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15 Random Positive Things That Will Restore Your Faith Humanity

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It doesn’t take much for you to feel happy regardless of how you feel at the moment. Sometimes we all go through certain circumstances that might make us more or less gloomy, but there is always a way to  instantly feel better! The list below is such a way. It can inspire you and also give you an idea of all the good that is happening all the time around the world. Even the smallest act of kindness, compassion or appreciation can be of great significance to a person. Seeing this kind of magic take place is a wholesome experience.

1. This is the purest act of gratitude

Image Source: Reddit

You might want to get your tissues out, because chances are that you are going to need them! These images show the heartwarming moment when soldiers were able to free many people from ISIS. We believe that all of them were more than grateful but this little boy really showed how thankful he was that these brave men rescued him. This simple dialogue shows exactly that.

2. Here is how a dad should support his child

Image Source: Reddit

Most people in today’s busy world actually struggle to find time to spend with their family. While in some cases it is not that big of a deal, there are certain moments when a partner or a parent simply needs to be there for their family. This was the case with this father and his little girl. It was probably a big day for her so he was able to show up and even took part in the activity, showing her daughter that he was there for her.

3. We must encourage talent when we see it

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We believe that there are millions of talented people out there who never reach the moment of their big break because there was nobody there to support them or to lead them through a hard time. This is why we must always do whatever we can to support someone talented when we see such a person. The example shown here is amazing and this man must have a big heart! Imagine how the young artist probably felt after experiencing this!

4. Here is how you should treat your pet

Image Source: Reddit

The images of this humble man making sure that his dog stays as dry as possible are more than wholesome! We believe that the doggo appreciated the extra care but what is more important is the example this man was able to set for everyone who sees the image. We have the power to make decisions and to improve the lives of many other living creatures on this planet. We must do it every time we have the chance.

5. This is a noble and a kind thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

This note was handed over to a waiter by a man sitting alone on one of the tables. The man unintentionally overheard the conversation two women had on the table next to him and he realized that something bad happened to one of them. He decided to make things at least a bit easier for them and scribbled this note, giving it to the waiter with the request that it will all remain a secret! This kind-hearted man is an angel and the waiter was probably really emotional about it, too.

6. Here is an unexpected gift

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, something small might actually mean the world to a certain person. We believe that the man who found this motorcycle part felt more than overwhelmed when he saw it! He had been struggling financially for a long time and he was unable to do a simple repair to his bike. The gear shift lever malfunctioned and he tried to keep it in place using duct tape! This is something that someone noticed and you can see the result here!

7. This is something truly wonderful

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that everyone who actually saw this was probably overwhelmed with emotions. Someone set up this small stand you see in the image in loving memory of their late dog. The stand was basically a basket full of tennis balls for people to take and give to their own canines. We guess that Roxy really loved chasing tennis balls around, which made her owner think of this wholesome way to honor her memory.

8. Here is how a simple ad cause a waterfall of love

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

A woman posted this ad online. As you can see, it contained baby accessories that she never got to use because she lost her baby at birth. What happened next is really heartwarming. Many people commented below the ad and expressed their support for her! Another woman shared that she has been through the same and encouraged her. Eventually the manufacturer of the items saw the ad an offered a full refund for the woman so she would not have to sell the items.

9. The story above had a happy ending

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that things happen for a reason and this next image proves it. After the diapers’ manufacturer replied with the offer for the refund, the person who posted the ad decided to thank everyone who supported her and added that they already expected a baby boy! This is such a great thing to see and while these people went to a really dark time, they were eventually rewarded with the greatest gift!

10. Here is one special bond pictured

Image Source: Reddit

This sweet photo shows a baby having a good time with grandma, but there is more to the image than meets the eye! We can all see their joy of their interaction and this is exactly what is special about the image. The grandmother was deaf, so she decided to teach the baby sign language. We can all see that they are having a good time and the grandmother was probably thrilled to wait for the moment she could communicate with her grandchild.

11. Someone received a wedding invitation by accident

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that there are some coincidences in life that were meant to happen. When a wedding invitation was delivered to one person by mistake, that person decided that it happened for a reason and actually send a gift back to the couple! Better yet, the person wished them all the best and even encouraged them to go head first into marriage, because there is no room for doubt and it gets better with age! This is a truly wholesome thing to do and we love the story!

12. Subway delays are not always boring

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that everything in life happens depending on the way you look at the circumstances. Some people see a problem while other can see an opportunity in the same exact situation. This is what happened when there was a subway delay and three of the people stuck there decided to make the most of it! One man was playing his accordion and a young couple thought that it was the perfect chance to have some fun and cheer everyone up! We love this kind of attitude and we are sure they brought a lot of smiles that day!

13. This is the perfect example that the little things matter the most

Image Source: Reddit

There is not much to say about this image when you look at it, but one tiny detail is what really gives it a meaning. Someone noticed the tiny inscription on the rear of this truck and took an image. The person later shared it on social media. As you can see, the truck driver’s kid took a sharpie and wrote the one thing that could melt everyone’s heart, especially their dad’s! We like seeing such sincere ways for someone to express their feelings!

14. This is how true love looks like

Image Source: Twitter

Some people say that love fades away in time but we simply cannot agree with that! There are many ways to prove this and the post you see above is one way to do it! As you can see, this person’s parents celebrated 30 years of marriage and the man in the family was able to surprise his wife in the best possible way. He pulled off something worthy of featuring in a movie! What he did is to set up a bench dedicated to their love in the park where they enjoyed going for a walk to.

15. This is something amazing

Image Source: Terra

We have always said that all kids should have an animal at home because it can teach them a lot! This is a different case in which the animal literally changed a life! This boy was constantly bullied about his cleft lip and the color of his eyes, and he felt really bad about it until faith brought this cat his way! As you can see, the cat has the same features and the boy’s family immediately accepted the feline into their home! The boy could not be happier!

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