never forget

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

If you ever tried these fake crab meat strips, then you know that they are not that bad, actually. However, we guess that we would never eat them again after seeing this photo! The memory will hunt us every time we try to have some. However, we need to give some credit to this person for the creativity. His effort to recreate that image was really successful considering the material he used.

3. This is the weirdest bike we have seen in a while

Image Source: The Chive

Looking at this thing sparks a few questions. First of all, we need to specify what it is exactly. Of course, it looks like a giant bicycle, but there are no pedals or chain on it. It kind of looks like a motorbike, but there is no engine either. It seems that it is propelled by turning the back wheel with the rider’s foot! We bet that it is some sort of a garage-made construction! It looks unsafe, to be honest, and we wonder where are the breaks on this thing?

4. Here is a photo that perfectly describes the sad reality

Image Source: Reddit

When we saw this photo, we thought that it was a setup, but then we realized that it is genuine. However, that makes it even worse, because it shows how social media has affected our lives! Instead of just enjoying what we have, we cannot wait to share it on social media! It seems that the need to share everything has become a huge part of our happiness. This is actually sad, because we are dependent on other people to feel happy instead of just living the moment!

5. A flood is something to be afraid of, or is it?

Image Source: The Chive

Typically a flood would scare everyone out of the area, and that is perfectly normal! People who think in a rational way would evacuate long before the flood even comes! However, some people seem to be fearless and they laugh in the face of disaster! We guess that it shows character, despite the fact that it could be dangerous. The woman in the photo is obviously enjoying herself while drifting around a flooded building floor. We guess that she decided to grab the opportunity when she had it!

6. This is how you pull off a good prank

Image Source: Reddit

Office spaces are probably among the most boring places that could possibly exist. Even if you are lucky enough to have great colleagues, you would still end up being stuck in doing the same things over and over again. This can cause burnouts and we guess we should do everything to prevent them. Someone obviously thought that something had to be done, and we love this approach! Putting this cute cat on everyone’s desktops is a perfectly executed prank that surely brought smiles to everyone!

7. Here is the most realistic face swap you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people do weird things that have no reason or logic behind them. However, in other cases the only reason is having fun! We believe that this was the case here. This fisherman thought that he might lend his dentures to a fish for a while. The result is probably what he expected – a lot of laughter and one ridiculously funny photo! We guess that these fishing trips are a lot more fun than we thought they would be.

8. Hunger can force people to do crazy things

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Image Source: Reddit

People say that there are no limits to what a really hungry man could do. We guess that is true, and the following photo proves it. This person wanted to eat their last slice of pizza, but we all know that cold pizza is not the tastiest treat there is. Without a microwave or a stove, this clever person was going to give up! This is when the iron and the hairdryer came in handy, and we guess that they were more than enough to achieve the goal!

9. Some parties obviously feature strange headsets

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than pleased to see all kinds of party accessories! If you are about to through a huge house or garden party, you have an endless choice of attributes you can buy! Balloons, firecrackers, funny hats and many more items are available to buy! However, sometimes you can see party accessories that are more or less strange. This head piece is definitely not something you have at a party before. We guess that it is crazy enough to become a hit!

10. Is this really the personal vehicle of Vlad the Impaler?

Image Source: The Chive

First of all, we must say that we admire people who are well aware of curious history facts. Second, we absolutely love the witty idea of using this particular name to match the car model. In fact, if you pronounce it with a certain English accent, it might actually sound like Vlad the Impaler! We guess that this vehicle’s owner is a fan of this particular historic character.

11. This is definitely not the correct way to cut a pizza

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

We have mentioned this many times before, but we feel we need to say it again. Pizza is sacred, and any kind of shenanigans with it is simply disrespectful! We often see people who literally make fun with it, instead of just enjoying it! What you see is such a case, and we find it to be inappropriate. The other thing that bothers us is seeing that the person who cut the pizza was obviously selfish! The only way we could agree with this way of cutting a pizza is if one person is going to eat the whole thing.

12. You have never seen a candle like that

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to admit that we haven’t seen such a thing before, either! We don’t know who did it, and we don’t know why. It is definitely a weird idea, but we guess that whoever did it probably knows how tough the old Nokia phones were and decided to test that in a weird way. It would be curious to see if there would be any damage to the phones after the wax melts off. We think that they may still even work!

13. Some things just need to remain in the past

Image Source: Reddit

We love the sense of humor these people have! We need to specify that this photo was probably just taken for fun. After all, nobody would put a woman who is nearly 30 years old in shopping cart and drive her around the store! However, we appreciate they effort to take this photo, and the funny caption really tops it off! We agree that it would be sad sight to see if it actually happened.

14. Someone needs to explain a few things to this person

Image Source: Instagram

People have different taste preferences, and we respect that. In fact, this is probably the reason why the variety of different types of food is so big. However, we do believe that there isn’t a single dish anywhere in the world that includes paper or plastic. Unfortunately for this person, the ‘crust’ is actually a wrapper made of plastic or paper. It is definitely not edible, and we are sure that the ice cream sandwich would taste differently this way.

15. This is the definition of ‘too much’

Image Source: Instagram

Accessories are just one of the ways you could stand out from the crowd. No matter if you have a cool cap or some lavish jewelry on, you could make you outfit unique! However, this is not always a good thing. As the photo above shows, some people tend to show their weird personalities by using accessories. We guess that having even one Shrek head on a bracelet or a necklace would be too much, but having half a dozen on each hand is totally weird. Of course, everything here was probably done just for fun.

Written by Nick Martin

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