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15 Really Funny Things Kids Have Actually Gotten Very Upset Over

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Anyone who has kids knows that they can be absolutely irrational sometimes. Toddlers get upset about literally everything, and it does not need to involve any kind of logic, as you are about to read below. While these moments could be really fun and entertaining, they could also break your last nerve and irritate you beyond any expectations. We guess kids have their own concept of everything and we just need to put up with it.
Enjoy these short stories and don’t be too puzzled if you can relate to some of them – we have all been there at some point.

1. Tampons are meant for different use


One social media user described how their daughter literally went into a state of meltdown over his simple rejection over her wish to stick a tampon up her nose. It surely must have been one of those moments when you know you made the right decision but you wish you chose the wrong one instead.

2. Talking about strange requests


Another person shared the hilarious story about their kid’s desire to lick a frozen chunk of meat that was currently being defrosted. Of course, the request was rejected which resulted in a long and probably very unpleasant screaming episode.

3. We wish we had this kind of problems


There was another story about a boy that woke up in tears because he was upset over the rectangular shape of paper towels; he wanted them to be triangular instead. As weird as it sounds, the kid had to go back to sleep and his mother simply folded one paper towel into a triangular shape.

4. Kids can do gross things sometimes

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One mother shared that her kid became upset after she told him to stop wiping his nose with a piece of bread. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if he didn’t eat the bread afterwards. We tried to imagine what that was like, and we couldn’t.

5. Potties are not what they used to be

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One user shared the funny story of her daughter using her new princess potty. It was a cute model with built-in sound activated by a moisture sensor. Reportedly the first time the girl peed inside the potty and the music started to play, the kid began shrieking because she thought the sound was coming from her butt. The problem was solved with removing the batteries.

6. The moon should be ashamed


Another story really made us laugh. Apparently a boy noticed that the moon is visible during the day and he began crying really hard, begging his mom to take it away. We wonder what was happening in that child’s mind.

7. Things get weirder and weirder

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One user shared the extremely funny story of her two-year-old toddler’s teary meltdown. The reason is not what you’d expect; apparently there was some bird poop on the older kid’s window, while there wasn’t any on the toddler’s one.

8. Reindeers are not that mean


A 3-year-old toddler can accept someone else’s drama and relive it with lots of emotions. This is what happened after the toddler found out about the fact that Rudolph was laughed at by the other reindeers and they even called him names.

9. You could almost hear the screaming

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Imagine the sobbing and crying that followed after this little girl found out she was not featured on a single photo in her parents’ wedding album. The utter devastation can be seen easily and this episode probably lasted a long time.

10. Sometimes it all seems like a test


Another user shared an episode with her 4-year-old son. When he got his granola bar unwrapped for him, he actually threw a tantrum, screaming and demanding for the bar to be taped back so he could open it himself. Of course, the request was denied.

11. Ice cream is meant to be cold


Kids have the strangest reasons to get offended, and one boy really outdid himself. It appears that one toddler took as direct offense the fact that his ice cream was too cold to eat, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

12. A mother’s day is full of challenges

This is probably one of the strangest stories on the list. Apparently a four-year-old girl became heavily upset after her mother failed to take her skin off. Yes, no mistake here; the girl wanted to take her skin off.

13. It is a bit too early for worrying


A hilarious story unfolds around a six-year-old girl realizing that she is going to be a mother someday. When the thought hit her, she began crying and screaming about the pain she would have to go through. We guess it was a bit too early for that.

14. Renaming your daughter with a boy’s name is out of the question


Another user made us laugh hard with the story of their 4-year-old girl. The toddler was angry for weeks because her parents did not name her ‘Russell’ upon birth. We have no idea how kids come up with stuff like that.

15. Someone wanted a different playground setting


The last short story on the list is about a boy who became furious after his parents’ rejection to let him play on the roof of their house. Why he wanted to do it in the first place remains a mystery.

Written by Nick Martin

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