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15 Pics Of People Who Did NOT Want Pets, But Loved Them Real Quick

Image Source: Twitter

We all know how this goes: someone is more than certain that they don’t like pets and they would never tolerate having one at home. These people are so convinced about their position that they think it would never change. However, all it takes is a cute cat or a puppy, and then the table are turned faster than you could say ‘I want that puppy more than anything else in the world’! This has happened more than a few times and we decided to share this list so you could see how it goes.

1. The father

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we might make a bold statement here, but we really do believe that the people who change their opinions on this matter in the most dramatic way are dads! They usually never approve having an animal around the house, but in almost every of these cases they end up being the person who takes care of that said animal the most! In fact, they develop a passion for being the perfect pet parent, and that is just adorable.

2. The cool person

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Here is one short story about the willingness of one person to help and retrieve the loved pet of another human being who had nothing to do about it but hope for the best. Even a person who never really showed affection or only showed it to their closest people is capable of doing heroic things. The short story you see here is the definite proof of that. What a man that man must have been! A truly honorable thing he did there.

3. The caring dad

Image Source: Twitter

As we mentioned above, dads are often in a situation when they are forced to accept the fact that there will be a family pet despite them not wanting to agree with it. The good part about such moments is the fact that almost every dad eventually gets super attached to the pet and this is the case here. Imagine the person who never wanted a dog tucking that very dog to sleep every night!

4. The entertainer

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We live in times when people can show their love in affection in numerous different ways. This image shows one really funny way of taking care of a cat! This dad never wanted the cat in his house in the first place, but you see how it all developed eventually! The dad tries to entertain the feline by showing videos on his smartphone, which is kind of adorable to see!

5. The happy dad

Image Source: FB

It seems that some people discover their love for pets in an instant and it is just as big of a surprise to them as it is to everyone else. This dad did not want a cat or a dog, but now that he has both, he loves them!

6. The companion

Image Source: FB

Here is another classic example of a man who claims that cats are not his cup of tea but his actions suggest otherwise! This image was taken by the man’s daughter, and that is her cat. Her dad always wants her to bring the cat when she comes to visit so the two of them could hang around with each other and enjoy their favorite things.

7. The mom

Image Source: Twitter

Dads are definitely not the only people to change their mind about pets around the house. This person shared her mother’s affection for her three cats that she claimed she couldn’t stand. The mom ended up being super happy each time she was in contact with the felines, and we guess this is a true happy story.

8. The shared nap time

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing quite like a good and long afternoon nap, but it gets even better if you can share it with someone who loves these moments as well. In this case, the father of the house is sound asleep next to the cat he never actually wanted to have. This is a proof that a pet can soften the heart of a grown man in an instant!

9. The loving father

Image Source: FB

Some people get too attached to their pets, and there is nothing wrong with that, of course! It seems that even those who never wanted a pet can fall in love with the little rascal. In this case, one dad never wanted the adopted pug, but ended up missing the dog long after it passed away, and we know that losing a pet feels like losing any other family member.

10. The cat person

Image Source: FB

If someone tells you they are not a cat person for some reason, you should not believe that, because they might be fooling both you and themselves. This is what happened with the man pictured here. He claimed he never liked cats, but his relationship with Sockface the cat tells another story!

11. The cat parent

Image Source: Twitter

Many people go from not wanting an animal to a pet parent who is capable of spoiling that animal real fast! This tweet shows how that works. Loving your pet means you are incapable of doing only what you are supposed to, as you feel you need to do something extra, too. Well, this cat dad definitely threw in a few extra ways to care for his cat.

12. The grandkitty

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some of the people who refuse to admit they actually like pets are willing to care for these pets the same way they care for their own children! In this case, one man even refers to the family cat as his ‘grandkitty’.

13. The animal lover

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the best examples of how a man’s opinion about having animals at home can easily change. This dad claimed he never liked dogs or cats but look at him now! It seems that he feels really comfortable and is willing to sit on the edge of the sofa only to make sure that there is enough room for his furry friends.

14. The caring grandma

Image Source: FB

Here is another brilliant example of how people change their minds and go from not wanting to have an animal around the house to an animal lover. This grandma never wanted to have a cat but ended up enjoying feeding her granddaughter’s cats with a spoon! Imagine just how much she loves those four felines!

15. The cat lover

Image Source: Twitter

Some people really don’t know how they feel about pets until they are introduced to one. This person, for example, claimed that a cat would never live in his home, because he thought that he could not stand felines. These images taken by his wife suggest that he could not be more wrong. It is more than obvious that he adores the cute kitty, and we love seeing this kind of relationships.

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