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15 Photos Will Definitely Make You Go ‘What?!?’

Image Source: Reddit

Some photos you see online can really stop you in your tracks and make you wonder what were these people thinking? Such images can be accidental or intentional, but the end result would be the same. The type of controversy we are about to show you in the photos below may be considered a good thing by some people. However, we guess that these photos are just weird, despite the fact that they can probably be explained.

1. The person in the back of this truck seems really comfortable

Image Source: Reddit

There are different means of transportation nowadays. Most people only care about going from one location to another, but there are some who would like to do it in an exclusive way. This means enjoying a luxury transfer in a VIP limousine or a cruise with an expensive sports car. However, all of these options can be topped, and this person did exactly that. As you can see, he is sitting comfortably in huge chair positioned in the back of a truck. We like how his body language says that he feels perfectly good where he is. This is what we call supremacy!

2. The Ikea decorations are obviously too realistic

Image Source: Reddit

All of the furniture stores love to use a variety of decorations in order to create a good atmosphere for their customers. The idea behind this is to remind everyone of the coziness of a well-furnished home. However, it seems that sometimes the management of these stores creates decorations which are too realistic. As you can see, someone took a bite of the Styrofoam decoration. We are sure that the person who did it immediately regretted their decision. It must have been embarrassing and funny at the same time.

3. This is the weirdest sidewalk we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at this engineering marvel makes our eyes hurt! We have seen all kinds of different landscape designs, but we have never seen a sidewalk shaped like that! It looks very strange, and the pattern it follows makes little to no sense. If a group of people walks on it, they would need to zigzag constantly in order to avoid stepping in the grass. It looks like they had the chance to make a nice and straight sidewalk, but someone insisted on doing things differently. We guess that after it is completely finished it would look better.

4. Accidental art is the best

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes art can be found in the weirdest places. Accidental art is even better! As you can see in the photo above, someone spilled their coffee, which resulted in a very familiar image! It is a kind of ironic twist, actually. The stain looks like a sloth, and we all know how slow these animals are. It reminds us of ourselves before we have the first cup of coffee for the day! What is even more peculiar is that the stain also looks a bit like E.T.! We are not sure which resemblance is stronger, but we like it anyway.

5. Some engineering projects are ridiculous

Image Source: Reddit

All buildings have a lot of things in common. No matter if we are talking about an office building or an apartment complex, the safety features on every structure are more or less the same! But this does not apply to all buildings, of course. The fire escape picture here is something that you would probably never see again. It looks even more dangerous than a potential fire! We guess that a panicked person would never make it down this fire escape! It would taka e lot of skills to make it successfully down this fire escape.

6. Perfect objects shaped by nature are the best finds ever

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best things about hiking and going on long walks is the variety of little treasures you can find! Sometimes the things you find are truly unbelievable. This perfect rock is a great example of that. It looks like it was machined to perfection, but this person found it by accident. This has got to be one the most satisfying finds in nature we have ever seen. We would also like to hold it just for a minute and admire its ideal proportions.

7. Accidents would never look as cool as this one

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We all know that if you are involved in some kind of a sport, you are always just a step away from an accident or an injury. It is a risk that all professional athletes are willing to take, because they know it is a part of the equation. However, some injuries are not that serious. In fact, sometimes a trauma can even look cool, especially in the case of this baseball player! As you can see, it looks just like comet speeding through the atmosphere! When you see the name of this person’s team, you will see that nothing happens without a reason!

8. You need to keep your cool when playing darts

Image Source: Reddit

We all get excited when we see a darts board! It one of the best games to play at a party, because it can become really intense! It also requires a lot of skills and experience, which makes it even more challenging! However, some people cannot simply handle the pressure and they start losing it! Instead of giving up or admitting defeat, they often do weird things! Hitting the reset button instead of the actual board is definitely weird!

9. This is a unique way to customize your ride

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that someone with a lot of skills and a sense of humor came up with this idea! This old Volvo is known for its brick shape, and this was probably the inspiration for the modifications you see! As the photo shows, it is completely covered in bricks, and the finish looks superb! We haven’t seen this kind of quality even on newly-built fences! Perhaps the owner of the Swedish car was a professional bricklayer, and we would definitely call him if we need construction services.

10. Here is a proof we live in a simulation

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, the old theory about the matrix we are all living in is probably not true, but photos like these make us wonder! As you can see, these men are lined up so perfectly that it is hard to believe that it happened by chance! The photo is actually pretty funny and it shows that you can shoot all kinds of weird things if you are able to capture the right moment.

11. The customer is not always right in this store, apparently

Image Source: Imgur

We all know how hard it can be to work at a huge store or supermarket! People can really trash the place, and if you are not constantly cleaning and rearranging the goods, chances are that it would look like a dumpster within a few hours. Of course, this would never happen because there are employees who take of these tasks. However, the staff members of this store were obviously determined to make a bigger change and they rearranged some of the shelves. The problem is that one of the signs remained partially hidden, creating a rather scary message for the customers to see.

12. This is an actual Vogue diet

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes some of the craziest things can be found in places where you would least expect! This is exactly the case with this magazine cutout! As you can see, it is a short diet plan, but it has an unexpected twist! The plan includes having some wine in every meal! The ridiculous recommended diet was published in a Vogue magazine in the 70s. We have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea, but they published it anyway.

13. This is what you can call playing with fire

Image Source: The Chive

Some people are taking risks because of the adrenaline they feel! In other cases the risk-takers are not even aware of the dangerous situation they are in! As we can all see, this woman seems to be completely unaware of where she chose to sit! We have no idea why she decided to sit there, but she obviously missed the huge lettering on the box. We hope that this situation ended without someone getting hurt and with no damage at all.

14. Some marketers are really pushing the envelope with their ideas

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Controversial ads are everywhere around us and we might as well try to accept them and find the reasons for their existence. This is easier said than done, because some print ads are so weird that it seems impossible to find any logic behind them. The example you see here is definitely a controversial piece that we cannot explain. The fact that there is a foot underneath this smiling woman’s face is something that makes no sense. The toenails seem to have some kind of weird decorations, but we doubt that they are the key feature of the ad. As we already said, nobody could explain this ad.

Written by Nick Martin

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