15 Pictures That Will Leave You With A Lot Of Mixed Feelings

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Every now and then you see something or someone that leaves you with a strange mix of emotions, and you fail to determine how exactly you feel. Sometimes there is no need to identify the main feeling, because it is not that important, actually.

What’s really interesting is the reaction itself; the moments that we can’t decide whether we like something or not or if we sympathize or the exact opposite are rather curious, and the following pictures would likely make you feel like that.

1. Song lyrics have a different meaning when we grow up

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Well, as 12-year-olds we failed to understand what Rihanna was really saying with those lyrics. From the point of our age now we totally get it and changed our perception of the entire song. It’s still a catchy tune, though.

2. Cookies on a stick, anyone?

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It seems that too much cooking tutorials would start to mess with your head at one point. Chocolate chip cookies are just fine to eat as they are; nobody needs a Cookie Popsicle, because it just does not look right.

3. Cheating in schools needs desperate measures

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One teacher literally reached new heights while fighting against the cheaters. This clever setup she made for her students could easily be qualified as an ambush. The question is why it leaves an awkward feeling seeing her peeking like that and did she go a bit too far?

4. Nobody knows if this is a coincidence or not

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It can’t be a coincidence! These two water dispensers look exactly like newlyweds and we bet someone made them appear this way. If it actually did turn out that it was just a random chain of events, the chance would be a million to one. This is rather confusing.

5. The weird feeling when you forget everything you learned

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We all know that false feeling of confidence prior to taking an exam and we can recall it changing into the complete opposite – you feel like you mind is blank, and it is definitely a struggle.

6. Is that a cradle or a microwave?

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If you look at this photo and still think that it looks like as if the kid is sleeping in the microwave, do not feel wrong about yourself, because you are not a monster, or at least not the only one. It would not make sense to put your kid in the microwave, yet the haunting thought of it is stuck in your mind.

7. Memes are one of our generation’s most interesting culture trends

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The reason for that is not because they changed our lives in some way other than the fact we spend countless hours looking at them and having fun. What’s really interesting about this trend is that it proves how our generation can make something huge literally out of nothing.

8. Cleverly executed boasting

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When someone brags about a certain thing, others might feel appalled or frustrated, but when it’s done with a sense of humor and clever thought, it just seems different. You hear it or read it and you just cannot decide to laugh or cringe first.

9. Sometimes you see how faith works

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Our paths in life may actually be predestined, as this post suggests. People who do not believe in faith may consider this as a coincidence, but it would still leave them a bit confused, and for a good reason.

10. Beauty has a different meaning now

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The modern society seems to be able to put a twist in everything. The definition of beauty is constantly swinging from here to there, and some really controversial things are called ‘beautiful’, which is very doubtful in some cases.

11. Do you feel sorry for her or did you just giggle about his caption?

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Well, these images would definitely have their own fans, but some people would struggle to choose a side. We know that because we had the same struggle, but still we like the dude’s caption more, because of different outlook on things.

12. This is definitely not what he ordered

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While it’s pretty obvious that this dude received the wrong package, there is something strange about this photo. It may sound weird, but this dress kind of looks good on him, and we have no idea why.

13. The difference is disturbing

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Could you believe that this is the same person? We find it rather disturbing that make-up and styling could transform someone to a point where he looks totally different.

14. What a way to show that someone is special for you!

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Doing something absolutely ordinary could be the tiny reason for someone to express their admiration. This is the perfect example, and while it looks a bit strange, it’s kind of cute.

15. Optical illusions are a classic when it comes to confusion

Image Source: Twitter

Taking a first glance at these pictures would leave you impressed with this girl’s perfect split. However, taking a second look will make you realize that she’s actually not doing a split, and you will be left confused.


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