15 Things Women Google In Secret

It is easier than ever these days to garner any information that you might be looking for thanks to search engines like Google. What did we even do before?

If you are like me, and can remember the world before the Internet, you probably appreciate the convenience of Google so much more than the folks who have never known a world without it.

I’m curious by nature and sometimes I get called the google queen because of how many times a day I look something up.

Google is one of the most popular websites in existence. I mean, where else can you look to find out how the weather will be, what time your favorite store closes, and the birthplace of your favorite actor?

Sometimes, we Google things that we might not want anyone else to know about. Maybe something embarrassing. Maybe something gross. Maybe just something juvenile. So we do it in secret.

I’m not sure what we would find on the men’s list, but here are some topics that women Google in secret. Shhh!

1. Wine

Image Source: GIPHY

It’s not surprising that women want to Google wine. Women love wine. We are portrayed drinking wine on nearly every show and in every movie ever made.

Some of us love it so much, that we want to know if we can buy it in bulk!

No, this isn’t a secret cry for help. Sometimes large quantities are needed. Girl’s night in, a slumber party, Tuesday. There are many reasons why wine in bulk would be wonderful.

I mean, who wants to go to the store for more wine? I imagine whoever Googles this particular question as having a huge closet filled with other bulk items, like toilet paper, windex, and giant tubs of pretzels.

2. Haircuts

Image Source: IMUGR

Getting your hair done by a professional is a luxury that many of us cannot afford on a regular basis. We still like to look our best, though.

This means that many women look to Google to find out how they can save some cash by cutting their own hair.

I’m not sure I could ever go through with that, no matter how much money it would save! It is bonkers to me that anyone is brave enough to try this.

Beauticians go to school to learn how to cut hair and I’m quite sure the video on Google is not nearly the same as an actual education into the art of haircutting.

I am sure some might have luck in trying to cut their own hair, but I’m willing to bet that more fails come from this than anything. I’m definitely giving this idea a hard pass!

3. Finger Tats

Image Source: Quick Meme

Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream in recent years and it seems that almost everyone has one or two.

It used to be that women were interested mainly in lower back ink, given the not so lovely nickname, tramp stamps.

Now, it seems women are searching Google for tattoo ideas for a different part of the body. The fingers!

I have heard of couples getting their ring fingers tattooed instead of wearing a ring, but I never thought that some people would want finger tattoos for other reasons. Cute symbols or initials are popular themes.

Tats on the hands tend to fade more quickly than anywhere else in the body, though, because they are in contact with water more often. That will lead to retouching or a tattoo that looks bad.

4. Dolls

Image Source: Quick Meme

For those who live near and travel on major highways know all about HOV lanes. They are a privilege afforded to those who carpool or travel with family.

Many people long to be able to dart over there and get to where they’re going much faster.

Thus the massive amounts of searches asking if an inflatable dolls count as a passenger. They do not. If you’re caught by the police, you will get a ticket.

Those of us in small towns don’t have to worry about that!

5. Cat Lady

Image Source: Wiffle Gif

We all know the joke about the old cat lady, and apparently some women worry about this. Women google to ask how many cats warrant being called a cray cray cat lady.

Some people think that there is no number of cats that make you crazy cat lady, and encourage filling your home up from one end to the other with felines. Others think more than two or three is excessive.

What do you think? Myself, I don’t want any animals in the house, so I am confident I will never be a crazy cat lady.

6. Unicorns, of course

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s not a secret that kids and women adore unicorns. Maybe even some men.

Most of us are aware that unicorns are merely a myth, but that doesn’t stop some ladies from inquiring if they can and where they would find a unicorn for purchase.

I wonder if they want it for themselves of “for their kids?”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they did exist and we could go get one to keep as a pet if we wanted to?

I know I would love it. I mean, my kids. My kids would love it.

7. Pregnancy

Image Source: Tenor Gif

Pregnancy questions are abundant because it’s a very critical time in a woman’s life. There is a lot going on. We are responsible for another human! It’s scary stuff.

It seems that some women Google before they are even with child wondering if they can get pregnant in certain situations.

You’d think by the time a woman is an adult, she would realize what it takes to get pregnant. She would know that nothing but abstinence is 100% birth control.

There are obviously some who don’t or that encounter situations where they get nervous or something. Either way, the inquiry is made a lot.

8. More pregnancy

Image Source: Giphy

Obviously, being a day late on your monthly cycle can be a sign of pregnancy, but there can be other reasons that Aunt Flo is late.

test ad

Even though most women are fully aware of this, it can still be disconcerting to be late if you don’t want a child.

Fortunately, most of the time, it ends up coming on in a day or two. So many things can affect your cycle, including stress and exercise.

9. Periods

Image Source: PopKey

Keeping on with the period talk is the fact that apparently there are a number of women asking Google whether it’s normal to have their cycle once a month.

I’m not sure if they missed that day in eighth grade health class or what, but any girl over the age of 10 should know this.

Perhaps their cycle has always been abnormal, and when it starts coming as it should, they get nervous. Once a month, every 28 day or so, is typical.

10. How to drop a few pounds quickly

Image Source: Dietdon

I’m guilty of this one for sure. Sometimes we need to look our best for photos or vacation, or maybe just to be healthier.

Logically, we know that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is simply to eat less and move more. Easier said than done for most.

So, we sometimes need to know the best ways to lose as much as we can as fast as possible. There are so many fads to try and most will give you good results quickly, but they generally aren’t long term, or healthy for you.

It’s best to do it the right way. Slow and steady wins the race.

11. Themselves

Image Source: Express VPN

Most experts recommend Googling a new person before meeting them on a blind date, and most employers will do a quick search on new hires, but have you ever Googled yourself?

Apparently, lots of women do.

You can find out all sorts of things online about yourself. Any newspapers you’ve been mentioned in. Mugshots will certainly show up. A LinkedIn profile and all social media accounts will be on the list as well.

If you’re in a highly skilled profession, such as medicine, architecture, or law, your accomplishments and customer reviews will be there as well.

Have you ever Googled yourself?

12. How to twerk

Image Source: HBR

Back in my day, (oh my goodness, I’m showing my age) we had to either take dance lessons, or have natural talent, to learn any of the cool dances. Luckily, the running man, the tootsie roll, and the electric slide were pretty easy to pick up.

These days, there is no way I could get down like these kids do. They have complicated moves and routines new that go with certain songs.

And then there is twerking. I am so glad I’m too old to be expected to even attempt it.

Have you seen videos online of people getting hurt trying to get creative with twerking?

There are so many women who want to perfect it, so they go online and find how to videos. I wonder how many emergency room visits are made from people throwing out their back while trying to twerk?

Isn’t it amazing that you can literally attempt to learn anything you want from the Internet?

I think I’ll use my time more wisely than this!

13. Evidence of infidelity

Image Source: Pulptastic

Relationships are sometimes turbulent. Sometimes there is reason for one of the parties to believe infidelity has happened.

Often, women will try to justify bad behavior from their lover, because they don’t want to believe the truth.

Often times, when a woman feels she is being betrayed, she will look for signs and then look online for corroboration.

Maybe they are hoping they are just paranoid. Maybe they want to be sure before they confront the jerk!

Whatever the case, women search “did he cheat” pretty often.

I bet men search, too. Why can’t everyone just be faithful?

14. Getting a huge following

Image Source: smwcph

These days, you can become a star without an agent or any kind of paid acting or singing gig. If you have any sort of talent, you can start a YouTube channel, post to Instagram or Facebook and you might very well be on your way.

To get famous online, though, you have to have a lot of followers. Once you have enough, you can get paid for letting companies advertise in between your videos, and perhaps even be noticed by a producer or talent scout.

Heck, I have some people with no talent other than having a cute kid, or somehow making slime videos seem entertaining. They are making bank, while we were there butts off at real jobs!

So, it comes as no surprise that women google ways to get more followers on social media! Maybe they want to do make up tutorials. Maybe they like to do crazy stunts for likes. There are a million ways when it comes to making your way online!

15. Toots

Image Source: Pop Sugar

This one will probably give you a chuckle, especially if you are one of the ones who has secretly Googled it.

There is a long held belief that passing gas burns calories. It isn’t true, but a lot of women have looked it up.

I wonder If they looked it up because they already farted a lot and wanted to know if it was doing any good at all, or if they are so desperate to find ways to burn calories that they are going to try to attempt pooting any chance they got even more.

Did you see any of the things that you have googled in secret on this list? Are there any weird things that you have secretly googled before? Some of these came as a surprise to me, but some were expected. I wonder how the women’s list compares to men’s?

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