15 Times Kids Did Funny Things On Their Own

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It is fair to say that kids live on their own terms because of the different way they accept the reality surrounding them. In most cases the way they choose to do anything you could imagine in a funny way. In fact, sometimes the situations we all witness are absurd and hilarious to the point they just have to shared. This is what some people did online and the list below suggests some of the best tweets and images showing the way kids accept and react to things and situations.

1. This is something adorable to see

Image Source: Twitter

Training a dog is a must when it comes to most breeds. They require a lot of attention in order to be fit for society. However, you need to trust a professional with training the dog in order to expect the best result. This kid was unaware of that and decided to train the dog by playing it videos. This is too adorable!

2. Here is a kid that handled a situation well

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We have all seen this happen before. If you are in a public place, chances are that at least one mother would be frantically searching for her kid. In this case, someone lost their son and after announcing it to everyone, they still continued to search for the boy who happened to be right there and thought that they were searching for another boy in blue shorts named Titus.

3. Doing chores is a must

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There are a lot of things that every household requires on a daily basis. You need to do a ton of stuff each day and kids are not aware of that. This is the reason why people try to incorporate their kids from an early age in doing the housework. However, sometimes they need to be taught how to do it fits and this image shows why. One kid tried to feed the cat and it is definitely not the correct way to do it. The cat obviously disapproved!

4. This type of questions are hard to answer

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One of the hardest things for every parent is actually communicating with their kids. And by communicating we mean actually understanding them and being able to provide them with the information they need to know. In this case, the question that the kids asked is actually a curious one and we thought that it would be cool if this was possible. Parents always find it hard to answer this type of questions.

5. Here is how having a right attitude looks like

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Some kids prove to be smarter than others and the main difference is the attitude they have under specific circumstance. Making them realize what is right and what is wrong is definitely a must, and we guess this kid knows his game! He knew he had to do the right thing, even if it meant humiliating his own dad! The father probably learned his lesson!

6. Kids learn fast

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This is a story that can make your jaws drop, because it is definitely not the thing you would expect to see! Hearing such things coming from the mouth of their son was probably a huge surprise for the parents, and the reason is more than obvious. We can assume that the information you can find on internet is the reason why this kid thought that the old saying ended like this. We hope that his parents took their time to explain to him how things actually were!

7. Here is something that you would probably never see again

Image Source: Twitter

Kids are able to make all kinds of messes and sometimes they come up ideas that are so ridiculous that you need to see them in order to believe in them! The story behind this tweet is definitely a brilliant example of that! We cannot believe what this kid did, but we guess that he thought it was a nice idea at the time! Blaming the dog about the whole thing was kind of a desperate move, and we are sure that nobody suspected the pooch for a second! This kid is a real rascal!

8. This is the kind of short story that can make you wonder about so many things

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Image Source: Twitter

We firmly believe that sometimes adults cannot understand what toddlers do regardless of how hard they try! This example proves that! Seeing a kid calling a duck ‘bad dog’ can mean so many things that we do not even know where to start. The kid probably had no idea what the animal was, so they called it a dog, assuming that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Second, the duck probably did something in particular in order to referred to as ‘bad’, but we will never know exactly what, we guess.

9. Here is a classic example of parenthood is like

Image Source: Twitter

If you still have no idea what it is like to raise kids, this tweet will help you understand that! As you can see, one parent decided to share with all of us what parenthood is like! Nobody wants their Saturday to begin in such way, because the whole situation is absurd! Of course, kids could not care less about wrong and right, so this is why they do whatever they please despite it making zero sense. We guess that grabbing someone’s air is just as weird as it sounds!

10. This is one question that could everyone baffled

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As we already mentioned, toddlers ask the best and weirdest questions! They have little to no idea about a large variety of things, and this is just one of those things! Tattoos are something common but kids have no way of knowing that you cannot replace them on a daily basis. This kid obviously noticed that her uncle had the same tats on his body day after day and asked him why he never changed them.

11. Here is one kid that is definitely going places

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The way toddlers handle things is more than curious to see and it doesn’t matter what that particular thing is! In this case, one boy wanted to swim with dolphins, so he had to be instructed, of course. The instructor explained that the boy could even kiss the dolphins, but it needs to be a gentle kiss in order for them to enjoy it. We guess that what you see here is a gentle kiss, too, but not in the way the instructor had in mind!

12. This is the best way to teach a kid a lesson

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Children live on their own terms and rules, and sometimes it is almost impossible to make them do something in particular. For instance, many kids refuse to eat simply because they don’t feel like it! This is not a game and kids need to eat their meals regularly. In order to teach this kid a lesson, one of his parents came up with this genius plan, and judging by the reaction we see in the photos, it worked like a charm! We are sure that this boy never argued over a meal again, and this is how it should be, of course!

13. Here is an example of the different point of view children have

Image Source: Twitter

This is situation is totally absurd but it still does make some sense if you follow the kid’s logic! Swimming alongside a pregnant woman means that you would actually have an advantage, but this kid considered it to be the complete opposite! After losing a swimming race against his pregnant mom, he wanted to find the best reason for that loss, and he actually wanted others to believe that the baby inside her belly helped her!

14. This is just too funny

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes parents are the ones who put their kids in funny situations, and this image is a hilarious example of that! Seeing these T-shirts can make anyone chuckle, because a lot of sarcasm was put into creating them! The children wore the shirts gladly, completely unaware of what the lettering on back said. They will probably realize one day that they have been tricked! This is the ultimate prank and we love it, because it is extremely witty!

15. Here are a couple of rascals that wanted to beat the system

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These two friends look so happy because of their master plan! They wanted to confuse their teacher by getting the exact same haircuts, and you can see that they are pleased to see that it will work, because they got the matching haircuts. Of course, they failed to notice the different colors of their hair and skin! All they probably cared about is the fact they were inseparable, and they must have thought that being so close also meant that they look exactly alike! The most important thing here is that look super excited about giving it a go!

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