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15 Things That Are Cleaned So Well That It’s Oddly Satisfying


Nobody likes cleaning; it’s one of the most annoying house chores, but it’s also inevitable, unless you are filthy and you like to trash your place. When you start living on your own, you immediately realize the amount of work your mom did cleaning after you. What makes matter worse is that not many people could afford a housekeeper.

However, there is a different side of cleaning that we’re about to show you. When things get really messy, the professional approach could literally work wonders and the end result becomes satisfying to watch. Take a look at these and maybe you’ll change the way you look at cleaning, too.

1. Maybe you should check out the rug in your kids’ room

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that kids make a mess, but this is ridiculous. The insane amount of dirt that’s on the rug is disgusting, not to mention that it is dangerous for you offspring’s health. There are professional cleaning services for rugs and floor mats that turn them almost into new ones.

2. This Super Nintendo was not super at all

Image Source: Imgur

Wow, look at that filthy thing! Kids often start playing immediately after they were in the back yard, for example, and you could see the consequences here. What’s even more amazing is the fact that someone manage to clean it pretty good and return its glorious appearance.

3. We are obviously used to dirty coins

Image Source: Reddit

These shiny coins are simply stunning, and they look rather unnatural. The weird reason for this is the fact that we are apparently used to exchange dirty coins without even realizing it. There used to be some DIY tricks for cleaning coins and you can bet that we’re going to try them.

4. Hardwood floors are tough to clean

Image Source: Reddit

It must be a pretty hard task to restore the shine of this hardwood floor by hand, and judging by the picture someone did exactly that, which is admirable. The effect is massive; it looks like someone re-floored it instead of just scrubbing the dirt off.

5. This is what you call a huge difference

Image Source: Reddit

We need to give the cleaners responsible for this a huge round of applause. They deserve all the credit they can get, because their work makes a huge difference! It is so satisfying to watch this building slowly turning into a shiny gem.

6. This is one dirty window

Image Source: Reddit

But by the looks of it, it would not be dirty for much longer, because somebody obviously was fed up with the filth that was layered on top of it. The question here is who managed to neglect it for so long that it became impossible to look through it.

7. The elements leave their mark on furniture

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, there is almost nothing that a power washer couldn’t take care of. Imagine spending the afternoon restoring all the furniture on your porch to the same state when you bought them. This would be a truly rewarding experience for sure.

8. Every man feels good when deep cleaning his ride

Image Source: Imgur

Okay, probably not everyone, but most guys would easily spend the day cleaning their ride. It seems a huge task, and it actually is, because there is a lot of stuff needed to clean both exterior and interior. However, all the effort it takes is nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing your car shine like new.

9. This is how perfectionists eat peanut butter

Image Source: Reddit

Here’s little something to leave you stunned! Obviously someone ate half of this peanut butter jar, but there is no trace on the walls of the jar! The person who ate it made sure to scrape every tiny bit off the walls, creating this satisfying end result.

10. Spring cleaning is almost like a holiday for some folks

Image Source: Reddit

People who feel their best at home usually like taking care of their garden, and if there happens to be a pool in it, the work easily doubles. Of course, this will never be an obstacle for those who like deep cleaning; it simply means that it would take a lot of time and energy.

11. This is one of the most impressive ones on the list

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot even imagine the insane amount of work needed to complete the task of cleaning this beautiful building. What’s even more mind-blowing is the amount of dirt it gathered over the many decades since it was constructed.

12. This is not a checkered floor

Image Source: Reddit

Although it seems this way, it is actually a solid color, but someone cleaned it the way you see here to prove a point – the floor was very, very dirty. And the final result is good enough evidence. We hope that they cleaned the whole floor later.

13. The definition of a dirty job

Image Source: Reddit

Just looking at these deep fryers makes us sick. The difference after the treatment someone gave them is huge, but we also give credit for the effort because we know how hard it is to clean those layers of grease.

14. Combining work and play makes things easier

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing better than having some fun while doing a chore, right? Especially when you have a power washer at your disposal! This person clearly took advantage of this fact and fooled around a bit. We would do the same, of course.

15. This running track got a complete makeover

Image Source: Reddit

The people running on this track probably did not realize that it was actually red. All the filth that was stacked on top in multiple layers seem s to fall right off with the power washer, giving it a fresh and new look.


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