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15 Satisfying Images That Will Make You Feel Great The Rest Of The Day

Image Source: Reddit

We have said it before and we’ll say it again – nothing beats the photos which show satisfying things and events! There are thousands of different satisfying images online, but not all of them are as cool as the ones you are about to see! Perfection can be found in many things, places and situations. All you need to do is keep your eyes open! We’ve made it easier for you by gathering the images in the following list for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy them and choose your favorite!

1. Pressure washing always leads to perfection

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably the best cleaning method ever created! Pressure washing uses specific machinery and high pressure combined with cleaning chemicals. The end result of this activity can be seen in the photo above. As you can see, not only does pressure washing achieve a perfect result each time, but it is also an extremely satisfying process to observe. We can watch videos of someone using the power washer all day long!

2. No, this is not a toy rabbit

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes pets look so cute that they can be easily mistaken for stuffed toys! The case with this bunny is no different! As you can, it an extremely fluffy and chubby bunny, which is adorable! The best part is that the bunny’s butt looks like a giant fluffy ball! It is so perfectly round that you could easily be confused that it is not a living thing. The other interesting feature of this bunny is the color of its fur. We have never seen one like this before.

3. This pool looks brand new

Image Source: Reddit

Someone really put in a lot of work in order to clean this pool to perfection! It looks as if it was just built and filled with water for the first time! We all know how much slime and grime can be found around such places because of the moist and the constant contamination thanks to the elements. However, the person responsible for the maintenance did their job in the best possible way and end result is really satisfying to see.

4. Nature can often surprise us with its perfect creations

Image Source: Reddit

If you like to go on long walks or hikes, you are probably aware that nature is an endless source of perfection. Literally everywhere you look, a hidden gem might reveal itself to you! This was the case with this absolutely perfect flower! It looks like a drawing, but it is real! We love the gentle colors and the perfect pattern that the flower features. It must have been a really soothing experience to admire the beauty of this piece of nature in person.

5. This is something we could relate to in some cases

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps you are one of the people who like to prepare their own lunch and put in boxes instead of eating at some cheap diner which is close to work. This might seem like it might take too much time to prepare, but it is worth it! As you can see, someone decided to add some veggies to their meal. These two cucumbers happened to be an absolutely perfect fit inside the plastic box! It might not be much, but as we already mentioned, perfection can be found everywhere!

6. Some views look like a painting

Image Source: Reddit

We live in a modern world in which people often have no time for other activities except work and sleep. This is kind of sad, really, because we have lost our connection with nature. This is an essential thing and the least we could do is stop for a moment and just look at the stars or the sunset! It can also be a soothing experience, because more than often you could be able to see beautiful sceneries like this one! The pastel colors of this perfect sunset are mesmerizing!

7. All you need to do a perfect job is the right tool and a lot of effort

Image Source: Reddit

They say that it’s the little things that matter the most. We couldn’t agree more and this image is here to prove this saying! As you can see, someone took their time to trim the grass in perfect symmetry to the sidewalk. The end result is obviously perfect! You could say that this much effort was not needed, but we beg to differ! Just take a look at the other side which was not trimmed yet, and you would appreciate the perfection on the left even more!

8. This is not some kind of phenomenon

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Image Source: Reddit

This photo is really curious, but there is no special trick to it! In fact, all that happened was that a random ray of light fell on the glass, and the beautiful pattern you see was created! The glass is something like a 3D lens in this case, and it created an effect that looks like a piece of art. This is yet another proof that perfection can be found literally everywhere!

9. What looks like morning dew is actually guttation

Image Source: Reddit

You probably haven’t heard about this before, but guttation is something that can create a stunning sight just like the one in the photo. You might think that these drops were nothing but dew that happened to form these perfect drops. However, it is not dew. The drops you see were actually secreted by the plant. This is the reason why they have this perfect shape and are evenly distributed all over the leaf. Nature has done it again and we see perfection in its purest form.

10. Even something simple as a stack of cards can be satisfying to see

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing unusual here – just a big stack of cards ready to be knocked down! However, we could still admire the perfect way these cards are stacked. The tower that was formed looks flawless and you could still tell exactly how many cards are in it. This card stack might not be something extremely interesting, but its perfection is what counts here. We guess that it would nice to see a slow motion video of someone knocking it down.

11. We had a hard time guessing what this food was exactly

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this dish made us wonder what was inside. It looks like pasta, but it turned out to be grated butter! It might sound strange, but when the butter has been exposed to low enough temperatures, you could easily grate it just like a chunk of cheese! The person who grated the butter probably made the exact same movement each time they slid the piece of butter up and down the grater, because all the pieces look identical.

12. Here is something perfect and a bit disturbing, too

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes an accidentally cast shadow can make all the difference in a certain image! This is exactly the case with the image you see here! The shadow that fall on the wall is a perfect match to the huge bull head! The end result resembles a creature straight out of a horror movie! Of course, it looks absolutely perfect and this why it is on this list.

13. The color gradient of these veggies is perfect

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of perfection found in one really ordinary situation. Every season has its typical fruits and veggies and we love eating them fresh. Spring onions are among our favorite seasonal vegetables and this photo adds just one more reason to like them! Some skilled chef cut the onions to perfection, creating a really soothing color gradient. It was formed naturally because of the way the onions were colored, but the gradient is more visible after chopping the veggies.

14. This tree looks enchanting

Image Source: Reddit

If you keep the fairytale books from your childhood, you can go and check the images inside them. If there is a tree painted in some of them, chances are that it would look exactly like this one! This small tree casts the most perfect shadow we have ever seen! As the photo suggests, the shadow is perfectly round and it looks as if the tree was trimmed on purpose in order for this effect to be achieved! We doubt that someone took their time to do it, but whatever the case is, we still like this end result a lot! The shadow also clearly shows that you would not be able to protect yourself from rain if you decide to hide under it.

15. Someone really showed off amazing photography skills here

Image Source: Reddit

We simply love seeing quality images taken by professionals! These photos are always a work of art, because the people who take photos for a living can alter them in ways that turn them into amazing things! The photo you see above is a nice example of that! The person who took this photo did it with a super long exposure camera setup, after which someone climbed that rock face while carrying special color-changing LED lights. It was a brilliant idea and we can all see that the end result is impressive and really satisfying to see.

Written by Nick Martin

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