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15 Pictures That You Will Definitely Have Hard Time Explaining

Image Source: Reddit

We all see tons of weird stuff on a daily basis. Getting used to this kind of things is not a problem, because as strange as a person or a situation can be, they can also be amusing. This makes us want to see more of them! However, in some cases the things you see are more than weird, because they are also hard to explain! You are about to see a list if images which are not easy to explain for sure!

1. Public transport can obviously be used for other things, too

Image Source: Reddit

People are used to all the means of transportation which are typical for any large city. The slow buses, the crowded subway cars and all the other types of transportation are something we are forced to deal with daily. However, even you think you’ve seen a lot of weird stuff on your daily commutes, you have surely never seen anything like this! The reason why this city bus is full of potatoes remains unknown, but we still think it is a curious sight to see.

2. This Big Bird catapult is more than awkward

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people love to add custom features to their vehicles. There are numerous trends and styles in which you can customize your ride. However, some people prefer the personal touch, which can be a controversial decision. As you can see, this person decided to make a mini catapult on the back of their truck. Unfortunately, that person decided to strap Big Bird on the catapult, which made us a bit worried, because this is our favorite Sesame Street character.

3. Some businesses hide unexpected risks

Image Source: Reddit

You might think that doing a certain job or developing a business is not that hard. However, the risks involved in such an endeavor are sometimes more than unexpected. As you can see, one street vendor had an unexpected problem. A huge number of bees apparently found home in one of his crates. Oddly enough, he decided to leave things as they are! The end result can be seen in the photo above. Perhaps only the bravest people would get near the vendor’s stand.

4. This what disrespect looks like

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that when you visit a location of important historical significance, you should behave accordingly. As you can see, someone did not get the memo! This person looks really comfortable while chilling in the lounge! He even took his shoes off to achieve the desired level of relaxation! But this is a weird thing to do and we don’t know if he was aware of an important fact. This was the exact same theater where President Lincoln was shot!

5. Some jokesters can push things too far

Image Source: Reddit

Some people live for making jokes and pranks on others! These practical jokesters are really pushing things too far sometimes, and things stop being funny at one point. As you can see, this prank looks a bit sinister, and we have no idea why would someone do such a thing. We guess that if you go to visit a friend who likes to do such things, you need to be careful. Imagine finding this in your breakfast! It would definitely not be the perfect start of the day!

6. Here is one weird street musician

Image Source: Reddit

We love all kinds of street art, because they transform the city streets like nothing else could! Of course, some forms of art can be more than weird, even if we are talking about street musicians! As you can see in the photo above, someone decided to go out in the street and perform in a way that nobody has seen before! We have no idea how it would sound, because this is not the proper way to play the guitar. We also had a hard time explaining why he decided to wear a huge TV like a helmet, but we guess that being artistic needs no explanation.

7. Some relationships are a bit awkward

Image Source: Reddit

Some people would probably consider this photo be gross! We would agree with that, but the weirdness of the situation makes us curious. The story behind the photo is unclear. We don’t even know if someone actually holds their own foot, or there are two different people in the photo. Whatever the case is, we guess that the photo is one of the weirdest on the list! Maybe it was taken just for laughs, but it is still something you don’t see every day.

8. This is something you would not expect to find in a car cup holder

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Image Source: Reddit

One of the best options a car interior could possibly feature is the cup holder! This clever little feature is essential for our busy schedules! We put all kinds of things inside the cup holder. Small change, keys, parking slips and many other little things often leave no room to actually put a cup inside! However, it seems that people put some pretty unusual things in the cup holders sometimes! A few jars of mayonnaise are definitely among those things! We hope that the interior temperature was cool enough; otherwise the mayonnaise would go bad in no time.

9. This is probably a new online challenge

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the various internet challenges have officially taken over the world! They can be very different from each other. Some of them are weird and others are very funny! As you can see, this is probably something similar to these challenges. There is no other possible explanation for this picture. It seems that someone decided to achieve a certain goal here, but we are not sure about that. Whatever is happening in this photo, it is definitely awkward.

10. Here is one really curious selfie

Image Source: Reddit

People are obsessed with selfies and most of these photos look exactly the same. However, every now and then we stumble across a selfie that is like no other! As you can see in the photo above, this example is the perfect way to prove that! The cat’s body language and facial expression scream only one thing – it does not want to be a part of it! The owner obviously decided to take the selfie anyway, and we are glad he did. The photo is really funny and weird in the same time.

11. This is not the tastiest meal for sure

Image Source: Reddit

We love cooking and creating all kinds of culinary art! We believe that the kitchen is a place that features the same artistic atmosphere as an artist’s cabinet or a sculptor’s workshop. There are people capable of really amazing culinary things, but the one responsible for this is not among them. We are not sure if this is even a real meal, or someone just tossed a bunch of random ingredients in order to set up a prank. The plastic lizard is a nice finishing touch.

12. Here is another unexplainable photo that is a bit scary, too

Image Source: Reddit

Some photos can give you the chills upon taking first glance of them! We guess that this is the case with the image you see above. The creepy costume that this man is wearing can scare off even the bravest people. We have no idea what is going on in the photo, but there must be a story preceding this weird event. It may be some kind of movie production, but there is no way of knowing that for sure.

13. Sometimes your day may not start in the best possible way

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people believe that if something bad happens as soon as their day starts, the bad luck will chase them throughout the whole day! As you can see, someone faced a really annoying problem that could cost a lot of time and money to fix! We hope that there is a lock on the passenger door and this person was able to actually get in the car. Some vehicles feature a door lock only on the driver’s side, which makes some sense.

14. Here is one really weird way to use ketchup

Image Source: Instagram

Chances are that you probably love ketchup! Most people like to add this sauce to a lot of different meals. However, it seems that ketchup has different uses as well. Judging from this photo, someone actually uses ketchup as a body wash! We refuse to believe that such a thing is possible, but the photo suggests otherwise. Perhaps this woman put the ketchup bottle there in order to take this photo and caption it as a joke. There is no reason for someone to shower with ketchup!

15. The irony in this photo is strong

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed in karma, and there are a lot of situations proving that such a thing exists. This photo is another example of that! As you can see, this patrol car got the same treatment as the civilians do. We guess that everyone who sees this photo would be delighted to know that police officers can be fined, too. After all, traffic laws are for everyone to follow.

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