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15 Times People Ordered Food And Caused A Misunderstanding

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing better than going out to eat. This kind of experience is the simplest and most affordable compared to other joyful things that bring an equal amount of pleasure. There are, however, things that could go wrong even when it comes to a simple order. The list below will surely make you relate, as many people have been in a similar situation. The best thing is that there isn’t a problem in most of these situations but they are often funny and worth sharing.

1. The dessert

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that people should always be careful what they wish for and this image proves it. One person was asked what they wanted for dessert and they said nothing, which is exactly what the waiter brought them.

2. The beer

Image Source: Reddit

This image is another proof of the above saying. You can see the tiny glass of beer that is unlikely to be seen in most bars. One person had a big meal and thought they could have a small beer. It seems they did!

3. The burger

Image Source: Imgur

Now, this is something that we haven’t seen before. One could imagine that ordering a lettuce burger would mean that the burger was supposed to have some more lettuce leaves than usual but definitely not this!

4. The ice cream sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

Certain people use every possible minute to joke with others but sometimes they actually meet their counterparts. This is what happened here: this person ordered an ice cream sandwich at McDonald’s and received it!

5. The biscuit

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when you got more than you bargained for. This is what a customer at Hardee’s got after asking for more frosting on their cinnamon biscuit. It seems this is enough for a dozen biscuits.

6. The pizza

Image Source: Reddit

It would be nice to see such a pizza every time we order double pepperoni when we order at any given location. This image shows what a lucky client received after asking for double pepperoni. It looks delicious!

7. The cocktail

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes, people fail to realize the importance of being extra specific when placing their order. As you can see, this girl is drinking three cocktails. She ordered a cocktail mix consisting of pomegranate, mango, and strawberry but received three glasses with each of the flavors.

8. The order

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when you place an order and you don’t repeat it at least once. Someone ordered a pizza and eight cheese sticks and the person on the other side obviously heard a different thing.

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9. The burger

Image Source: Imgur

There are simple requests that people are supposed to understand but some individuals need additional explanation even when the request is obvious. This person wanted mayonnaise on both sides of the burger but they meant the insides, not the top and bottom.

10. The onion rings

Image Source: Reddit

We all know what onion rings are and how they’re supposed to be made but it seems that one restaurant served a surprise because the cooks had no idea how to prepare the meal. These guests wanted extra cheesy onion rings and this is what they were served.

11. The fruit salad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another unbelievable story about a restaurant in Marrakesh. The client wanted a fruit salad and ordered one but got this instead. We wonder if the problem was the language barrier or they just had no idea what a fruit salad was.

12. The pizza

Image Source: Imgur

We already showed you one story about someone who ordered extra pepperoni on a pizza and the restaurant answered the request. In this case, the person who ordered this pizza asked for a regular serving but there is only a single slice.

13. The tomato salad

Image Source: Twitter

There are thousands of different salads you could try, depending on where you currently are. The common combo between tomatoes and cream cheese would hardly surprise anyone but the salad you see here would surprise everyone.

14. The coffee

Image Source: Twitter

When you order coffee with whipped cream, you could hardly expect any surprises but one café in Germany was able to surprise a client with this combination. We are not sure how to comment on this!

15. The addition

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another café where people are served interesting things. One guest ordered coffee with Bailey’s assuming that the barista would be aware of how to prepare the combo. This is what they got! Bay leaves and coffee – now, that is something new!

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