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15 Pics Proving That Your Spouse Opinion Is Indisputable

Image Source: Reddit

There is probably no room for dispute here. Women and men are different in many ways and this is only natural! This is actually the whole point – men and women are supposed to be different! We are constantly fulfilling each other’s lives, no matter the type of relationship. As the following list suggests, sometimes the logic women have ends up in witty or funny situations and men need to share it.

1. Now this is one huge backpack

Image Source: Pikabu

We believe that this is a backpack that a lot of women would choose when going on a trip. It is no secret that ladies like to pack a lot of things, regardless of the destination or the occasion! Compared to the amount of luggage men have, women pack a huge amount of stuff. This requires big suitcases and bags, and this is why they would love having such a backpack. It would be really hard to carry, though. It would definitely drag behind whoever tries to carry it!

2. This is no way to lock the garage door

Image Source: Pikabu

Security is a must and people need to be careful when they try to keep their material possessions safe. One of the most valuable things most people own is their car, which is why a garage would be the ideal solution to keep the car safe! As you can see, one woman thought that she did the right thing when locking the padlocks on the garage doors. The image was shared by her husband after she assured him that she locked both padlock. Technically speaking, she did!

3. Now this is something relatable

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some of the men among you who are in a relationship can confirm this! Women often criticize the style their men prefer. One of the most discussed aspects is the type of shoes. This is why one man shared this image on social media, explaining that his partner in life constantly told him that he preferred the same type of shoes, which is not a problem at all. However, it seems that she does absolutely the same without even realizing it!

4. This is how male logic is compared to the female one

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one example showing exactly why we think that women and men think in a completely different way when it comes to many different things. It appears that a single dress can be a nice example for that! One man posted this image, comparing his girlfriend’s dress to the blank screen of the TV. She probably really likes the pattern of the dress while he accepts is more like a defect. Of course,what matters here is what she thinks about it!

5. Ladies are more addicted to selfies for sure

Image Source: Pikabu

Everyone who has a social media account could confirm this. Of course, there is nothing strange about such a fact, because ladies care more about their style and appearance than the average man. They invest a lot of time and effort into different procedures and they also love sharing and receiving tips and tricks. The culmination is to demonstrate the result of everything by taking a selfie in every given moment. And what better time for that than spring!

6. Some of the best hobbies are typical for the ladies

Image Source: Pikabu

Most people have hobbies and they are really different from one another. Some individuals like to take things to the extreme while others prefer things that involve art and craftsmanship. As you can see, this is definitely one of the cutest hobbies ever! Someone shared his wife’s brilliant hobby – she creates knitted hats for eggs! As weird as this might sound, we believe that it is actually one of the cutest things we have ever seen!

7. Now this is one funny story

Image Source: Pikabu

We guess that everything in life is about having priorities. People would always do what matters the most to them. Here is why we believe that even in a time of crisis people would behave as usual. The story one man shared on social media gives a brilliant example! As you can see, he saw a fire and immediately warned his wife, telling her to get dressed so they could go to a safe location. And what she did after that left us giggling, but still kind of worried, too.

8. Here is one really simple task

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Image Source: Pikabu

When doing something related to your home, it is best to mutually agree on it before stepping into action. If a man decides to do something regarding the love nest he shares with his partner in life, it is an absolute must for him to discuss it with her. Perhaps it is even better to let her do it herself! This man obviously decided to let his wife install these hooks, and she installed them! The problem is that they are upside down and would hardly be usable.

9. Now this is one really cool idea

Image Source: Pikabu

Sometimes the best ideas are born when you need to solve a problem! We guess that in such moments the most brilliant things can be thought of, and the one you see is exactly that! As you can see, this person used a power tool to upgrade one of the cosmetic procedures that require a lot of work to get done properly. This idea would probably inspire some people to try it out themselves and there is nothing wrong with that.

10. Ladies love to give attention to details

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that every happy home looks cheerful and bright, which is why every details in the interior must be done in the best possible way. In some cases these details can be lavish and expensive, but it is not a necessary thing. It is enough for them to bring a smile to your face! A man shard the image of the kitchen sponge bed his wife bought and we actually like it a lot! It is not something that many people would use in their homes, but it is a witty idea!

11. Here is a sight we have all seen

Image Source: Pikabu

Going to the gym is admirable! It takes focus and dedication to do it. Just spending time inside a gym, however, will not help you get in shape. Hard work pays off and whoever follows the right training schedule and is persistent will achieve results! We believe that many people go to these places not only to try and get fitter but also to keep up on their social contacts. It is no secret that ladies love to chat and they can spend a lot of time doing that, even in gym!

12. Shopping is something men and women do completely different

Image Source: Pikabu

One of the biggest differences between men and women is their approach when it comes to shopping! Regardless if we are talking about buying something important and significant or simply going to the convenient store, men and women would act completely the opposite to one another. Women love to do it and are willing to spend hours and hours, while men rush it. This was the receipt for the things a woman preordered and sent her man to collect.

13. Here is another relatable image

Image Source: Pikabu

We believe that there is nothing wrong with this image, and most people would agree that this is the situation in most homes! Women love to have shoes for every occasion on standby while men prefer to have only one pair of shoes! They would wear them for special occasions and for a trip to the store! Ladies think differently and this results in the thing you see in the image above. We need to admit that the husband’s shoes are in the center and that kind of makes things equal in a certain way.

14. Women have a special way of customizing their cars, too

Image Source: Pikabu

As you can see, women have a different idea about the perfect way to customize a vehicle! Men love this kind of activity and they are willing to spend a lot of money on upgrading their rides. Women, however, do not care about trends and aftermarket parts. They only want to feel cozy and to make the interior cozier. This woman was able to turn her car into something really cute and all the added features are more than nice. No man would replicate this style for sure!

15. Here is something that is also quite relatable

Image Source: Pikabu

When we look at this image, we imagine just how many people would relate to it. It is actually strange and funny at the same time! These men have seen their girlfriends and wives with no clothes on and they still could not help it and you can see they could not resist the temptation to look behind the curtain! Women rarely do it, and they usually take a look only when they need to say their opinion about the choice of clothes.

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