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15 Times An Irritated Teacher Made Memes Regarding The Behavior Of His Students

Image Source: Facebook / David Red

Teachers these days must have a hard time relating to their pupils. A lot of professors grew up in an age without social media and smart phones, after all; there are a few out there who grew up in a world where you could not even purchase a desktop computer.

Times were indeed different forty years ago. The world has completely and totally changed, and it probably will not be changing back.

A lot of middle-aged teachers are stuck in their ways, but many of them are not. One example of a teacher who tries his best to relate to his students is David Red. He is a professor at St. John’s River State College, and he may indeed be the coolest professor out there these days.

He uses memes to discuss things with his students, and they are pretty hilarious. Honestly, if he ever wants to quit the whole teaching thing, he may have a promising career as a comedian. At the very least, he should consider it. He is a lot funnier than most situational comedies out there these days.

For the time being, however, he does not have any plans to capitalize on his new-found internet fame. He really enjoys teaching physics. The memes are just a great way of relating to his students as well as fellow teachers; the memes are all about the sort of frustrations most teachers and professors experience. He says that his students really seem to like and genuinely enjoy the memes.

He largely credits his fiancée for the memes, referring to her as a “creative genius”; she helps him with costumes and wigs—as well as any makeup that might be necessary for the images.
Here are fifteen of the more clever examples of David Red’s work. You might not like what he has to say, but you definitely have to agree that he is making valid points.

1. The Final Grade Assigned to the Annoying Student

Image Source: Facebook

Almost every teacher has that one student who is particularly irritating; the teacher may try to like that student, but it is practically impossible. Sometimes it seems like other people go out of their way to irritate you.

2. The Students Looking For Extra Credit

Image Source: Facebook

If you are looking for extra credit after taking an exam, you probably should have studied just a little bit harder for the exam. That’s not a terribly difficult concept, but apparently the frustration experienced by David Red is a common one.

3. The Students Who Claim a Teacher Ruined Their Lives

Image Source: Facebook

It is important to do your best, of course; however, if you claim that your life is ruined because you did not receive a perfect grade, you are either extremely dramatic or have a severe personality disorder that needs to be addressed and treated by a professional.

You also might have parents that expect just a little too much from you, which is another subject that should probably be addressed by a professional—not your professor or teacher, though.

Teachers have heard sob stories before, and they are unlikely to be moved by your woe-filled claims.

4. The Students Who Try to Learn an Entire Course The Night Before

Image Source: Facebook

University courses are supposed to be difficult; therefore, it is hard to feel bad for any student that thinks he or she can learn an entire course worth of material the night before the final exam. If Red’s meme is to be believed, however, it actually happens a lot. True, there are probably a few courses out there where you actually can learn an entire term’s worth of material in one night, but David Red teaches physics, which is not a particularly easy subject to learn.

5. The Student Who Missed 30 Classes

Image Source: Facebook

David Red apparently—at one point—had a student who missed 30 of his classes in just one semester. That student wanted to set up an appointment to talk about his grade, which obviously and understandably irritated the professor. It is hard to feel sorry for a person who is not even putting forth a minimum amount of effort.

With the meme, the professor is telling the student that he does not deserve to pass the class, as well as encouraging the student to change his mind. If there was actually a conversation that happened as a result of the meme, it must have been a very interesting one. Can you imagine how that went?

6. Final Grades Are Coming, and Students Will Not Be Pleased

Image Source: Facebook

If you are taking courses at a college or university, the expectation is that you will go to class, study hard, and make your best effort to pass quizzes and exams. Sadly, however, a lot of students seem to think they deserve good grades—regardless of the actual effort put forth.

David Red will not tolerate that; he also knows that there will be a lot of complaining and begging, and, he appears to be prepared.

7. The Professors and Teachers That Drink Malt Liquor on Mondays

Image Source: Facebbook

This one is about teachers and professors, not the students, although the students might be the reason that teachers feel the need to drink on Mondays when they have time off.

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If there is one definite positive side to being a teacher—besides, you know, the whole “shaping young minds” thing—it is having several weeks off at various points throughout the year.

8. The Student Who Did Poorly—But Wants to Pass If He or She Does Well on the Final Exam

Image Source: Facebook

If you want to pass a class, it is always best to put forth a consistent effort; however, there are always going to be those students who want to try to make up for weeks of lackluster effort at the last second by doing extremely well on a final test. It seems as if David Red has met a lot of them over the years.

9. The Student Who Is Still In the Class After the Withdrawal Date

Image Source: Facebook

There are times when you just know you are going to fail a class. If you have an out, you should definitely take it. While sticking the course out could be considered admirable, it is also a terrible idea. Don’t be stubborn and let your pride impact your permanent academic record.

10. The One About the Student Who Shows Up Late

Image Source: Facebook

It is extremely unlikely that a student would show up for class late because he or she was studying; the more likely scenario is that the student was having a little too much fun with a significant other or booze. David Red knows how things work on college campuses, and he is not buying your excuses. He will call you out.

True, it is possible that students are late for legitimate reasons—such as an illness—but why would such students claim to be up late studying? Just tell the professor you have a cold, and he or she will probably be very understanding. People get sick, after all.

11. The Meme About Budget Requests

Image Source: Facebook

This one is a pretty solid “Austin Powers” reference—and definitely pretty funny. Those who teach are often forced to do without, which is a shame. A lot of teachers, at least in the United States, are forced to pay for supplies out of their own pockets.

12. The Student Who Hasn’t Passed a Single Thing Yet, but Wants to Know How to Pass the Class Anyway

Image Source: Facebook

At times, you really just have to admit you have failed at a task. If you have not yet passed a test or a quiz, you might as well give up. It just is not going to happen. You will not be able to get a good grade on the final test of the semester, no matter how hard you may try.

13. Final Exams Always Come

Image Source: Facebook

What is most interesting about this one is the outfit. It is not a particularly flattering look on anyone.
It also seems a bit unnecessary. Is there a student out there who does not know final exams are looming on the horizon? If you are taking a course, there will generally be some sort of test of your knowledge at the end of the course. That is pretty much a given.

14. The Students Who Do Not Understand What an “A” Letter Grade Is

Image Source: Facebook

If you do not really understand the concept of letter grades—at least in the United States—you probably should not be in college. An ‘82’, while decent, is definitely not exceptional work. Why would anyone think they deserve an “A” for an ‘82’?

15. The Students Who Are Not Happy With Their Final Grades

Image Source: Facebook

This is another one that is particularly interesting and amusing just because of the makeup and outfit. Don’t you have to wonder where the professor got that wig?
I hope the students who take David Red’s classes—even if they fail them—earnestly appreciate how clever their professor is.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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