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15 Pics Of People Who Left Their Comfort Zone For Good

Image Source: Reddit

All people may be the same, but there are certain individuals that are special in a particular way! Those who do whatever they want without worrying what the others might say are definitely among them. Some people are also not afraid to leave their comfort zone in a blink of an eye, which is also admirable and makes them special! Of course, there are other ways in which a person could stand out from the crowd. The list below will show you how different individuals proved that they are anything but ordinary.

1. Showing of and bragging is not always a good idea

Image Source: Instagram

Of course, this woman was not exactly bragging about the thing she did, but she looks really proud of it for sure. We guess that she really thought she was doing the right thing, but it is just not so. First of all, you don’t save a fish by actually pulling it out from the water. After all, it is their natural habitat! Second, this is definitely not a baby shark! Someone even left a comment below the photo, which pretty much wraps up the whole situation.

2. Here is something curious to see

Image Source: Reddit

Escalators are a really nice invention because they save you the effort of climbing stairs when are too tired of walking. Of course, they help in times when you need to carry something for which you are simply not strong enough. Having that in mind, it is still hard to believe what our eyes see in this photo. Carrying a pile of shopping bags is one thing, but a giant corn cob is a completely different story! We have never seen anything like it! It is probably made of some relatively light material, but it still looks too big to handle with ease.

3. This photo is kind of strange

Image Source: Instagram

It is not every day that you see something like this! For some strange reason, this man decided to lay down in a supermarket freezer! Sure enough, the clever caption of the photo is suitable and we can relate to it, but we wonder what was the real reason for him to lay down in a freezer! His facial expression suggests that he is not comfortable at all in there. We bet that it is really unpleasant! He is wearing shorts and a t-shirt which makes things even worse.

4. This is definitely not the way to cut cheesecake

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of unwritten rules regarding food that we all follow despite the fact that nobody actually set them. This is kind of strange, but since everyone is doing it, we should probably just do it, too. One of these rules specifies the best way to cut a cake. We all know how that works, and we guess that it is the most beautiful and efficient way to do it. However, someone was probably too lazy to do it the right way or they simply wanted a bigger piece, and you can see the end result in the photo above.

5. Here is a story worthy of a movie

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people find themselves in unbelievable situations. What’s more important is that these situations escalate quickly and the element of surprise brings all the action! As you can see, someone posted a poll on social media asking whether they should grab a goose or not. After almost everyone voted ‘yes’ the person apparently grabbed one! Unfortunately, an arrest followed and we cannot help but wonder what the reason for that action was? Maybe a law regarding geese was violated.

6. This is the most unusual chess game ever

Image Source: Reddit

If you love playing chess, then you surely know that the most important thing in the game is to be focused! Any distraction would affect your performance, which means that the ideal place for a game of chess is a quiet room with no people around. As you can see, these people decided to try something different and they set up a chess board on the public restroom floor! We guess that all the sounds made in there would probably test their focus. The other issue we see here is germ-related.

7. Here is something unbelievable

Image Source: Instagram

When we first saw this post, we were sure that it was nothing but a joke. However, it turned out to be absolutely serious! We had no clue that competitive barefoot was even a thing, but this is not the point here! We find it hard to believe that someone who practices barefoot jogging complained about the acorns scattered all over the sidewalk. It is not like people throw them there intentionally, you know. Maybe this post needs to be addressed to squirrels instead.

8. Sometimes the lack of attention leads to disastrous results

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Image Source: Reddit

This photo is a nice reminder that we should always be careful no matter what we are doing. This elderly gentleman obviously failed to notice that a huge section of that path was under construction. Unfortunately for him, the concrete was still wet enough for him to get stuck. It seems that he was in a hurry, too, because he was able to stop only after a few meters instead of just getting his front wheels stuck, for example.

9. This funny photo is all about dedication

Image Source: Reddit

You might think that this cyclist did something very funny by trying to drink from the wrong side of the water bottle, but actually this shows he is a professional! Think about this for a second. He was so dedicated to maintaining his speed and not losing focus that he just grabbed the bottle and squeezed it. Of course, he realized his mistake immediately and probably turned it around. Professional athletes only care about performance.

10. The warning sign is definitely on the wrong side of the door

Image Source: Reddit

Bike theft is among the most common crimes. Thousands of bikes get stolen on vandalized on a daily basis. This means that people need to secure their bicycles in the best possible way in order to avoid theft. Unfortunately, this means that if you use the bike daily, you need to carry at least a couple of locks with you. The annoying part is that you also need to take your time to lock it and unlock it each time you need to park it somewhere. Signs like the one above can help cyclist a lot, but they need to be visible enough.

11. Here is one clever caption

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loves seeing people with good sense of humor. It is one of the best qualities every individual could possibly have. Sometimes sarcasm is added to the sense of humor and things become even better. Sarcastic people always make the best jokes. The photo above shows a good example of that! The clever caption of the photo is absolutely perfect and we love it. The person who came up with the caption created a meme out of a simple image!

12. This is definitely not the best way to tie your shoes

Image Source: Instagram

In fact, they are not even tied at all! If we trust the caption of this photo, the explanation for it is more than obvious. However, we refuse to believe that someone at the age of 35 does not know how to tie their shoelaces! This was probably a joke, because the laces are tucked in the socks in the most ridiculous way ever! We are more than sure that there are at least a few more subtle ways of tucking in those shoelaces!

13. Sometimes asking a single question can save you a lot of worries

Image Source: Instagram

We all know that some decisions seem tougher than they actually are. We feel intimidated to do something but we feel like we are about to do something wrong. This applies to serious things as well as to minor and insignificant everyday tasks. As you can see, getting a hotdog from Costco without having a membership card proved to be a huge problem for this person.

14. Here is one nice smartphone accessory

Image Source: Reddit

Smartphones changed our lives in more ways than one. We use them almost all the time. However, actually talking on the phone is just one of the numerous ways we use those devices. Of course, some people do not care about apps and features. All they want is to actually talk! This person probably felt nostalgic about the good old days. After realizing he spent a lot of time talking on his smartphone, he figured that he could use an accessory that brings back memories like nothing else! We really like it but we would probably never use it in public.

15. This is one spooky optical illusion

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to admit that this photo is really appropriate to end the list with, considering the season. This accidental Halloween costume looks really creepy! All this man did was look down at the counter and his collar did the rest. We guess that a lot of people would adopt the idea and use it for their actual Halloween costumes.

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