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15 Sutiations You Will Be Thankful Did Not Happen To You

Image Source: Reddit

Life often has a strange sense of humor. We all have bad days when we ask, “Why is this even happening to ME?” However, we are firm believers that there is always something to laugh about, even in bad situations. They say that laughter is the best medicine and we will show you 10+ people you be amused to see. Just for a reminder that things can always get worse.

1. When it is your mom who is “going through some phase”

Image Source: Reddit

I find this hilarious given the fact that normally it is the other way around. Parents and their kids often (if not always) have different tastes when it comes to music, fashion or in this case – in decorating the house. I wish I had this mom for a designer back when I was 15-year-old and my Goth phase was in its peak. Meagan might not agree with me, but I especially enjoyed the blood drops and the cool curtains. Her mother definitely knows how to decorate a Goth house properly. At least there is no need for some extra addition during Halloween season. Great job, mom!

2. Who is laughing now?

Image Source: Reddit

Do you remember when cars like this were really something back in the day? Some people might consider them too retro, but guess what – they still can be useful, especially during floods, apparently. I bet that some of this man’s friends laughed at him for wanting to have such a car. Judging by his expression, he is probably proud of himself to prove his friends wrong. Besides, a picture like this could be used for advertising!

3. When even clouds have healthier relationship than you have

Image Source: Instagram

Nature never seizes to amaze all of us. From it’s beautiful colors and whimsical shapes, to even the clouds having a relationship while you are still single. Since we never wanted to be a downer, let us look at things from the brighter side – it might be just a T-Rex looking up at the sky. Feeling better now? You are welcome.

4. Misfortune cookie

Image Source: Reddit

Misfortune cookies are one thing, but misfortune cookies roasting you is another story. I am not sure if this is a poor translation or not, but whatever it is, the result is hilarious. I hope the person who got it enjoyed it as much as we did and found it funny as well. These misfortune cookies became а mainstream thing and to be honest, we are obsessed with them, and for a reason, obviously.

5. Mission impossible

Image Source: Reddit

Who is up for some adventure? Many of us will not be brave enough to risk it with a ride like this given the fact that even looking at this photo makes us anxious. However, if you are the type of person who is not frightened easily and have nerves of steel you might try it. I bet the adrenaline you get from a ride like this will not compare to anything else. However, I am really hoping that is everything but a tour bus.

6. Caption this

Image Source: Reddit

I am not even sure what is happening here, but I am glad that this is not my car. Looks like an epic car lifting fail where things obviously went terribly wrong. I do not know what I am more curious about – the face of the car’s owner after he saw this or what the mechanic’s explanation was. No matter what, there are few tips for you if you do not want to end up in a situation like this. Do not trust any mechanic with your car is the first one. It might be the last time you see it whole.

7. Summer in Arizona

Image Source: Reddit

Did you try turning it off and on again? I can’t wait to find out what were the circumstances that led to this situation. Anyone?… No one?… Bummer. I guess this might be a common thing if you live in Arizona, where everything starts to melt during the summer. Even the fans. Especially the fans. I think it is time to buy an air conditioner. A fireproof one. It might stand a chance!

8. Caught red-handed

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Image Source: Reddit

Obviously, during a Brazilian carnival you can easily forget that you are not single. And obviously you can also easily forget that you came with your girlfriend. She is actually right there, watching the whole thing. Why is there no “after” photo? We are thrilled to understand what exactly happened next. While we are waiting for the denouement, I will be here trying to figure out whom to feel for more out of these three people.

9. You do not pay me enough to do this

Image Source: Reddit

We all have been in a situation where we were not quite satisfied with what we need to do at work. While swiping a mess is not really a police duty and can be tiresome, this police officer is handling it really well. Although we are not sure what led to the result of this massive cherry coke burst, we are glad that the police department came just in time to help clean the mess. Let the broom be with you, kind officer!

10. You had one job

Image Source: Twitter

We have just one question and that is ‘How’? Just… how? Obviously, it takes quite a bit of talent to do something that unexplainable. Is it some new trend in house constructing? Who did it? Was it the crew’s mistake? Was it some architectural wonder? Why no one noticed it? If they did, why they even finished the roof with that ladder coming out of it? Too many questions the answers to which we might never hear, unfortunately.

11. Go with the flow

Image Source: Reddit

Just give me the ticket because I give up. Driving can be stressful enough already, without some crazy traffic lights being out of control. Where was this picture taken, anyway? Are traffic lights like these even a thing? It would be good to know so we can never go there and have to deal with it. Just imagine the chaos while everyone is trying to figure out if they should stay or they should go.

12. Never do stunts unprepared

Image Source: Reddit

Well, I guess not only mountain roads are too dangerous. I think this is exactly what happens when you try to figure out traffic lights like the ones from the last picture, or when you have watched too many action movies and decided to do a stunt yourself. I have no idea how the bus driver managed to do this, but let us hope no one got hurt or injured.

13. Naughty guests

Image Source: Reddit

I wonder whose bright idea was to put their dirty plate in the drawer with the socks. Most importantly – why they did it at all? Being a party host is bad enough sometimes to also have to find a used plate in your closet. All mixed up with your clean socks. Was the sink too far away or in a different building maybe? Next time you decide to throw a party you better be prepared for everything. Especially for missing plates and bad smells from around the house. Seriously, the sock drawer!?

14. I want to get out

Image Source: Twitter

I have seen horror movies starting like this. This would explain why I feel uncomfortable even looking at this picture. For the sake of my own sanity, I will just pretend that someone picked it up to open it, but then something else came up so they left it like this. Maybe some pet chew on it. As long as it does not include clown dolls that come alive, we would be happy with every other possible explanation. Can someone burn it? Thank you.

15. This was definitely a mistake

Image Source; Reddit

This person is smiling but we guess that he knew he made a mistake. You should never leave your box of candy or chocolates outside when it is hot because the mess is guaranteed. Now the person has something like an accidental candybar and we are sure that he will remember this as a lesson. We would eat them as they are stacked like that, to be honest! There is no way we would let chocolate go to waste.

Written by Nick Martin

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