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15 Situations And People We Are More Or Less Worried About

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that disaster could strike anytime, no matter how calm a situation looks like at first glance. Maybe you have been involved in such situations before! We know we have, and we need to tell that in some cases it is not easy to get out of this type of event! These situations occur because you never fully in control of everything that surrounds you. This means that you need to be prepared for the unexpected! As weird it sounds, just remember that you need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You are about to see what it looks like to be in a potentially dangerous situation! Some of the situations might not be that serious, but they could end up in an unpleasant way and you would be glad that you were not involved in them. The owner of the BMW you see above was probably not pleased to see how cats were able to scratch the paintwork.

1. This is a really vile thing to do

Image Source: Instagram

This social media post definitely raises a lot of questions! As you can see, someone came up with a rather evil idea! We cannot believe that someone is capable of doing such a thing. Let’s just hope that the whole thing was a joke! If we assume that someone actually does this occasionally, we could only hope that we would never get to taste what these cubes taste like! Maybe this person would do the right thing by simply not inviting the people that they don’t like.

2. Fortune cookies are not what they used to be

Image Source: Reddit

We enjoy reading the fortunes inside fortune cookies! This is a really nice ritual that we are used to, but it is about to change. After seeing this photo, we realized that not all fortunes are positive! This immediately made them a lot less desirable than they were before! Imagine reading this in the end of a tough and exhausting day! It would be more than enough to throw you down in the dumps! But you don’t need to worry, because it was definitely written with a lot of sarcasm.

3. Safety precautions are not among these people’s priorities list

Image Source: Reddit

If you are involved in construction work, then you probably know that there are a lot of specific regulations in this field! They are an absolute must, and you need to follow them the strictly. We guess that every worker knows the importance of safety precautions, yet many individuals neglect them. As you can see in the photo above, these workers chose to escape the scorching heat by sitting underneath a heavy machine. The digger is supported by its own hydraulics! This does not look safe at all!

4. Sometimes people come up with some really creepy stuff

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone is kind of weird in a certain way, bust most people choose to keep it a secret. However, some individuals even tend to brag with the weird things they come up with. This social media post is a fine example. The person on the right ripped off the face of an animatronic Elvis Presley figure for unknown reasons, after which he put it on and took a selfie. This is really creepy and we have no idea why would someone do such a thing. Maybe he thought that it would be funny, who knows.

5. This is a really extreme trust test

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best feelings is to know that you can trust someone with your life! It seems that some people take that quite literally! This couple pulled of a stunt which would make most people cringe, including us! There is no way that we would put our lives in the hands of someone else. However, there are thrill seekers who live for moments like these! These people say that the adrenaline rush they feel while pulling of similar stunts becomes an addiction!

6. These earphones are more than dangerous

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of products that suffer from design flaws. The constructors sometimes fail to spot a certain mistake or the testing of the product is not extensive enough. However, this is not the case here. It seems that someone attached a pin to these earphones, which is definitely not a good idea! As you can see, the earphones look like a torture device! They can cause a serious injury! We hope that this is not some kind of a joke.

7. Some photos don’t need a caption

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then you see a photo that needs no explanation whatsoever! A few key details that the photo features often tell the whole story. In this case, the man’s facial expression and the huge pink bags are more than enough to explain what happened. The man probably spent a small fortune on the contents of these bags! You can all see the logo on the bags! These items are expensive. We guess that his significant other is happy with the gifts she received.

8. These men will not let anything stop their game

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Image Source: Reddit

Most sane people would probably run as fast as possible if a giant ash cloud was coming towards them. However, these two golfers refused to let such a minor inconvenience stop them! Some of you may consider them to be reckless, but we guess they are also very brave. The two men obviously love playing golf! Of course, no game is more important than life and they probably decided to quit and go somewhere safe.

9. This is one really frightening scene

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen a lot of horror movies and some of them are really disturbing. However, witnessing something worthy of such movie in real life is a completely different experience! This photo shows such a thing and we were puzzled when we saw it! Of course, there is nothing supernatural here. There were two holes in this rock formation and anyone behind it could stick their hands through them. It seems that one of the holes is really tight and this person probably struggled to get out, which is also kind of terrifying.

10. Someone is obviously riding the bus for free

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that it would be amazing to be a superhero in real life! Some superpowers might come in handy in a number of ways. As you can see, someone decided to follow the superhero lifestyle! A person dressed as Spiderman is riding on the top of this bus, which may seem kind of cool, but it is not. First of all, this person probably did not buy a ticket. Second, he is in danger of falling off the bus because he probably cannot secure himself properly.

11. This is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure if this photo was set up or it was taken during a prank. Whatever the case was, you can see that these two hovering people are trying to scare the person in the corner. It seems that they are doing a pretty good job, too. We guess that it is a prank, but a rather savage one! Sometimes having fun is not worth it if you need to scare someone.

12. Someone was able to take this photo at the perfect time

Image Source: Reddit

Perfectly timed photos are always a pleasure to see. However, in some cases they are not that funny. In fact, they can be worrying or disturbing! As you can see, someone was able to take a photo of a giraffe breaking a car window with its head! We guess that there were people inside the vehicle and they probably provoked the animal in some way. They must have been terrified after the giraffe literally broke into the passenger compartment by breaking a side window. Let’s hope that nobody got seriously injured.

13. This is definitely not a typical sight even for Walmart

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably well aware of the people you could see at any Walmart location. If you spend just an hour walking between the aisles, you are likely to see things and individuals beyond your craziest imagination! However, sometimes people push it too far and images like this one are born. This woman was probably well aware of what she was doing, but she still thought it would be funny. What we don’t get is why the batteries in the back are so overpriced, as the person who captioned the photo noticed?

14. This dreamy setup has something disturbing in it

Image Source: Instagram

Most people would like to own a huge house by the sea with a pool and a bunch of other things. It sounds like a dream, and the photo shows how it would look like. However, the photo also features one disturbing sight. As you can see, there is a person in the tub next to the pool. The person is completely submerged and we hope that it was only for the photo, because it does not take long for someone to drown.

15. Here is one weird and dangerous road accident

Image Source: Reddit

Road accidents happen every day, but this one is exceptional! The photo shows an axe that went straight into the windshield of a moving vehicle! The situation was more than dangerous! We have no idea where the axe came from, but we are glad that nobody was injured. This is definitely not something we would like to experience!

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