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15 Pictures Of The Most Caring And Compassionate Pets Ever

Image Source: Reddit

People who have pets at home can confirm that they are not just animals roaming the premises but family members capable of communication and support. Some say animals have no feelings at all but that is not true. We know that animals are caring and compassionate when they feel their owners need some support, regardless of the reason. The images below show how close pets can be to their humans and to other animals as well.

1. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Can you imagine holding a cat’s paw? Yes, this is what this person experiences every time they are feeling down for some reason. The cat senses that the human needs some comforting and sits quietly to hold their hand.

2. The foster kitten

Image Source: Reddit

Pets can show kindness not only to people but to other species as well. This image shows one family’s pets. They had a dog but they also adopted a kitten at one point. The dog not only accepted the tiny feline but also took care of it just like a human would.

3. The adopted pit

Image Source: Reddit

This is one super adorable image. You can see how this clingy pit is literally leaning on his owner. There is a reason for that. The image was taken shortly after the pit was adopted and the cute doggo wanted to show his gratitude and love to his new owner.

4. The reunion

Image Source: Reddit

This image shows how dogs can truly miss someone they love. The image was taken by the dog’s owner who was deployed for a long time before finally arriving home. The dog showed how much it missed his favorite human by staring at him like this on the way home from the airport.

5. The orangutan

Image Source: Reddit

This man is there for a reason: he was clearing out snakes from a preserved area to help save orangutans from harm. The orangutan in the picture seems to understand that, as he kindly reached out to help the man. What a great beast!

6. The hugging dogs

Image Source: Reddit

The dogs you see here belong to the one owner and they were all about to visit the vet’s office. The canines probably were aware of this, and we all know that most pets are afraid of their vet. This is probably why the doggos supported each other by hugging!

7. The giraffes

Image Source: Reddit

Kindness is a superpower that more than a few animals possess. Yes, giraffes are not exactly pets but they are still animals capable of showing kindness and helping each other. As you can see, one animal helps the other feed.

8. The baby

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Image Source: Reddit

Raising a child is hard but it is easier if you have someone to help you with the everyday hustle and bustle. This baby was crying until the cat went and hugged him. All of a sudden, the baby was comforted.

9. The rabbit

Image Source: Reddit

This cute bunny is actually 10 years old and age is an obstacle when the animal needs to clean itself. Luckily, Colby the cat came to assist the animal. You can see that Colby is doing a great job at it.

10. The caring cat

Image Source: Reddit

You can see how concerned this cat is. The dog suffered from liver cancer and the cat knew that the canine needed comforting. As you can see, the cat stood by the dog’s side until it eventually passed away from its disease. We don’t deserve animals.

11. The llama

Image Source: Reddit

Baby goats can get overly attached to someone who they accept as a family member and this is what happened here. A family raised goats and llamas among other animals. One goat’s mother passed away and this llama stepped in to help the animal in need.

12. The momma cat

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are sweet and adorable. The fact that they are sometimes unpredictable is not something that could stand in the way of mother’s love. This baby skunk needed a mom and the cat was kind enough to raise the critter as its own kitten.

13. The hero dog

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one story that could easily warm anyone’s heart! This hero dog was brave enough to offer protection to these helpless kittens and we believe that such a kind act deserves a lot of recognition. The kittens were probably adopted.

14. The ducks

Image Source: Reddit

For some weird reason, dogs can be protective of entirely different animals such as birds. In this case, the ducks in the background are lucky enough to be protected by the dog in front of them. The canine felt that his feathered friends might be in danger.

15. The brave Wilson

Image Source: Reddit

Meet Wilson, the German Shepherd who offered his help to this baby deer. The scared wild animal took advantage of Wilson’s protection until the mother came to pick up her baby eventually.

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