15 Times Dads Showed Us That They Will Never Get Too Old To Joke

There are many types of humor out there, but we believe that dad jokes are definitely among the best ones! We mean, dad jokes are something that will make you laugh hysterically despite that it is not even that funny and this means that such kind of content is worth checking out. This brings us to the reason why this list was created. It is meant to show just how special the typical dad humor is, and you will probably like it just as much as we did!

1. We guess that it is just a guy thing

Image Source: Twitter

There are several things that are typical for most dads. While some of them are related to their outfit or the way they spend their free time, but one of the most common things for most of them is the way they talk when they want to act cool! This is one really funny example! This person definitely wanted to show a cool personality and greeted the fellow dads in an unusual manner.

2. This hashtag is more than appropriate

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is definitely a classic example of a dad joke. If someone asks you what a dad joke is, you should simply show them this post and they will immediately get it. This is a really funny story and we are almost certain about the way we would react if it happened to us! Understanding this kind of humor is essential in other for you to appreciate it. Joking with other people is among many dads’ favorite things to do, and we hope we see more of it on a daily basis.

3. Here is something only a dad would do

Image Source: Me Me

We genuinely believe that many men would find it hard to cope with the everyday tasks typical for any household. Of course, their wives are much better when it comes to dealing with such chores. This post suggests such an example and it is kind of unbelievable, actually! As you can see, one dad had no idea what a bath bomb is, so he decided that it was probably a toilet cleaner! The result of his actions is visible.

4. This is a typical dad thing

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes a joke or a prank is able to make you cringe and laugh almost simultaneously. We guess that this dad joke definitely leaves an impact, and we cannot help but wonder how his daughter reacted when she saw the photos! One thing is for sure – this person was definitely creative and he knew right away what to do when he found the eyelash extension. We also need to say that he placed it perfectly to achieve that slightly creepy look he was probably striving to achieve.

5. Here is one life lesson

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that every dad has a lot of things to teach his kids, as long as they are ready to accept all that knowledge! Sometimes children are smart enough to learn a thing or two from their fathers! This post shows that, despite the fact that it looks like a joke. The man obviously mastered the skill of doing the house chores while enjoying his favorite sunflower seeds, and he left no trace, either! This is what we call hitting two birds with one stone!

6. This is a witty birthday greeting

Image Source: Twitter

Dads are really skilled jokesters because they have many years of experience! They pull off the best ones when family and close friends are involved, and this post shows one really good example! As you can see, this father did not forget his daughter’s birthday, but he did his best to do it in his own style! He posted this hilarious greeting with the obvious clarification that his daughter was on the left, which is hilarious considering the fact that there is a seal on the right!

7. Now this is a funny way of communication

Image Source: Twitter

We genuinely think that all relationships are based on a few essential things. One of these things is communication. People need to speak to each other in order to sort out all kinds of problems and to establish an even stronger connection between them. However, in certain situations communication is the thing that some people use to fool around and pull off jokes! As you can see, this dad uses the group chat to troll his offspring.

8. Now this is something special

Image Source: Twitter

Let us assume that this was nothing but a joke, but that is probably not what really happened. As much as we tried to figure out how someone could actually think that printing a video was possible, but we really could not do it. We mean, it is not a single image, but a video! You cannot print that! All you could do is make freeze frame and print it, but this dad’s intention was to print that video!

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9. This is a fine way of trolling

Image Source: Twitter

People do awesome things all the time and when it comes to pulling off a prank, we can never get tired of seeing the most awesome ones. This post is definitely an example of how someone could troll another person in the best possible way. One person sent her Hawaiian photos to the family group chat and her dad decided to respond to the photos in the best possible way! He mocked her by posing in the same way as her!

10. Here is the attitude we like

Image Source: Tumblr

Those among us who are not afraid to show off what they are capable of are worthy of respect in most cases. We believe that loving yourself first is the only way you would be able to love another person! This dad obviously had no problem with that realization because he wanted to remind himself daily about just how cool he was. This is why he created a folder and even named it ‘Cool Dad’. We guess that he really is cool for doing so!

11. This dad knows his game

Image Source: Twitter

There are many people who refuse to have their photos taken. Some are just too embarrassed about something in their appearance while others just do not consider themselves photogenic enough. Whatever the case, we believe that these people probably worry in vane and their mages would turn out to be great! As you can see, this dad saw an opportunity and decided to use it. He asked for his photo to be taken and he did the funniest possible thing.

12. This is actually kind of cute

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that some things never change and no matter how many years have passed, we could still feel just like we felt when we were kids. This is actually a good thing because those who cherish their inner child are definitely happier than others! We guess that this short story is more than enough to convince you that these siblings were still able to act like kids and they even seem to know that some things are better left unsaid.

13. Here is one savage dad

Image Source: Twitter

Some people have a different way of handling things and while some are mild and have a careful approach, others prefer to be as open as possible and they say things just like they mean them. This is not a bad quality, but the trouble is that this might lead to some offense. In the example shown above, the father of this girl decided to give her a mood boost in his own way, showing some support, but his support was probably a bit too rude.

14. This is the difference between most moms and dads

Image Source: Twitter

Dads love their kids just as much as moms do, but they do have a different way of expressing that love. In some cases, this means that they do not express it at all! As you can see, this person received greeting text for her birthday, and the ones sent by her mom and dad are completely different! In fact, he even got her age wrong, and when she corrected him, he didn’t even apologize!

15. This is the most classic dad prank ever

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that people with a great sense of humor are those who can pull off the best pranks, and this example is really funny to see! This cute dog had the collar of shame due to a surgery and had to wear it while during the recovery period. However, the father of the family decided that it was too boring so he used whatever materials he could find and turned the collar into this clever costume! The tennis ball is a nice touch!

Written by Sven Miller

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