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15 Pics Proving That Online Shops Are Not To Be Trusted

Image Source: Instagram

We all know how risky online shopping can be. It seems that people often underestimate that and buy things they later regret. Most of us have been down that route without wanting it, of course. As the list below suggests, online shopping is tricky and not for the faint of heart. It could lead to disappointments and that is part of the game, we guess. The Rick Sanchez doll above proves that.

1. The Deadpool costume

Image Source: Reddit

There are things in life we wish we never saw and this is one of them. As you can see, someone really wanted to look like Deadpool but the item they received is nowhere near the desired one. Ryan Reynolds would disapprove of this.

2. The cat scratcher

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one classic mistake that more than a few people have allowed to happen. It appears that we should always check the dimensions of everything we order, regardless of the pictures attached to the description.

3. The blanket

Image Source: Reddit

Knitted blankets are super cool but they must be crafted right, otherwise, they look ridiculous. One person learned that the hard way. They ordered a gorgeous blanket only to receive a giant item that looks like anything but a knitted blanket.

4. The pan

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of why you need to be absolutely sure about the size of the item you order. Needless to say, more than a few vendors take advantage of customers’ trust and send them small items instead of the actual sized ones. This explains the low prices.

5. The doll purse

Image Source: Twitter

This is by far the most ridiculous item we have seen in a while. You can see that this person chose a great item but what she received is something else. We guess that some retailers have no shame and don’t advertise their actual products.

6. The socks

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is one example of online shopping gone wrong that we could argue about. Sure enough, these socks look cool and this person shouldn’t have expected for the image to stay the same after putting them on.

7. The order

Image Source: Reddit

Most people have probably experienced a mix-up with their order and that is a normal thing. Considering the amount of orders delivery companies process, they could easily make a mistake, which is what happened here.

8. The sweatshirt

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who check the finest details before attempting to purchase something. We guess we are like them but we don’t take it to the extreme. Even if you are okay with a simple flaw, you would still not be happy with this sweatshirt.

9. The wrong order

Image Source: Imgur

Here is yet another example of how a simple mistake can lead to an interesting situation. This person ordered a simple solenoid valve. They waited for the delivery person to bring them the part they needed but you can see what happened. The man received this incredibly huge bear instead. They became best friends.

10. The unicorn

Image Source: Twitter

This is one classic case of a retailer that should not be trusted. This person saw an ad for an inflatable unicorn that can be used as a pool and clicked on the “buy” button immediately. You can see what they received later. This is a pool, all right, but it looks nothing like a unicorn.

11. The dress

Image Source: Reddit

We know from experience that ordering clothing online can be frustrating, not to mention the time and money wasted in the process. Needless to say, this person had a taste of that when she ordered a dress. The actual product has nothing to do with the one advertised.

12. The silk print

Image Source: Reddit

Someone saw a curious-looking silk print for sale from a Chinese vendor and ordered it. The image looked promising and the person was eager to see his item. As you can see, the silk print arrived but there was one significant difference and you can see it right away. We wonder what were they thinking.

13. The jacket

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s girlfriend ordered a jacked she saw on Target’s website. This is the item she received. Of course, this is not a jacket and it is not even a piece of clothing. The funny part is that Target does not sell this piece at all. This is puzzling to see.

14. The desk lamp

Image Source: Reddit

If you still haven’t learned the most important lesson in online buying, here it is again: check the product dimensions before ordering something. This person loved this desk lamp’s design and bought one. They realized their mistake only when the item arrived. We hope they paid a low price, at least.

15. The shoes

Image Source: Instagram

Here are the Cinderella Nike shoes that look fabulous. It seems people think that any idea is a good idea if it came from a renowned brand. In this case, things ended differently. Someone thought they ordered the correct item but what they received is not something we would wear.


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