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15 Signs That We Should Go Back To Bed

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes looking at something just once is more than enough to convince you that it is not a good idea. We are glad that there are lots of photos online which show such things and situations. We can all see them and learn how to avoid similar situations.

Of course, we can also have some fun in the process, because even weird and wrong situations can have an amusing aspect! The following list will give you some examples of how things are not supposed to be done.

1. This surveillance system is not doing any job at all

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the best ideas can be ruined by bad execution! We live in the CCTV era, and there are a lot of surveillance cameras out there. However, having such a security system is one thing, but setting it up to actually be useful is a completely different story! As you can see, someone probably decided to install this camera after reading the sign quite literally! Now the area of the sign will be under constant surveillance, but the rest of the place will not be covered.

2. Here is why you should always be careful when grocery shopping

Image Source: Reddit

Most people think that grocery shopping is an easy and boring activity, and we agree with the boring part. However, we guess that it is not easy at all! You need to compare prices and to follow the shopping list. You also need to be careful for pick-pocket thieves and check the expiration dates on each item. As this image suggests, you need to keep your eyes open for one very important thing as well. We are talking about misplaced products!

3. This is definitely not a snack

Image Source: Reddit

When you are at the movies or you attend a house party, you would definitely want to enjoy some snacks. It is an essential part of the whole experience and we all love munching on some chips or crackers. As you can see, this person decided to buy a huge bag of his favorite mix, but there was a rather unpleasant surprise inside. This piece of wood is the last thing you want to bite while enjoying your bag of chips!

4. This vehicle is definitely in the wrong place

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases you may find yourself to be so lost that any help would be much appreciated. In these moments desperation can get the better of you, but there is no need to worry! You can always trust your GPS, or maybe not? As you can see, someone probably made that mistake, and things ended in disaster. We hope that they were able to remove the vehicle from the tracks before it was too late. Judging by the state of the car, nobody was probably hurt, too.

5. Sometimes the production of a certain products suffers malfunctions

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of ways you can produce a certain type of product. Technology has reached its peak and a lot of new things have been developed for manufacturers to use. However, the high-tech approach is not always a guarantee for a perfect end result. We must not forget that there are still people involved into the production of any product you can imagine. They help assemble the final product or they control and calibrate different machines. This is why mistakes like this one can easily be made.

6. This may actually be a sign to stop working immediately

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all kinds of instrument failures, but we have never seen pliers snap like that! As you can see, one half of the instrument is severely bended and the metal is cracked in the middle where the two parts of the pliers meet. We have no idea how is this possible, but we guess that they are just very old and extremely warn out. A lot of force must have been needed to cause damage like that. Of course, the pliers may have been low quality ones, which would explain the damage on them.

7. This dumpster pool actually looks tempting

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best things to do during a heat wave is go to the beach or at least to visit a swimming pool complex and have some fun. However, it is not always possible to do that, and the reasons for that are many. You may be unable to leave work, for instance, or they might not be a decent pool within a reasonable radius from your location. This is when you need to show some creativity and solve the problem. We guess that this person did the same and he seems to be enjoying himself!

8. This situation is very hard to explain

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Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, these people are trying to do something, but we failed to determine what exactly is happening in the photo. It seems to be a bit of a struggle, actually, as if the man inside that hatch was stuck. However, it just does not seem this way, and the other person seems to be supporting him. Maybe some kind of a repair job was needed in that tight space, and these men decided to try and do their best.

9. Here is the smallest toilet space we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes there are some construction fails which are too funny to be true, but yet they are completely real. The case with this bathroom door is the same! Instead of using a folding door, they decided to stick with an ordinary door. However, it needed some modifications in order to make it usable. As you can see, anyone who decides to use the toilet would not be able to enjoy any privacy because of the opening on the door!

10. We guess that the quotation marks on this sign are just a bit too much

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing a sign like that at the meat stand in a grocery store may not be huge deal for most people, because they would never notice the quotation marks. They make all the difference here, and your imagination can do the rest! If your brain accepts this as a smart euphemism, you can literally give it all kinds of disturbing meanings which are not appropriate for a grocery store.

11. Here is one particularly strange way to cook a hotdog

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, than you love to experiment in the kitchen! Of course, you need to have some culinary knowledge in order to know what to blend and how to cook different types of products. In every other case the attempts would be in vein! We guess that something similar happened here, but we are not sure why would some do it. Maybe it was part of a bet, or just some sort of a prank.

12. You know you are in trouble when your basement looks like this

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for a lot of people, some disasters keep happening in their areas. This goes especially for hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. No matter how used you are to the danger, you must always keep in mind that next time might be worse than the last. What matters most is to stay alive! However, the possible damage is not something we should underestimate, too. This person probably cringed when they saw the state of their basement. It looks like a swamp, and it would require a lot work to pump the water out.

13. This cat is trying to achieve the impossible

Image Source: Reddit

We all know what most cats love to do. Except for resting all day and plotting how to take over the world, felines have a few hobbies that we would never understand. These hobbies include chasing mice and birds. It is in their predator nature, we guess. However, sometimes cats can find themselves in a strange situation such as this one. This cat was able to see the bird, but despite its effort, it could never reach the nest.

14. Technology has taken over our lives

Image Source: Reddit

People are slowly becoming slaves of technology and we need to do something about it, whether we like it or not. As this photo suggests, people are always engaged in an activity which involves at least one gadget. This example is even more wrong, because the person didn’t even bother to take the selfie stick off the smartphone. She probably intended to continue with the selfies after the call.

15. Here is why you should never run after you hit someone’s property

Image Source: Twitter

If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident and you are the one to blame, you should not even thing about fleeing the scene! It is better for you to immediately admit your fault, because otherwise you will be charged with additional things and the punishment will definitely be far worse. However, not all people are willing to take responsibility for their actions. This is absolutely wrong! As you can see, someone smashed their vehicle into this one, but the license plate remained stuck on the bumper.

Written by Nick Martin

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