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15 Random And Funny Photos For Your Amusement

Image Source: Reddit

People never seize to amaze us with the weird things they do! This is one of the best things about humans – you get to see someone who did something funny or strange every time you browse the internet. We live in the digital era and it is normal that such events are almost immediately shared online. You are about to see fifteen images that are funny, amusing and weird at the same time. This is why we decided to share them! Enjoy the list!

1. This is not the best image to upload when you need to list the apartment

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are so honest that this otherwise good quality can cause a massive backfire in their plans. This is what happened here. This apartment was listed in the condition you see here, which is absolutely ridiculous. You can imagine that nobody would like to live there regardless of how low the rent was. We have no idea what was the cause for that horrible state, but we guess that the previous tenants were probably responsible for it.

2. Here is something rather strange to see

Image Source: Reddit

When you step inside your local neighborhood grocery shop, you are probably familiar with the clerk and even most of the shoppers there. However, if you walk inside a shop that you have never been to, you might actually be in for a surprise. The person who took this photo was probably stunned to see that weird sign, which is also kind of funny. We have no idea why the sign exists, but the man behind the counter was probably fed up with all the cursing from the customers.

3. This is a rather controversial sign

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen funny instructions before but this unintended pun really made our day. Well, it is not actually a pun, but it is still a funny coincidence. This hotel obviously had a conference hall named the Great Hall of Vikings. The name sounds impressive, but that instruction really ruins everything. As you can see, the ‘no alcohol’ rule definitely stands out as a completely inappropriate one when it sits in the same sentence as ‘Vikings’.

4. This is our new favorite shop

Image Source: Instagram

Marketers are getting better and better in their field of work and you can tell that by a number of factors. Of course, no numbers are needed to prove this in a case like the one you see here. The idea that these people came up with is destined to be a success! Just take a look at this tiny mattress! As you can see, the cute doggo seems to be really happy, and we imagine that the owner probably felt the same way about the sweet complimentary gift.

5. This police officer knows how to play a trick or two

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that nothing in the worlds is what it looks like! You must always be careful or you would end up deceived for sure! This police officer knew that, but he wanted to make sure that he was incognito! This is why he came up with this funny T-shirt! As you can see, someone fell for it, too! We guess that such an obvious statement is too suspicious and most people probably realized that he was actually a cop!

6. Here is how you attract attention

Image Source: Reddit

It is no secret that most teachers have one common problem that proves to be very hard to solve. Of course, the problem is how to attract the students’ attention! There are some people who are willing to give everything in order to achieve that, but it seems that all it takes is a bit of creativity and everything would be okay! This teacher came up with a simple solution. He simply decided to shoot a golf ball right from his desk, which surely captured everyone’s attention.

7. This is pure sarcasm here

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes having the best sense of humor is not related to anything you say. In fact, there are no words written or said at all here. The photos you see tell the whole story. The man was probably irritated by the graffiti so he decided to clean the wall. We guess he did, but he had no way of knowing that the culprit photographed him and plotted a sweet revenge. What he actually did later is the best visualization of sarcasm we have ever seen.

8. True pranksters always give their best

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Image Source: Reddit

We guess that if you want to be a good prankster, you need to carefully plan all your pranks. The idea is important, but the careful planning is essential. Of course, planning for a century ahead is definitely not necessary. However, this person decided to make sure that even long after they are gone, some poor unsuspecting soul would be scared by this creepy fake skeleton. We salute this person for their effort and we hope we never find such a thing somewhere.

9. Here is how to make a cosplay setup on a budget

Image Source: Reddit

Cosplaying is a trend that went viral in the recent years for all the right reasons. People all around the world began building extremely accurate costumes and different conventions and meetings were set up. They attract thousands of cosplay enthusiasts and most of them put a lot of time and money into their appearance. However, an impressive result can obviously be achieved on a budget as well! We guest that the noodles cups are a bit too much, but the whole setup still looks good enough.

10. Having fun is essential

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed that the key to solving every problem is the right mindset! You need to be relaxed and you also need to accept things for what they are. As you can see, this person is able to have fun in the purest of ways! This means that they probably have the right mindset to deal with anything that life throws at them.

11. Here is one really odd anti-theft device

Image Source: Reddit

We live in a world where our personal belongings are not as safe as we wish they were. Unfortunately this is especially true for our vehicles. This means that some extra precautions would be a nice idea. Of course, the best thing to do is buy a decent alarm system or give to a professional shop to make it theft-proof. As you can see, this person decided to choose the DIY route. Even if it is not effective, the thief would be slowed down because he would try to understand what this was.

12. This is a product we would give to a lot of people

Image Source: Getty Images

We have seen a lot of controversial products that seem to be booming, so this means that there is always hope, no matter how ridiculous the product might be. As you can see, these kids seem really happy and proud of their line of thinking caps, one of which is apparently an ‘ideaometer’. The whole thing looks impossible and it was probably a joke, but we wish someone could invent this for real.

13. This dad is not afraid to be left alone with the kids

Image Source: Reddit

If you are a dad and have three babies, you probably know that this is the biggest responsibility ever! It is a constant battle against time and it will drain your energy in the long term. Of course, this is not always the case! As you can see, this brave dad decided to stand tall and deal with the situation. He quickly setup a board game and it seems that the babies are really into it! They don’t really participate, of course, but the photo is hilarious.

14. Here is one unusual system that we want to study in detail

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loves to lie in bed and browse the internet while enjoying some snacks and soda. This is not a waste of time, of course. Quite the opposite, actually – we all need such alone time in order to be able to take a break from the daily struggles. It seems that some people are better at this than the rest of us. Check out how this girl figured out a way to have a snack while holding her smartphone with both hands. We tried to figure out who is actually holding that fork, but we were unable to hack her system. It is definitely some food for thought, because we will attempt something similar soon.

15. No, this person is not levitating

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one really curious photo! It seems that the person you see in the photo is levitating! Of course, there is no such thing and the laws of physics are not defied by this photo. Yes, it looks curious, but the key here is to think about the details. All that happened here is that this person is probably supported by a friend who is simply outside the frame. This is why the person’s body is not shown entirely.

Written by Nick Martin

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