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15 Pictures That Will Definitely Teach You Something

Image Source: Reddit

It is always nice to combine free time with some learning experience, and this happens by accident sometimes. While you browse the internet you may stumble upon a photo that is more than just a picture of some object or event. Some photos have a more or less educational purpose, and we would love to see as much of those images as possible.

If you are tired of boring or meaningless pictures, the following list would be the perfect way to spend a few minutes, which can be easily considered a quality time in this case.

1. The U.S. Navy apparently has a lot of different boats in the fleet

Image Source: Reddit

When you mention the U.S. Navy, you probably imagine large aircraft carriers, battleships and submarines, but those machines are just one part of the fleet that the U.S. Navy has. This small tugboat is one of the many used by these forces, and we find it adorable. You must not let its size fool you, because the U.S. Navy men and women are all highly trained professionals and the size of their boats is not the most important thing.
2. Nature works in mysterious ways

Image Source: Reddit

The peculiar object you see here is a dear’s rib cage. The curious part is that the dear was hit with a spear in the ribs, but it did not die! As you can see, the bones of the animal grew around the spear and the lucky deer lived like this for the rest of its life, which is amazing. It seems that the will to live is something so strong that seemingly impossible things like this can happen.

3. If you think your neighborhood is crammed, take a look at this

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like the scenery of a post-apocalyptic movie, but it is actually nothing more than an aerial photo of New Delhi, India. Most people would find it hard to believe how it is possible for such a vast area to be so heavily populated. As you can see, there are no main roads, no vegetation and literally no way out. This would surely make you appreciate more the place you currently live in, but we guess that people can adapt to any kind of conditions and still be happy.

4. This is the strangest safety feature ever

Image Source: Reddit

You are about to see one really strange and mostly unknown way to protect your home. The CCTV cameras and the alarm systems have a new alternative – a system that projects an image of the street outside directly on the ceiling of the room. We have no idea how this works, but it can actually be useful in some cases. It also serves as a weird kind of decoration for the interior. We appreciate this type of innovations!

5. There are many reasons why those diagonal lines exist in every parking lot

Image Source: Reddit

In case you wondered about the diagonal lines in every parking area, we can tell you that there is more than one reason for them to be there, and you must never park on them. Sometimes they mark the space that is needed for maneuvering of larger vehicles, but they also mark the place where access to a loading ramp is needed, as the picture suggests. If you park there, you could get in the way of a lot of people’s daily routines.

6. Here is a handshake that you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

The odd picture you see here shows the most unusual handshake ever. An adult human’s fist is easily grabbed by a crowned eagle’s claws. Unlike the majority of bird species, the claws of this majestic animal are huge! The really curious part is that this particular eagle is still a juvenile, which means that the bird will grow even bigger in size. Some of you may actually be terrified by this fact, but we like the giant bird and we think that it is one of the most beautiful creatures in existence.

7. This landscape looked different more than a century ago

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would see nothing more than a sunny image of a forest, but the photo holds a much darker secret. What you see here is a battleground dating back from WWI. Nature has done a lot since then, but it cannot fully cover the scars of the war. The countless explosions and trenches are still visible, and they have completely transformed the once idyllic and flat landscape of the French countryside.

8. Here is another reminder what addictive substances can do to you

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Image Source: Reddit

It takes a lot of courage to show a transformation like this one, because the majority of the people who were addicted to some substance would never admit it or speak about it. This Reddit user decided to show everyone how life can be transformed completely if you have the willpower to do it. The picture on the left shows the man in his lowest point and on the right he looks much better after four years of staying completely clean. We like seeing strong people like this man and we salute him for his bravery. We also hope to see more similar stories!

9. We all know that cells are microscopic, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Biology classes taught us that cells are really small, but this is not true in all cases. What you see in the picture above is actually a single cell, despite its enormous size! It is actually a typical feature of the Valonia Ventricosa, which is also known as bubble algae. These cells are really massive compared to almost every other species of the flora and fauna.

10. We always knew that cats had some mystic powers

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are amazing creatures, and we are lucky to have them, but there has always been something mystical about them. This amazing photo was taken at the perfect moment when the curious feline touched the plasma sphere. The soft parts of the cat’s paw immediately got electrified, creating this amazing glow effect. We are not sure why this effect occurred, but it is mesmerizing to watch. The photo leaves you with the feeling that the cat knows a lot more things than it shows.

11. This is not a photo collage

Image Source: Reddit

Most of you would think that someone put four different pictures together to create a nice contrast between the different colors and surfaces. However, this photo is more complicated than that, because it is actually a single photograph! Finding the right location and perspective to take a photo like that is not an easy task and it definitely does not happen every day. Only an experienced photographer could be able to capture such a moment! It takes skill and dedication to develop such senses and photographic perspective.

12. There is more to see in every desert than you could possibly think

Image Source: Reddit

If you have been to one of the many deserts on the planet, you were probably stunned by the vast emptiness of these places. It seems that there is nothing but sand and wind, and most desert locations offer just that. However, even the sand is able to tell a story, and this huge plate full of sand samples from the Sahara Desert shows how diverse the place can be, and how the different landscapes in the numerous areas of the desert have slowly turned into the variety of sand you see.

13. If you have played Skyrim before, you probably recognized this structure

Image Source: Reddit

Most gamers have probably played Skyrim at least a few times, and all of them would recall seeing this structure in the game. The building is a church located in Norway, and it was built more than 800 years ago! It looks really different than any other church we have ever seen. However, despite the respectful age of the structure, it is still not old enough to serve as scenery for the Viking story of the game. We respect the people that were able to preserve the impressive structure for so many centuries!

14. Would you believe that this creature is 90 million years old?

Image Source: Reddit

Most life forms dating back million years ago are found as fossils and they are far from their original form. However, this is not the case with the wasp you see here. The amazing find is extremely rare, because the thick layer of amber surrounding the wasp preserved it perfectly during that insanely long period of time. What is curious about it is that it does not look that different from insects we know today.

15. This is A curious way to rest in peace

Image Source: Reddit

Grover Krantz was a renowned anthropologist and an eccentric person, which becomes clear when you see the result of one of his final decisions. This amazing man decided to donate his body to science, because he dedicated his whole life to it as well. He had only one condition – he wanted his loyal dog to stay close to him. His wish was granted and now the skeletons of the two inseparable friends are on display at the Smithsonian. Some people may find this to be a strange decision, but we admire everyone who dares to think outside of the box and have this kind of courage.

Written by Nick Martin

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