15 Times Accidental Pieces Of Art Could Not Be More Perfect

Image Source: IMGUR

If you take the time to look around, you would likely notice that we are literally surrounded by art. It exists in all shapes and sizes, and it could be found absolutely everywhere. The genius of mankind is capable of creating amazing pieces of art in all known forms, but sometimes you just can’t beat nature at it.

We have gathered a collection of 15 examples of such accidental art, and all of them are stunning, especially considering the fact that there was no human interaction.

1. These complex forms are mesmerizing

Image Source: Greien218

You could admire this beautiful snowy fence for a long time. It looks very surreal and extraordinary and it was absolutely worth the photo. The texture of the snow and the shapes that were created by the wind give that unique look that man could hardly create.

2. The morning frost is a masterpiece

Image Source: Kvapil

This amazing photo of the morning frost blew our minds! It looks like a giant and very complicated mural, and it does not seem to have any flaws. Imagine the painstaking work that needs to be done if someone decided to recreate this.

3. Nature has little to do with this, but it is still very pretty

Image Source: drewsoulman

This kitty looks like a living masterpiece! The reason for the colorful dots is the sun rays passing through an Easter decoration mounted on a door. As much as we like it, it could be hardly recreated again and please do not attempt to dye your cat this way.

4. This is an actual photo

Image Source: mikeleus

It may look like a really nice painting, but it’s not. What you see here is an orange tree in the yard that was photographed through the glass panels of a yard greenhouse. No need to add that the end result is more than stunning.

5. Accident can apparently result in art, too

Image Source: AshlynnMartell

Here is something that happens once in a life time. We all hate getting chips on the paint or the windshield by all the rocks that constantly hit out cars on the road. However, this person was probably not angry at all upon seeing the end result of a rock that cracked his windshield.

6. The perfect reflection does not need to be flawless

Image Source: sivribiber

The beauty of this sunset reflection is multiplied, because the mirror that reflects it was broken in the way you see here. While you probably would not expect much as an end result, we could all agree that it is the complete opposite – it is pure art.

7. Light art is our favorite

Image Source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

These shadows were snapped in Scotland and the person who took the photo got the chance to catch a unique moment. The cross pattern that was created by the light falling down on the fence is very pretty and also correct in geometrical terms.

8. Who knew that spilling some water could result in a whole landscape?

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Image Source: Roccobot

This person accidently spilled some water on a wooden table and decided to pull out the bottom extension part to let it dry better. Much to their surprise, a huge urban landscape appeared and it is incredibly detail for a simple water spill.

9. This is nothing more than a scraped wall

Image Source: bonerificnoodles

Or maybe there is something more? When you look closer, you could see a tiny and very detailed painting of a little snowy village. The whole thing was created after something simply bumped into a wall and scraped the surface.

10. A whole new world in a bike seat

Image Source: teton_blamer

Who could believe that this was simply moss growing inside a torn bike seat if you took a photo of it from up close? It looks like a beautiful green canyon that’s full of life and we like the fact that nobody touched it and just let it be.

11. A volcano on a can of paint

Image Source: sylvester49

The lid on this paint can was beautifully decorated with an active volcano by some paint that spilled on it. The end result looks like a perfect charcoal landscape and we could hardly believe it was done by accident.

12. A log like no other

Image Source: fudsworth

Just look at these intricate swirls! This may just be the most complex mural we have ever seen, and probably one of the most beautiful ones, too. It serves as a proof that nature is a really great artist.

13. Snow-covered Christmas decoration

Image Source: Binyah_Binyah

When man and nature join forces by accident, the end result could obviously be a complete success! These Christmas lights were covered with the perfect amount of snow to create a colorful blanket that is amazing to see.

14. What you see here is simply paint in a container

Image Source: Minhimalism

Someone noticed how the can of paint looked like before stirring, and it was definitely worth taking that photo! The multiple layers and miniature streams captured here look like a whole galaxy, and the colors are extremely beautiful.

15. The result of falling asleep in the bath

Image Source: neeto85

This is the skin of a person after spending hours asleep in the bath. It is definitely an interesting sight and the artistic wrinkles make it look like a weird kind of sculpture, for example.

Written by Nick Martin

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