15 Shocking Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About The U.S. Secret Service


Not much is known about the United States Secret Services except for their main task-to protect the president. It’s an extremely demanding and far from safe job, which is exactly why this agency is so shrouded in mystery. Wherever the president goes, he is always accompanied by them but even though we have seen them many times, we can’t really say we know much about their job. Most people’s knowledge concerning the SS is that the agents look stylish, yet discrete with their trademarked earpieces and sunglasses and that they they have some of the best poker-faces the world has ever seen. Of course they’re definitely always ready to perform their national duty but other than that, we have no idea what they think about while on patrol and what their lives outside the federal government are like. Here’s a list of the things we do know about the SS though.

1. There has been only one case of an agent dying while protecting the president

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Considering the dangers connected with this job, ne would think that countless lives of agents have been lost while protecting the big boss, but in reality, according to historians, only one agent has ever lost their life while performing their duty. His name was Private Leslie Coffelt who was protecting president Harry S. Truman in 1950. Two Puerto Rican shooters made an assault at the Blair house where the president was temporarily residing due to renovations that were being made to the White House at the time. Coffelt was shot several times in the torso which led to his death. Before he let out his final breath however, Coffelt shot one of the attackers in the head. He became a hero and a plaque with his name and title was placed at the Blair House after his death.

2. They’re always ready to serve their duty

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Since the Secret Service agents are tasked with protection from and annihilation of all manner of threats to the president, they have to be armed, right? Not only that, but they are also always ready to pull out their firearms and remove an attacking menace. Considering the constant danger a president faces each and every day, all agents have to go through special training in order to be able to asses the situation whenever a threat is present and respond accordingly. A small but very important detail one can notice is that whenever you see SS agents, they’re usually resting their hands around their waist. This isn’t just to look intimidating or for comfort, it’s so they can draw their weapons and fire before an attacker makes their move.

3. They don’t actually swear to die while protecting the president

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We’ve all seen movies where agents will give their lives away for the President in order to perform their ultimate duty, but in reality, there is no oath that states that a Secret Service agent is obliged to sacrifice their life for the head of the nation. It’s an urban legend, created by the movie industry and it has spread throughout the whole country. The oath they actually give only states that they have to support and defend the Constitution against any and all threats. It doesn’t say anywhere that they have to give their lives for it but they still acknowledge it as an unwritten rule.


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