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15 Snapchat Stories That We Definitely Can Relate

Image Source: Instagram / x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Modern life is very different when you compare it to the daily routines we used to have fifteen years ago; so many things have changed in so little time, and we need to keep up with the trends, whether we like it or not.

One of the things we all do is constant updates on our lives – social media is overflowing with people’s every step, day after day. The thing is that some people are just plain weird, and following them might be quite amusing or even confusing. If you don’t have such people around you and therefore you are not sure what do we mean exactly, simply check out the list below and have fun!

1. We hope this is weird enough for you

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that you don’t see every day for sure! Nobody would expect to walk inside the garage and find a huge bird on top of their shiny SUV. Apparently this is exactly what happened to this girl. We are no sure if this is a turkey or something else, but it is definitely a weird sight.

2. Mistakes happen much too often

Image Source: Twitter

When you get the number wrong, things might end up in a hilarious way, and we love seeing such situations occur. This here is a perfect example, and the facial expression of this girl does not even need a caption, because it’s hilarious!

3. This is so accurate that it hurts

Image Source: Instagram

We couldn’t sum up things better ourselves! For some unknown reason ladies tend to act really emotional while they use Snapchat, and that’s not always a good thing. This applies mostly to the moments they discuss their love life, and things could escalate really fast.

4. The good old student days

Image Source: Imgur

Students often find themselves in ridiculous situations that are worth sharing, but back in the good old days we were unable to document these moments. Today’s kids and teens have all the technology they need to capture meaningless, but extremely funny moments, and they take advantage of that.

5. You can never get bored if you have a dog

Image Source: Instagram

Everyone who owns a dog knows how interesting your day can be, and the canine can always come up with something new to surprise you with. Sometimes a doggo can act really weird, and no matter how well you know your pet, you would still be unable to come up with a logical explanation.

6. Some situations are better left the way they are

Image Source: Imgur

Even if you find yourself in a situation where you can make things right, you better think twice and decide whether it is a good idea or not, because the right choice depends on the situation, and the example here shows that sometimes the best thing to do is just leave things the way they were initially.

7. This is as awkward as it can get

Image Source: Instagram

Most people would probably admit that they have used the handicap stall, because most of the times it is not occupied. However, it can be a huge mistake if you happen to be at the wrong place and time, just like this person. We cannot imagine the embarrassment.

8. Hers is an awkward way to hit on someone

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen numerous ways in which people hit on others in cafeterias and diners, but this is beyond the weirdest things we’ve seen. Putting your phone number inside a lime may be a good idea, but it is actually a tacky move.

9. Some people really take it to the extreme

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that a simple math problem can have a huge impact on some people, and this professor is definitely one of those people. Maybe the poor dude is simply fed up with seeing dumb mistakes and decided to include a chilling ultimatum in the test.

10. This raises so many questions

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that is both funny and awkward in the same time. How is it possible for a teacher to mistake a hoodie with a balloon inside for a student? Is the teacher used to seeing students asleep in class or teaching have become a mechanical process without personal attention?

11. Felines have obviously mastered the skill of taking a selfie

Image Source: Reddit

This perfect selfie shows this cat’s skills, which definitely exceed the skills most people have. When you think about it, most selfies you see on social media are a complete disaster, and some folks need to learn a thing or two from this kitty.

12. Everyone knows that it’s just a phase

Image Source: The Chive

Unfortunately for most kids the shape or size of the head does not stand for the amount of brain power it contains. We wish it was that easy to determine this, but it is not the correct way, even though phrenology is still popular among a lot of people.

13. Some jokes are just not that funny

Image Source: The Chive

This future dad thought that such a joke would be a good idea, but the only person laughing must be him. Maybe this is his way of making a lighter atmosphere for his wife, but she probably did not get the right message.

14. Spray tan can lead to a disaster

Image Source: The Things

It seems that someone forgot about the spray tan, or it was poorly done, because most of it is stamped on these sheets. We hope that this was not a hotel room, because the person who left such awkward marks must have been pretty embarrassed.

15. First time experiences are the best

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily spot when someone is having a good time, but this would be an understatement when it comes to this girl’s reaction to trying an s’more for the first time. Her eyes really tell a story, and we wish we have such experiences as weel.

Written by Nick Martin

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